Why Fans Thought HGTV Stars Sarah & Bryan Baeumler Split

After years of on-air fights, fans were convinced that Sarah and Bryan Baeumler were calling it quits. The "Renovation Island" stars originally got together in September 2001 when they had their first date. By 2004, Bryan had popped the question and the couple tied the knot later that year. As they found reality TV fame, tension between the couple started to become apparent to viewers. "You need someone every now and then to get grumpy with. I'm hers and she's mine," Bryan said in a seemingly tense "Renovation Island" clip shared to X, formerly Twitter in August 2020. The network seemed to feel the exchange between the Baeumlers was cute, but not all fans agreed. "They need therapy," one viewer tweeted. That same month, a viewer commented on Instagram about the couple's apparent issues. "I cannot take Sarah's stress level and aggression towards Bryan," they wrote.

Cameras continued to capture the heated exchanges between the Baeumlers as they dealt with the stress of working on major renovation projects. This led some fan to believe the end of Sarah and Bryan's relationship was near. "I keep expecting to see the headline 'Baumlers Divorce [sic],'" a Reddit user posted in September 2022.

The following year, HGTV shared a "Renovation Island" YouTube clip that showed the couple clash over bathroom designs. "Don't always look scared when I enter the room," Sarah said to her husband in the clip. "Bryan is under a lot of stress, but he's cranky with his wife," a fan noted. That was not the end of their bickering, but the couple persevered.

What the Baeumlers learned from their fights

The arguments between Sarah and Bryan Baeumler may not always look pretty, but the HGTV stars wanted viewers to get the full picture of how challenging working on renovations projects can be. "We share the good, the bad, and the ugly. We didn't want to just wrap it up in this neat little bow," Sarah told Entertainment Tonight in September 2020. Bryan also imparted knowledge to other couples who considered undertaking projects together. "Take some time off from the job, to spend together," he told ET. "Never talk about work in bed."

Sarah viewed her partnership with Bryan as a pendulum where they kept each other in check. "There are times when one of us or the other perhaps was more focused on growth of the business ... and the other one almost took a backseat, and vice versa," she told Millionairess Magazine in July 2020. That approach has led to a ton of success for the the Baeumlers' massive net worth.

On the surface, fans may have viewed the "Renovation Inc." stars as being at odds, but the couple grew from the moments of confrontation. "I've learned not to sweat the small stuff ... I've learned to pick my battles," Bryan told HGTV Canada during a joint interview with his wife in March 2022. Bryan added that 99% of the fights between couples during a renovation were rooted in other issues, and recognizing this was beneficial to the project and partnership. Despite their on-air fights, the Baeumlers appeared on great terms.

The Baeumlers keep making lasting memories

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are known for juggling multiple renovation projects while appearing on several HGTV shows, and even though that may lead to bickering, the pair never lose sight of what truly matters. "Bryan and I are both very hard workers, but we always make sure that nothing takes priority over our relationship and our family," Sarah told Streets of Toronto in March 2022. To help keep their relationship in perspective, the reality TV stars often look back on their wedding. "The day was a very special one, and even though there are times when life gets busy and our anniversary passes by with barely a mention, our wedding day meant the world to us," Sarah wrote in a blog for HGTV Canada. The couple have been successful in their careers, but the "Renovation Island" stars don't live lavishly. In her blog recalling the day they tied the knot, Sarah said it was a "very intimate" affair.

The Baeumlers not only looked back on their wedding as a wonderful experience together, but they continued making more memories with one another. In April Sarah gushed over her husband for his birthday. "Happy 50th Birthday to my partner-in-crime," she wrote on Instagram in April 2024. "We have some big dreams ahead of us, and together we will take this next leap." The couple went to New Orleans to celebrate Bryan hitting the half century mark, and Sarah uploaded an Instagram carousel documenting their adorable getaway.