Why You Don't See Alicia Witt On Hallmark As Much Anymore

Alicia Witt is one of the actors who has starred in the most Hallmark Christmas movies, so it was surprising to fans when she stopped appearing on the network. Her first of nine Hallmark movies was 2011's "Backyard Wedding," and her last was 2020's "Christmas Tree Lane." Over the years, Witt had always spoken fondly of her time of those projects. "I'm struggling to think of a more fun experience. I really can't ... I'd always say yes to Hallmark movies," she told Showbiz Junkies in 2014. Considering Witt's eagerness to continue working on the network, it was confusing to fans why she was not getting roles. In 2022, Witt posted to her Instagram Stories that she was embarking on "a new adventure" with Lifetime (via Heavy). She went on to star in the network's TV movie "The Disappearance of Cari Farver," but that was not the sole reason she was absent from Hallmark's programming.

A fan asked Witt on X, formerly Twitter, why she no longer appeared on Hallmark, and the "Our Christmas Love Song" actor gave an explanation. "Of the offers I've received over last two years, hallmark has not been among them," Witt wrote in December 2022. "[M]y understanding is that it's been an oversight, with the changes over there," she wrote while adding that she "loved" working on the network. 

Earlier that year, Witt opened up about personal struggles which had also impacted her life and career.

Alicia Witt secretly underwent cancer treatment

Alicia Witt faced multiple tragedies in 2021. Beginning in January 2022, the Hallmark star shared sad details about her personal life with fans online. A month earlier, in December 2021, both of her parents were found dead at home. The pair had died from the cold as the heat in their run down home had gone out, and they had neglected to address the issue. Questions arose surrounding their death, as it seemed avoidable considering their daughter was a well-known actor. Witt clarified why she was unable to help her parents in her lengthy Facebook post. "I hadn't been allowed inside my parents' home for well over a decade; every time i offered to have something repaired for them, they refused," the actor wrote, while citing that her parents had mental wellness issues.

As if the sudden death of her parents were not enough, Witt revealed in an interview with People in August 2022 that she had been diagnosed with cancer the previous year. In fact, she had undergone chemotherapy when she appeared at Christmas Con in December 2021 — just before her parents passed — but had not informed the public. "It was very important to me to go through that journey privately until I was on the other side of it," Witt said. According to an Instagram post, Witt completed chemo in March 2022. 

A year after completing cancer treatment, Witt had a big movie announcement, but it was far different from Hallmark fare.

Alicia Witt's foray into horror

It was announced in March 2023 that Alicia Witt was appearing in the horror film "Longlegs" starring Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe. Witt's role in the film was a departure from films such as "A Very Merry Mix-Up" but it was not her first foray into horror. "I was actually shocked when I did 'The Walking Dead' at how many Hallmark Christmas movie fans watched that show!" she told Media Village in 2017. At that time, she was in the midst of working on her fifth straight Hallmark Christmas movie.

Even after she had been absent from the network since 2020, Hallmark fans stayed loyal to Witt. When she announced her involvement in "Longlegs" on Instagram, one fan asked when she would return to Hallmark. "I would always be open to making another movie there – my heart would be very happy to make another christmas movie with them this year!" Witt replied. Leading up to the release of "Longlegs" the following year, Witt continued to promote the film on Instagram, and fans continued to inquire about a potential Hallmark reprisal. "They are so much fun to make and if that's in the stars for the future i would always make time!!" Witt replied to an Instagram follower in April.

Witt's willingness to go back to Christmas movies after her stint in horror offered Hallmark fans a glimmer of hope that she would one day return.