Milania Giudice's Prom Pics Have Everyone Saying The Same Thing

It's prom season for Milania Giudice, and she's all grown up with her end-of-the-year dance look. On June 1, 2024, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram proudly showing off a glammed-up version of her daughter. "Milania's prom my 'italian Barbie,'" the reality star wrote. Milania wore a bedazzled, silver floor-length gown by designer Laura Rudovic that featured a high slit on one side. Her makeup emphasized her thick eyebrows and tanned skin. However, what was most noticeable was Milania's hair styled in loose waves teased at the crown that was reminiscent of Teresa's look when she married Luis Ruelas in August 2022. Teresa's followers picked up on the resemblance, with one commenting, "Her hair looks like her mother's did at her wedding....." Dolores Catania's boyfriend Paul Connell simply wrote, "mini you."

Later in the day, Teresa echoed Connell's sentiment in a joint Instagram post shared by Milania, her makeup artist Alexia Cazoo, and hairstylist Lucia Casazza, who also happened to do Teresa's hair on her wedding day. Fans got a glimpse of Milania getting ready for prom with her hair in large rollers that cascaded into waves down her back. When Milania revealed her final look, Teresa is seen exclaiming, "You look so beautiful!" She then stated, "My mini-me. Right here is my mini-me." The mom of three was all "love, love, love" for Milania's 'do but not everyone was feeling that sentiment as Teresa got majorly roasted for her ginormous wedding hair.

Milania Giudice's prom hair wasn't as big as Teresa's wedding 'do

Milania Giudice's prom pics reminded "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans of one detail they couldn't get over — Teresa Giudice's tower-high wedding-day hair on August 6, 2022. When she took to Instagram to share a video from the event on the same that day "RHONJ" aired the nuptials, fans had plenty to say. "Omg her hair was absolutely atrocious! She looked like Marge Simpson!!" one commented. "OMG! Teresa's hair looks like a T-A-L-L HOT MESS!," another wrote.

Teresa's hairstylist Lucia Casazza revealed on "Radio Andy" that her client had told her prior to the wedding, "My hair has to be over the top." They both collaborated and decided to keep her hair away from her face like Luis Ruelas prefers. Casazza and Teresa went to New York City and bought as many hairpieces as they could get their hands on. The New Jersey-based hairstylist wove the pieces together to get the huge pouf that was impossible to miss in the final result. "She actually had over 1500 bobby pins in her head," Casazza stated.

Of course, Milania was part of the wedding as Teresa's bridesmaid along with her sisters Gia, Gabriella, and Audriana Giudice, and they all looked like mini versions of their mom with their long dark hair. In fact, Milania's tresses are one of Teresa's favorite features about her daughter, because she thinks it makes them look like twins.

Milania Giudice's curly hair resembles Teresa's

The apple doesn't fall from the tree when it comes to the Giudices' looks. In May 2022, Teresa Giudice revealed that Milania Giudice doesn't always rock a glam look and shared per Bravo, "In our town, when they go to school, they dress very comfortably. They don't get dressed up going to school." She added, "I remember when I went to school, I used to get dressed up. Like, I actually used to wear pumps to school, but they don't do that. They dress really comfortable, like with sweats and leggings." However, the one thing Milania does make sure to do every day is her hair, which Teresa loves when she wears it curly. "That's how I used to wear my hair, so I feel like she looks the most like me," the Bravolebrity stated.

Just like her mom, Milania is not afraid of the spotlight. In September 2016, she strutted the runways during New York Fashion Week as just a kid. With her hair in a high ponytail and a touch of shimmer on her lids, Milania showed that she's definitely her mother's daughter. "These are the moments I live for. That's my girl!" Teresa proudly captioned her Instagram post.