What Was Tom Brady's College GPA?

Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than any other NFL player in history, but if that hadn't panned out for him, we're of the mind that he would still have gone on to be pretty successful. After all, he had a 3.3 GPA in college. What's more, that wasn't the only impressive accomplishment on his college resume. 

In September 2014, Brady took to Facebook to share that he'd found his college CV. In the pic he uploaded, the printed up sheet showed that his bachelor's degree had been centered on psychology and business, and that he'd graduated with a 3.3 GPA. That makes sense, given he seemed to have done very well in the years leading up to it. As was also shown on his resume, he'd been awarded honors for academics in each of the years leading up to his graduation. 

In light of that, it probably shouldn't come as a shock that Brady's good grades secured him a spot in the prestigious academic All-Big Ten conference, which allowed him to play football at an intercollegiate level. According to the conference's website, entry is dependent on college athletes earning a minimum GPA of 3.0. Brady had that and then some. That's just as well, since he's also admitted that there was a time he didn't know if he'd realize his dreams of becoming an NFL player. 

Tom Brady thought his career might go a different way

It's worth noting that the Tom Brady we know today underwent a major transformation after his college years. In fact, he previously told NFL Films that right until the moment he learned he'd been drafted, he thought there was a chance he'd need to take on a more "normal" job. Not that he was particularly passionate about the alternative, though. 

Reflecting on the day of the 2000 NFL draft, a visibly emotional Brady recounted to NFL Films that one of the first things to go through his mind was, "I don't have to be an insurance salesman." As seen on his college resume, that had been pretty well lined-up for him. He'd done sales internships at a variety of companies, no doubt helped on by the business part of his degree, as well as his good grades. 

What's more, he was good at it. Speaking to Fox News, one of his former bosses shared that he'd been very impressed by him when he interned at Merrill Lynch. "He was a quick-take guy, he was a smart guy. Everybody liked him. I thought he'd be great in finance. I could see him in a boardroom, I could see him leading the charge, just like he does on the football field," Oliver Owens revealed. Well, Brady does have a bunch of business ventures outside of the NFL, but it's great to know he'd always have something to fall back on!

A lot has been said of Tom's work ethic

Other than the quip about not working in insurance, Tom Brady hasn't said much of the academic side of his college career or the grades he got. However, he has made it very clear that his goal was always to excel in every area of his college experience. 

In a 2023 Valuetainment interview, Brady opened up about his approach to captaining the University of Michigan football team in his final year at college, and how his work ethic in the years leading up to it influenced his approach. "I said ... I'm going to gain the respect of my teammates every day through my work ethic. I'm gonna work hard in the weight room, I'm gonna work hard in the film room, I'm gonna work hard to be a good student," he recounted. 

Well, with his 3.3 GPA, being named captain of the football team, and being able to complete a variety of internships (not to mention mentoring other students and fitting in regular visits to a local children's hospital), it's safe to say Brady achieved his goal. Something tells us even if the NFL hadn't drafted him, he would have made it in some other big way, regardless.