Awkward Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Moments Caught On Camera

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met in January 2005, got engaged in May 2006, and married a couple of months after that. They have been a Hollywood power couple for nearly two decades now, and unlike some other celeb couples, Kidman and Urban are not shy about showing off their love in front of the cameras. Many would argue that they are actually far too comfortable with public displays of affection. 

The couple love to kiss for the cameras, though their affectionate smooches can at times be super cringey for spectators. There have been worse offenders in the history of Hollywood — Liza Minnelli and David Gest, for example, have their share of awkward PDA pics — but Kidman and Urban are starting to ick people out with all the PDA. It goes on too long, is way too intimate, and sometimes feels like it is being done for show.

Despite being a gorgeous, world-famous, Oscar-winning actor, Kidman is herself a very awkward person. Throw her together with Urban, who oozes schmaltz and loves a camera, and it makes for some cringey moments. Beyond the PDA, both Kidman and Urban have found themselves in more than a handful of awkward situations — and those are just the publicly viewable ones, so there has to have been plenty others. From awards shows to press lines to livestreams, here are eight awkward Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman moments caught on camera.

Their 2018 Golden Globes award kiss

When it comes to awkward celebrity kisses, this particular Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban smooch ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack. It was not as uncomfortable as, say, Adrien Brody dipping and kissing Halle Berry without her consent after winning an Oscar, but it still made us wince. The spouses attempted to lock lips after Kidman won the 2018 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Limited Series (for Big Little Lies) but had trouble connecting. Kidman went in for a kiss as Urban stood up, and instead of his face, landed somewhere in his hair.

Their 2019 ACM Awards excessive make out

While Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may have had issues lining up their faces for that awkward Golden Globes kiss, they certainly had no such trouble at the 2019 ACM Awards. After Urban won Entertainer of the Year, he and his wife had what can only be described as a full-on make out session before the singer walked to the stage. It was so awkward to watch that the moment made it onto just about every celebrity news outlet, including "Today," where newscasters referred to it as an "excessive kiss."

Nicole's awkward clap at the 2017 Oscars

Here we have an awkward awards show moment not having to do with a kiss. In fact, Keith Urban is not even remotely a factor in this super weird audience shot, which is squarely focused on Nicole Kidman and the clap heard — nay, seen — around the world. We speak, of course, of her applause at the 2017 Academy Awards, where her hands look massive and curved in a supremely odd way. The Internet labelled it a "seal clap," and the visual has turned into a meme for the ages.

When Keith asked for a kiss during a photo

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Now, let's get back to awkward kisses, which seem to be a Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman specialty. In this particular moment, thankfully caught on video, the couple can be seen posing for paparazzi in the street. The kiss itself is passionate without being overly so, however it is the lead up to the smooch that is awkward. In the video, Urban can be seen explicitly asking his wife to kiss him, which means he did that specifically so it could be captured on camera. The user who uploaded it on TikTok called it "cringey," and many online seem apt to agree.

When Keith rescued Nicole on Jimmy Fallon in 2016

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have given the world many cringey moments, but Jimmy Fallon is at least partially to blame for this one. The awkward "Tonight" interview happened in 2016, a year after another awkward interview wherein Fallon and Kidman discussed how the talk show host missed out on a chance to date the actor. They discussed that missed connection yet again in the 2016 interview, and then Urban walked on stage while playing a song on his guitar. He proceeded to serenade Fallon before joining Kidman for the interview — where she sat on his lap like a 5'11" 6-year-old.

Their on-stage PDA at a NYC gala in 2018

We are not against all public displays of affection, but there is a time and a place to kiss someone with intensity. When an audience is being forced to look at you on a stage — that might not be the right moment. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stole the show at Lincoln Center's American Songbook gala in 2018, which she attended to honor HBO's then-chairman and CEO Richard Plepler, as they engaged in a public kiss that felt way too intimate for the setting. Not only was it prolonged, but the couple also grabbed each other by the face while staring into each other's eyes. 

When Nicole awkwardly videobombed Keith's livestream

Nicole Kidman is a wonderful actor, and the superstar surely she has many other creative talents. Dancing is not one of them. The awkward dance moves she used to surprise Keith Urban while he was doing a live streaming session during the COVID-19 quarantine was hard to watch. Kidman videobombed her hubby midway through the 2020 "Urban Underground" session, arriving barefoot. After setting down her drink, she started to clap, sing along, and dance in an awkward routine in which she appeared to squat with oddly limp hands.

When an interviewer accidentally held Keith's hand

Finally, to close things out: a solo Keith Urban awkward moment. Well, not completely solo — after all, the awkwardness came from his lingering physical contact with a journalist — but free of Nicole Kidman. The video was posted on YouTube by Kieran Davidson (a.k.a. KDVlogs), who called it a "cringe encounter" when he and Urban touched hands for a little too long for comfort in a press line. It looks like Urban went in for a high five after Davidson called out his name, while the vlogger opted for a hand hold that had even Urban's bodyguard making a face.