Chelsea Clinton's Wildly Lavish Lifestyle Is No Secret

For most of her life, Chelsea Clinton has been trying to step out of the shadow cast by her famous parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton. And it's no easy task, especially when you're branded as privileged from birth. She was born into the perks of having a governor as a father and then upgraded to calling the White House home for a good chunk of her childhood until she headed off to Stanford.

But Chelsea swears she's not into wealth and privilege and has zero interest in joining the family business of politics. "It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents?" she told The Telegraph. "I've tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents. I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn't. That wasn't the metric of success I wanted in my life."

Still, let's not pretend that Chelsea hasn't done pretty well for herself. She has racked up quite a fortune, with some outlets pegging her net worth at $30 million. And her lifestyle? It's not exactly modest. From her multimillion-dollar wedding to Marc Mezvinsky to her posh NYC apartment, Chelsea's life is anything but simple.

Her wedding to Marc Mezvinsky reportedly cost $3 million

Presidential kids having extravagant weddings is practically tradition, but Chelsea Clinton's nuptials to Marc Mezvinsky took it to a whole new level, racking up a jaw-dropping $3 million bill. To put things into perspective, that's more than what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent on their 2014 wedding in Italy and double the reported cost of Tiffany Trump's Mar-A-Lago nuptials to Michael Boulos. Bill and Hillary Clinton's only child had quite a swanky ceremony, with $250,000 of the budget going to security alone, according to CNBC. After all, the wedding of a president's offspring is the closest we get to a royal affair in the U.S., and the Clintons were not about to let prying eyes crash their party.

The rest of the wedding was equally over-the-top, held at the Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York — a mansion inspired by the Palace of Versailles. Chelsea's custom Vera Wang dress alone cost an estimated $20,000, and nearly $800,000 was splurged on food and drinks. The New York Times reported that the St. Regis Hotel provided the gourmet grub while La Tulipe Desserts whipped up a stunning gluten-free cake. And for those wondering about the guest comforts, the couple didn't skimp there either, reportedly dropping around $15,000 on luxury portable toilets with porcelain fixtures and hot water. Unlike a typical celebrity wedding, though, this one wasn't packed with A-listers. "This is not a star-studded wedding," Maureen Missner, who prepared the gift bags, said. "This is clearly about the bride and groom."

She lives in a multi-million dollar NYC apartment with her family

What do Chelsea Clinton and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Well, they were neighbors at one point. Chelsea, who spent a chunk of her life in the White House, moved into a posh apartment in the Big Apple — naturally. Sure, it's no 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but it's got all the luxuries you'd expect. Chelsea, Marc Mezvinsky, and their three kids reportedly call The Whitman home, a place they snagged for $10.5 million in 2013, about three years after their lavish wedding. According to E! News, their fourth-floor unit sprawls over 4,967 square feet, boasting four bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The people who represent the development gushed, "There is truly nothing else like this property on the market at the moment."

Before moving to The Whitman, Chelsea wasn't exactly slumming it, either. She owned an apartment at Grand Madison on Fifth Avenue, one of the priciest streets in the world. Architectural Digest notes that the former first daughter once enjoyed living in a $6 million apartment with three bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen, and impressive ten-foot ceilings. When she listed it for sale in 2010, it was snapped up in a matter of days, with the listing agent crediting the views for the quick sale. "They are absolutely phenomenal," she told Mansion Global. "You can see all the way down to the arches of Madison Square Park, all the way down Fifth Avenue."

She gave birth in a $1700-a-night hospital in New York

Rumors once swirled that Chelsea Clinton had a secret medical facility in her home. Spoiler alert: it's been debunked. Sure, The Whitman did have an in-house medical facility in the past, but it ceased operations years ago — which is likely why Chelsea opted for the luxurious Lenox Hill Hospital to give birth to her three kids, the same swanky spot where Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy in 2012.

The Carters reportedly shelled out $1.8 million to rent out the entire maternity floor, and while it's unclear if Chelsea followed suit, let's just say Lenox Hill isn't your average hospital. A stay there can reportedly set you back $1,700 or more per night, thanks to its posh facilities. The maternity suites are decked out like luxury hotels, complete with multiple flat-screen TVs, a kitchenette, and fancy furniture. Not too shabby! And Chelsea clearly enjoyed her stays, as evidenced in the shoutouts she had given the hospital over the years. "Thank you to the incredible Lenox Hill family of doctors, nurses & staff for your wonderful care over the past few days for our family, especially Jasper!" she wrote on Facebook in 2019, a few days after giving birth to her youngest.

She's often dressed in designer from head to toe

Chelsea Clinton may not be known as a fashion icon, often favoring understated looks, but that doesn't mean her closet isn't filled with designer duds. She sports pieces from Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Joseph Altuzarra, and according to her friends, she's quite the fashionista when not in the public eye. "She is sooo stylish, Chelsea," her friend, Burberry designer Christopher Bailey, told Vogue.

Chelsea herself admits that being clad in designer clothing didn't come naturally to her. She only started dressing well thanks to the advice of a good friend — none other than Oscar de la Renta. "The first conversation I remember having with Oscar, I was 17 or 18, he pulled aside one evening and he said, 'Chelsea. I think I know you well enough now to ask you the following question: Why do you always look like you're trying to blend into the background?' And I said, 'Well, Oscar, because I am,'" she said at the 2015 CFDA Awards honoring the designer, as noted by Glamour. De la Renta advised her to dress beautifully if she insisted on "standing against the wall" and sent her a dress shortly after their conversation. "I wore that dress as often as I could get away with, and I smiled a little more brightly — and, I'd like to think, I stepped a little further away from the wall."

She's enjoyed a hefty salary from the get-go

As the daughter of millionaire parents, Chelsea Clinton has never had to pinch pennies. Even when she ventured out on her own post-university, her salaries were enviable compared to her peers. According to the Observer, her starting salary at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company was $120,000. Then, she jumped to Wall Street to work at the hedge fund Avenue Capital Group, where The New York Times reported her paycheck likely got even heftier.

In 2011, Chelsea switched gears to broadcasting, snagging a gig as a special correspondent for NBC. Her salary? A casual $600,000 a year until she left in 2014. Not too bad for a part-time gig! By 2017, she joined the board of Expedia, pocketing at least $250,000 annually. Add to that her spot on the board of IAC, where Go Banking Rates estimates she earns around $300,000 per year.

And that's not all. Chelsea has authored children's books and sits on the boards of several other companies and organizations, including the School of American Ballet, Weill Cornell Medicine, Clover Health, Nurx, and, naturally, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. Who knows how much she rakes in from all these roles? It's safe to say she has enough money to fund her lifestyle, no matter how lavish it can be.