Princess Diana's Brother Just Made A Move Right Out Of King Charles' Divorce Playbook

Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, revealed that he and his wife Karen Gordon have split after 13 years of marriage, the Daily Mail reported. The couple decided to divorce amid Spencer's emotional upheaval while writing his memoir, which contains detailss of the physical and sexual abuse he endured at boarding school. "It is immensely sad. I just want to devote myself to all my children, and to my grandchildren, and I wish Karen every happiness in the future."

To prepare for his third divorce, Spencer has reportedly procured the same divorce attorney King Charles III used during his split with the late Princess Diana, according to The Times. Fiona Shackelton, Baroness of Belgravia, was once called a "demon negotiator" and has been hired by other high-profile clients, including Paul McCartney amid his messy divorce from Heather Mills. After Shackleton represented Charles in his divorce, Diana lost the title "HRH" but was able to keep her princess status, which may be the case with Gordon. Spencer is the 9th Earl, giving his now-estranged wife the title of Lady Spencer upon their marriage. 

With Shackelton on Spencer's team, it looks like Gordon has a tough road ahead of her, but she may be able to retain some of the perks she gained through her marriage.

Karen Gordon's divorce settlement could look something like Princess Diana's

When Princess Diana and King Charles divorced, she received a lump sum of $22.5 million and a $600,000 allowance per year, The New York Times reported. As mentioned previously, she lost the "Her Royal Highness" title, which meant she had to curtsy in front of others with the same status, including King Charles and their two children, Prince William and Prince Harry. However, the divorce didn't change Princess Diana's living arrangement. Even after the divorce was finalized, Diana was allowed to stay at Kensington Palace, where she raised her two young sons.

While Charles Spencer doesn't have quite the royal status his sister had, he and Karen Gordon reside at Althorp House, which is nothing to scoff at. The estate sits on a 13,000-acre lot and boasts 26 bedrooms and a private movie theater. That's certainly enough space for Gordon and Spencer to live as divorceés while keeping out of each other's hair, but that's only if he — and Fiona Shackelton — are generous enough to allow it.