Marla Maples' Latest Youthful Snaps Prove Ditching Donald Trump Was A Smart Move

The contrast between Marla Maples and her ex-husband is striking 27 years after they pulled the plug on their three-year marriage, and based on appearances alone, Maples is the ex who is living her best life. While Donald Trump has been having terrible hair days in court, Maples has been busy making amber waves great again. During a dinner that she hosted in London, Maples looked far younger than her 60 years with shiny, cascading curls and a glowy complexion.

Maples' relationship with Donald got off to a scandalous start and made her a tabloid fixture for years. But in 2016, she told People that she was not comfortable wearing designer clothing and bedecking herself with sparkly baubles to be the quintessential trophy wife. "That was me playing a role. I felt that's what the job called for," she explained. 

After her parents separated, Tiffany Trump didn't see her dad Donald that often because Maples decided to move from Manhattan to Calabasas, California where she clearly embraced that SoCal Boho style. For her London outing, she wore a velvet kimono coat with floral details, wide-leg jeans, a ribbed shirt in blush pink, and tan boots. Unlike her embattled ex, she looked relaxed and carefree. And while she may not have the distinction of being a former first lady, Maples might be relieved that she wasn't in Melania Trump's well-heeled shoes when Donald's hush-money drama resulted in a criminal conviction. Instead, she's been enjoying a laid-back lifestyle.

Marla Maples' life is nothing like that of Melania Trump

In a 2021 Instagram post, Marla Maples revealed that she had moved to Florida, which is also the location of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. However, she and fellow Sunshine State resident Melania Trump live much different lives. For one thing, Melania doesn't seem to find the sun all that appealing; she reportedly spends her days sequestered inside Mar-a-Lago. Sources told The New York Times that she doesn't even avail herself of the beach club's fitness facilities. Another insider told CNN, "She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again) and has dinner with Donald on the patio. Rinse and repeat. Every day."

As for Maples, she's a big fan of exercise and the beach. In an April 2024 photo on her Instagram page, she's pictured doing yoga with a backdrop of waves and blue sky. Her casual ensemble is very un-Melania-like: a bikini top and cut-off shorts. Maples also shared a video of her and some friends playing beach tennis during a charity event for Love Serving Autism.

Avoiding the drama that would have come from remaining married to Donald Trump might have something to do with Maples' youthful appearance. In a video clip from the "Biohack Yourself" documentary, she explains why people think she's much younger than she is. "When you walk in the room and you have this joyful energy where you just really want to love people, that gives a more youthful energy," she said.