Travis Kelce's Incredibly Lavish Lifestyle Is No Secret Anymore

Travis Kelce is one of the NFL's biggest names and he's got the wallet to prove it. Following the Kansas City Chiefs's Super Bowl win, the tight end signed a $34.25 million two-year contract extension in April 2024, ESPN reported. "Hard to put in words what Travis means to this organization, this city, and he was certainly a priority to adjust his contract for us and it was something that was important for Clark [Hunt]. So very fitting that Travis [is] now the highest-paid tight end in these two years," general manager of the Chiefs, Brett Veach, stated.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelce is valued at $70 million, and while that doesn't make him the richest football player, he has plenty of cash and is not afraid to use it. He enjoyed the fruits of his labor before becoming Taylor Swift's possible endgame, and he definitely amped up his spending while wooing the pop star. From leveling up his abode to private jets around the world, Kelce is living the good life.

Travis Kelce spares no expenses on vacations

With football season over for Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift on a break from her Eras Tour, the two found the perfect opportunity for a luxurious getaway in March 2024. As reported by the New York Post, Kelce and Swift vacationed in the Bahamas and stayed at the beachfront villa, Rosalita House, which cost $15,000 a night. The six-bedroom estate offers a private chef, butlers, a fully stocked gym, and a nighttime security guard. The lovebirds were spotted enjoying the blue waters of the Caribbean as they packed on the PDA.

The following May, Kelce and Swift made a pit stop in Lake Como, Italy after the "Bad Blood" singer's Paris leg of her Eras Tour, per Page Six. The couple stayed at a waterfront villa with a hefty price tag of $21,000 a night, which totaled $63,000 for the three nights they were there. Of course, for that fee, the stunning historic mansion included a private pool, chef, and beautiful gardens available for dining al fresco. After the trip, Kelce gushed to E! News about his luxe holiday with Swift and stated, "It's the best food and the best views in the world."

Travis Kelce upgraded his home to a $6 million mansion

Travis Kelce has had a complete transformation since his early football days, and that includes his housing situation. In 2019, the "New Heights" podcast co-host bought a seven-bedroom home in Briarcliff West for just under $1 million, per Sportskeeda. The sprawling 10,000-square-foot property came with an outdoor pool, wine cellar, movie theater, and home gym. The primary bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows, a private bathroom with a tub and steam shower, and a balcony.

Apparently, those digs weren't good enough for him and Taylor Swift once they started dating. In October 2023, TMZ reported that Kelce dropped $6 million for a new mansion in a more private area of Kansas City. The house is protected in a gated community, which offers the tight end more protection from fans and the paparazzi who hung outside his old home. The fancy upgrade came with a tennis and pickleball court and a mini golf course. Not too shabby for someone who was broke during his rookie year!

Travis Kelce has a collection of expensive cars

When a celebrity starts making the big bucks, fancy cars are usually one of their first purchases and Travis Kelce is no different. As reported by Real Truck, the NFL player has a garage full of wheels, some practical and others sleek and sporty. For regular day-to-day driving, Trav relies on his Range Rover or GMC Terrain Denali, which are both big enough to fit his 6 feet, 5 inches frame. However, when he wants to be noticed, he has the option of taking out his $300,000 Aston Martin Vanquish or the most expensive car in his collection — a Rolls-Royce Ghost that costs around $400,000.

If fans want to catch a glimpse of Kelce's car collection, they can head over to his charity event, Kelce Car Jam. When discussing his 2023 debut fundraiser on "New Heights" with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis revealed that he would be bringing his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. "That thing sounds so mean coming around the corner and it looks sweet," Travis stated. He told Jason that he wasn't bringing all his cars, just his Chevelle and a couple of newer models. We're betting he left his Phantom safely tucked away at home.

Travis Kelce has a room full of designer duds and kicks

Travis Kelce undoubtedly has an eye-catching style and he's not shopping in the sale section anymore. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he revealed that his love of fashion is so great that he has a room in his house dedicated to his finds, which includes over 300 pairs of sneakers. The tight end spends hours putting together the perfect outfit and he stated, "I kind of just do it off of instinct. Kelce added, "It really just goes down to the wire. I kind of enjoy the creative process of the panic to just throw something together."

While Kelce can certainly afford to have a stockpile of designer clothing now, he made a rookie mistake when he spent $10,000 on a pair of Nike Air Mags in the first year of his NFL career. "As soon as I got my check, I immediately went online and sourced them," he shared on his "New Heights" podcast (via Drip by RapTV). "I had always wanted those shoes, man. I had always been a big Nike guy and then you know, watching 'Back to the Future' so many freaking times and seeing you know, what the Nikes looked like in the future," Kelce recalled. Despite the hefty price tag, something tells us that those sneakers aren't the most expensive items in his closet.

Travis Kelce spent tens of thousands of dollars on Taylor Swift

A couple's first Valentine's Day has to be memorable and Travis Kelce made sure Taylor Swift was sufficiently wooed. According to The U.S. Sun, the three-time Super Bowl winner spent over $16,000 on gifts for the "Bejeweled" singer, which included a $2,100 set of Eternity roses, a gold carved rose that cost $3,100, and a Bottega Veneta bag priced at $5,100. "He wanted to show her how much he cares about her and the upcoming months to come as they will travel together all over the world," a source shared.

Prior to V-Day, Kelce gifted Swift with a custom-designed gold and diamond bracelet in the style of the friendship bracelets associated with the pop star, per People. The sweet tennis bracelet included the initials "TNT" and set Kelce back $6,360. He then dropped even more for a larger matching bracelet for himself. Swift's gift was first seen dangling from her wrist as she and Kelce hugged after the Kansas City Chief's victory on January 28, 2024 ensuring their spot in the Super Bowl. Perhaps the bracelet was a good luck charm, and if so, it was money well spent.