Inside Bill And Giuliana Rancic's Son Duke's Incredibly Lavish Life

Giuliana and Bill Rancic's son may be named Duke, but he lives like a prince! Although Duke Rancic, who looks a lot like Giuliana, has just started speeding towards his teen years, he's been enjoying the fruits of his parents hard work in entertainment for ages. At the age of six, Duke regularly visited his parent's sprawling Idaho Lake home, which offered world class views he was probably too young to appreciate. However, he no doubt loved that the interior designer furnished the home with his comfort in mind. "I wanted their [six-year-old] son, Duke, to come in from the boat with dirty feet and lay on the sofa without anyone worrying," Lonni Paul shared with Architectural Digest in 2018.

Ahh, it must be nice to have been born into five-star treatment. Unfortunately for Duke, Giuliana and Bill have since gotten rid of their gorgeous Idahoan paradise, offering it up for another family to enjoy. According to Realtor, the spouses unloaded the scenic hideaway for a cool $5.6 million in October 2021. And while that's not exactly as much as the $7.695 million they were hoping to fetch for the immaculately-renovated property, they still made more than enough money to keep themselves and their only child in the lap of luxury — which is great considering lavish living seems to be all that Duke has ever known!

Duke Rancic is well-traveled

Giuliana Rancic once revealed on Instagram that Duke loves to vacation. Not that we're surprised! Duke has been jet setting around the world since before he was old enough to speak! In 2013, at the age of just nine months old, his parents treated him to an international vacation in Mexico. At the time, Giuliana posted a super sweet snapshot of her husband, Bill Rancic, holding Baby Duke while seated in a golf cart. "Best family vacay ever at @RWMayakoba w/my two favorite guys ... [Bill Rancic] & baby duke:)," Giuliana captioned the photo on X, formerly known as Twitter. Stateside, Duke has traveled to fun places like Walt Disney World, where he enjoyed the Star Wars-inspired theme park in 2019.

Duke has also made the long journey to Giuliana's home country of Italy at least once! In 2019, Giuliana posted a photo of herself, Bill, and Duke smiling brightly during their Italian vacation to Chiesa di Santa Sofia, Capri. However, the trip wasn't just to give Duke another stamp on his passport. It also served as an important reminder of Bill and Giuliana's journey to conceive Duke, who was born via surrogate. "One of the highlights of our trip to Italy this week was visiting the church we were married in almost 12 years ago," Giuliana wrote on Instagram. She went on to admit that she and Bill didn't know they'd experience fertility issues. "But now, seven years later, here we are ... standing in front of the church we became husband and wife with our little guy by our side," she added.

Duke Rancic already started his own business

The average kid's vision of the good life often includes not having to work, but nepotism is one of the most lavish perks of having rich parents. Thanks to Bill and Giuliana Rancic's groundwork, Duke has already gotten a head start in the world of business. In 2019, Giuliana brought Duke along to collaborate on their mother-son line with Abercrombie Kids. And though he was only 6 at the time, he had a blast creating the line. "Duke loved the whole process," Giuliana shared with People. "The clothes are all about being stylish, but they have to be functional and fun too. Kids want to be comfortable!"

Duke also got a little marketing and modeling experience. In April, Duke posed alongside two other kids while wearing a tropical printed blouse from their clothing line. "Can't get over the cuteness in this pic and of this shirt ... Love seeing your pics of kids wearing our @abercrombiekids collab ... Keep tagging me! Check out the collection at link in my bio," shared Giuliana on Instagram. She also posted a behind-the-scenes peek into the creative process, which showed Duke looking over one of their designs. "Duke and I are big (more like huge) fans of @abercrombiekids and we teamed up with them to create something very special. Can't wait to share it with you all!" wrote the mom-of-one on Instagram.