What We Know About Kristaps Porzingis' Relationship With Laura Vizla

Fans of the Boston Celtics didn't just miss out on getting to see Kristaps Porzingis take the court during Game 3 of the NBA Finals on June 13, 2024 — they were also denied the style slam dunks that Laura Vizla would have undoubtedly served had she been cheering for Porzingis at TD Garden.

Interest in NBA WAGs, including those who fans can't stand, inevitably increases whenever the Finals take place. Many curious viewers likely turn to social media to see what the partners of their favorite players are up to. If they visit the Instagram page of Luka Doncic's fiancee Anamaria Goltes, for example, they'll discover that she and Porzingis' former Dallas Mavericks teammate have welcomed a daughter. But there's almost no trace of Porzingis on Vizla's account, and vice versa.

The pair became a topic of discussion on X, formerly known as Twitter, in February 2024 when sports reporter Bri Marie D tweeted a photo of Porzingis seated next to a brunette woman who was clearly not Vizla. When an X user misidentified the mystery woman as Vizla, commenters were quick to jump and say that Vizla and Porzingis had broken up. The evidence backing up this tidbit of relationship gossip isn't just in the pair's loved-up photos being wiped from their IG accounts but in what Vizla was doing during the Finals.

Laura Vizla's focus was on fashion, not the NBA Finals

While Kristaps Porzingis was in Boston nursing an ankle injury and fretting over whether he would be able to take the court during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Laura Vizla was nowhere near Beantown. Instead, she was in her native Latvia, which is where Porzingis also hails from. On June 13, 2024, Vizla posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram from her visit to the Latvian National Museum of Art. She was there to check out the fashion label Fyodor Golan's "Harmonious Collision" exhibit.

Vizla is a model and fashion influencer whose brand partnerships have included the clothing labels H&M, Leau, and Pixie Won't Play, as well as Armani Beauty. Her IG is filled with modeling shots and photos from her jet-setting adventures — in 2023 alone, she visited Spain, Greece, Paris, London, and Bali. Almost all evidence of her adventures with Porzingis has been erased. Although, she did leave up a February 2023 photo of the baller celebrating her birthday with her.

It's unclear when the pair broke up, but they were still together as of June 2023, according to the New York Post. On the day Porzingis learned that he would be bidding the Washington Wizards farewell and moving to Boston to play for the Celtics, Vizla took to her Instagram Story to share a video of him going for a swim in the Venta River in Latvia.

The exes went public in 2021

In 2021, Kristaps Porzingis and Laura Vizla decided that they were serious enough to start sharing their relationship with their social media followers. According to the New York Post, Vizla first offered visual confirmation of their romance with a Valentine's Day post on Instagram. She didn't appear with Porzingis on his Instagram page until that September.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Porzingis and Vizla have known each other since 2019, so they possibly kept their relationship under wraps for a while. Before she caught the eye of the NBA star, Vizla was a cheerleader for the VTB United League, an international basketball club. As a member of the VEF Dance Team, she performed at basketball games in Latvia. At the time, she listed Janis Timma as her favorite player on her VTB profile. "The best emotions for me is when I dance. I smile a lot," she said in a 2015 YouTube video. "I like to make people smile and keep my life positive for me and for others." Vizla revealed that she did rhythmic gymnastics before falling in love with cheerleading.

Vizla seemed to enjoy traveling with Porzingis, as some of their deleted photos showed them vacationing together in Tulum and Paris, per the New York Post. But based on Vizla's post-breakup social media content, she doesn't need an NBA star's deep pockets to globe trot.