Kimberly Guilfoyle Dons Inappropriate Mini-Dress For London Date Night With Don Jr.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was all legs while holding hands with Donald Trump Jr. in London on June 12, 2024. While Don Jr. looked dapper in a blue suit and matching tie, Guilfoyle busted out with yet another inappropriate outfit, this time a butt-skimming black and white print mini dress with white stilettos. The ensemble must have left her teeth chattering given the temperature was a chilly 46° Fahrenheit in the Capital. Still, what Guilfoyle lacked in coverage, she more than made up for in cost. Her Balmain knitted print dress retails for a pricey $2,432.

Don Jr. and Guilfoyle took their relationship over the pond to raise money for his father, Donald Trump's, presidential campaign. According to The Guardian, lucky donors could pay $100,000 a couple to attend a host committee with Don Jr. and Guilfoyle, $50,000 for the pleasure of dining in the couple's presence, $25,000 for a photo, and $10,000 simply to hang out inside the venue. The benefit was hosted by right-wing Reform U.K. leader Nigel Farage and the Australian-British actor Holly Valance; it had already raised $2 million by June 11.

Bloomberg reported that the event, held at Valance's private home in Chelsea, raised $2.5 million in total. This is kind of a drop in the water, as a source close to the Trump camp told the business magazine that $115 million has been added to the pot since Donald lost his "hush money" trial on May 30, making him the first U.S. president to be convicted of a crime.

Kimberly's leggy London look

It's certainly nothing new for Kimberly Guilfoyle to wear an inappropriate outfit out on the town — even if it is for an official fundraising event. Guilfoyle is the Queen of unseemly style choices. Whether it's a sparkly mini-dress with sky-high Louboutins for a family night out at the fair or a cleavage-baring mesh-fronted, side split black dress to speak to the crowds at political campaign events, Guilfoyle always sides with sexy over substance. That can be tough on designers who she wants to wear.

Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Naeem Khan, and Philip Lim vowed to keep their clothing Trump-free. At the same time, Italian designer Chiari Boni is a favorite of Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, Ivanka Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, and many of the Fox News hosts. Despite catching heat on Instagram regarding right-wing figures wearing her designs, Boni isn't phased. "I think you can be political, but I don't think your business should be," she told Business of Fashion.

Meanwhile, as a former Fox host, Guilfoyle is used to being in front of the camera. However, since partnering with Donald Trump Jr., she's ratcheted things up a notch, and her public profile has skyrocketed. Guilfoyle's rhetoric has also been seriously dialed up. She's now a regular on the campaign trail, giving fiery and fierce speeches in defense of Donald Trump and his ongoing MAGA campaign, and denouncing "the unhinged radical left" in fury-filled Rumble diatribes.