Kimberly Guilfoyle Takes Inappropriate To New Level With Leggy Display In Mini-Dress

Kimberly Guilfoyle came so close to nailing the assignment when she attended the second inauguration of El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele with her fiancé, Donald Trump Jr. But you just can't take the Mar-a-Lago style out of the MAGA cheerleader.

Acting as if Donald Trump had never left the White House, his family members created a delegation to schmooze with world leaders at the event. Their group also included GOP congressmen Mike Lee and Matt Gaetz, Republican political consultant Alex Bruesewitz, and Guilfoyle's fellow former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. In a photo tweeted by the press secretary of the presidency of El Salvador, Guilfoyle stood out from the other women pictured in a white mini-dress that was conservative up top and liberal down below. She was the only woman whose hemline was higher than Donald's hair the day after his guilty verdict in his hush money case.

In one of the photos Guilfoyle posted on Instagram, she and Donald Jr. were pictured posing with failed Mexican presidential hopeful Eduardo Verástegui, a producer of the movie "Sound of Freedom." In a campaign video on X, formerly known as Twitter, Verástegui demonstrated his political views by shooting at a target meant to represent the LGBTQ+ community and climate change believers. So yeah, Guilfoyle's company was more scandalous than her dress, but it was still a poor sartorial choice.

Kimberly Guilfoyle changed into a more conservative outfit

The dress Kimberly Guilfoyle wore to the inauguration featured darting on the front and was embellished with beading, most of which formed a crust on her high, pointed collar. It was like the crispy char on one of the overcooked steaks rumored to be part of Donald Trump's diet. Guilfoyle completed her outfit with a pair of white stilettos. With an ankle-length skirt and a little less glitter crust, the look would have actually been somewhat elegant. 

Guilfoyle's infatuation with inappropriate outfits is well-documented, but perhaps she realized that her mini-dress wasn't the right look for a meeting with a world leader. Before she and Donald Trump Jr. greeted President Nayib Bukele in person, she changed into a knee-length white dress with a floral ruffle detail on the front. Guilfoyle and her shockingly fashionable frock make a brief appearance in a video that Bukele posted on X.

In the clip, Donald Jr. congratulates Bukele on his victory and immediately brings up his father's freshly inked rap sheet. "And you do it all without having to jail your political opponents," he quipped. At least Guilfoyle wasn't wearing her guilty verdict denouncement outfit while this cringe-inducing moment was going down. The dress she spotlighted when voicing her displeasure over Donald gaining a criminal record 34 felonies long was a crime itself — against fashion.