Sabrina Carpenter Looks So Different Without Makeup On

Sabrina Carpenter is one of the most popular "it girls" of the 2020s. 

Between her acting work and singing career, which has seen her release fun, gossipy tracks like "Skin" and also open up for Taylor Swift on tour, there isn't much she can't do. She's also a fashion darling who loves to play around with makeup and hair. Whether she's performing on stage or dazzling photographers on the red carpet, she often embraces '60s-inspired curls, bold eye shadow, and pink, highlighted cheeks. During an interview with PS, Carpenter's makeup artist, Carolina Gonzalez, summed up her look. "Sabrina's signature style is glowing skin; flushed cheeks; fluffy, delicate eyes; and a plump lip." 

Although the songstress clearly enjoys makeup, she welcomes a little balance in her hectic life. "I definitely love doing makeup, love playing with makeup, but I don't wear it every day," Carpenter shared with Marie Claire in July 2022. "I like to give my skin a break when I'm on set a lot. It can be very easy to sweat in makeup and have super long days when you're wearing it, so I try not to wear it all the time." Although she hasn't posted many of those makeup-free selfies to her Instagram grid, which is home to her most fabulous moments, she has shown her bare face a few times during promotional videos. Needless to say, Carpenter looks very different without makeup

Sabrina Carpenter is the girl next door

Sabrina Carpenter regularly leaned into the girl-next-door aesthetic when she starred as Maya Hart on Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World," but she's upgraded her look since her days as a teen TV star. With that said, the singer called back to simpler times during her morning routine video for Elle Magazine. The 11-minute video shows Carpenter getting ready to face the day while in her pajamas. But unlike her sultry onstage performances, she wears zero makeup, loose-fitting pajamas, and also rocks her natural curl pattern. In case you were wondering, Carpenter enjoys a cup of green tea and time on her fire escape before returning to form and applying her skincare routine and makeup for the day. 

Carpenter also shows a bit of her bare face in her get-ready-with-me video for the 2024 Vanity Fair party. The "Espresso" singer greets the camera crew without wearing any makeup, although her hair had already been blown out and placed into large rollers. But while her makeup-free face only makes a brief appearance at the start of the video, she's already more than proved that she only uses makeup to accentuate her God-given beauty. That said, she certainly doesn't mind the extra boost a good glam session can offer. "Carolina [Gonzalez] does my makeup and makes me look and feel like a princess," says Carpenter later in the clip. Yeah, we can certainly imagine!

Sabrina Carpenter bares her soul on TikTok

Although Sabrina Carpenter obviously loves the more glamorous perks of her career, she also enjoys letting her artistry speak for itself. Over the years, the star has posted a few videos showcasing her talent while in her most natural state. In July 2022, Carpenter posted a black-and-white video of herself singing "Emails I Can't Send" to TikTok. And though the song's official visuals are considerably more stripped back than some of her other singles, this scaled-back performance takes things a step further. Here, Carpenter flaunts her bare face and natural, wavy hair, as she belts out the emotional track.

The former Disney star also went makeup-free in a similar TikTok video from 2023 when she treated her fans to a melancholy remix of her famous "Nonsense" outros. In this clip, Carpenter again showcased her more natural side while wearing no makeup, wild, frizzy curls, and a plain gray T-shirt, as she serenaded her fans. But unlike the outros fans have grown accustomed to, which often feature double entendres, Carpenter channeled her softer side: "I'll be honest, looking at you got me feeling nonsense, cobwebs in my stomach when you walk in, when you wrap your arms around me, oh, it feels so good."