Paula Deen's Appearance 11 Years After Career-Ending Scandal Has Jaws Dropping

As the 11th anniversary of Paula Deen's career-ending scandal approaches, social media is reflecting on the famous chef's past misdeeds while discussing her jaw-dropping appearance. In 2013, Paula, a Food Network staple, admired as much for her jovial southern hospitality as her controversial, butter-based dishes, faced disturbing allegations alongside her brother, Bubba Hiers. Lisa Jackson, who managed their sibling-owned Savannah eatery for several years, accused Paula of displaying racially insensitive behavior, including using the N-word, in a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit that ruined her career. And though Jackson rescinded some of her initial statements upon settling, Paula lost the support of fans and several corporate sponsors.

Paula has continued to churn out recipes — just not on the Food Network, which opted not to renew her contract following Jackson's lawsuit. With the help of her sons, Bobby and Jamie Deen, Paula has balanced delivering hearty soul food recipes with healthier options, fueled by her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. In 2015, Paula even released a cookbook featuring healthier versions of her rich dishes. "I took 50 of my classic recipes that people just adore, and I have taken as much of the fat and calories and carbs out of that as I could without jeopardizing the flavor of the recipe, and some of the recipes are actually better than the original," said Paula, according to CBS 42. That said, Paula recently dabbled in a super indulgent recipe for her YouTube channel, but it's her concerning appearance that has tongues wagging on social media.

Social media is split over Paula Deen's appearance

Paula Deen appeared in a YouTube video titled "Love & Best Dishes: Peaches and Cream Recipe | No Bake Desserts," in June 2024. In the video, Deen walked her audience through making the sweet dessert at home, but many were too distracted by her appearance. Although Deen has sported a trimmer figure since she was handed down her diabetes diagnosis about a decade ago, she may have dropped more weight than her initial 35-pound weight loss. And though Deen is currently in her late 70s, and just as susceptible to the aging process as everyone else, fans can't help but comment on her appearance.

One user tweeted, "Paula Deen aged like the pound of butter she's always melting in her dishes." Another fan compared Paula's current appearance to her look from a few years ago. "I guess I haven't seen Paula Deen in quite some time #pauladeen," they tweeted. "That can't be Paula Deen. Seriously?! Woooowww, the difference is dramatic!" wrote another user. Despite her controversial past, Deen also found support online. "I get that we don't rock with Paula Deen anymore — for valid reasons —  but why is everyone so surprised to see an 80 year old woman look like an 80 year old woman?" tweeted another user. "Paula Deen is 77 how tf do you want her to look," tweeted another.