Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Candace Cameron Bure Wore

Candace Cameron Bure has been in Hollywood long enough to know that when you're lost out there and you're all alone, a stylist is waiting to throw you a bone — everywhere you look. There have been a few times that the "Full House" star really needed to seek out the help of a fashion expert, but maybe her rep is scaring them away? A number of celebs can't stand Bure, after all.

To be fair to Bure, she's actually no style slouch. While known for being the "Queen of Christmas," the former Hallmark star has the "Christian girl autumn" aesthetic down to a science; she can rock a sweater poncho, floppy-brimmed hat, skinny jeans, and booties with the best of 'em. But when describing her personal style, she revealed that it's inspired by a place that some members of her conservative Christian fanbase love to hate. "I think it's West Coast cool," she told WWD. "It's casual and it's fun. I was born and raised in L.A., and so I have a very casual vibe to the way that I dress."

Where Bure usually runs into trouble is when she goes a little too Hollywood for her fans to handle. When she competed on "Dancing with the Stars," she told reporters she would dress modestly. The problem with this is that not everyone shares the same view of what modest clothing is, and some of her fans find her wardrobe too revealing for their tastes.

The claws came out over her tiger-print ensemble

While Candace Cameron Bure's faith does influence her fashion choices, she doesn't follow a Duggar-level dress code — low necklines and shorts are very much a part of her wardrobe. She also doesn't have any hard and fast rules about what she wears. Instead, she goes with her gut and occasionally seeks a little advice. "If I'm in doubt, I ask my husband, a friend or my kids what they think," she told Roo Mag in 2012. "My boys, surprisingly, will always tell me if they think something is too revealing. I LOVE that!" Bure also receives unsolicited style opinions on social media. When she wore two different tiger prints to the Teen Choice Awards in 2019, some of her critics got really catty on Facebook.

Bure wore a tied-up top, high-waisted shorts, and strappy heeled sandals that accentuated her toned legs. Just a hint of her stomach was visible, but she wore her top unbuttoned to display a fair amount of décolletage. "An open shirt that shows your boobs is not Christian dress," one critic wrote. Another person observed that a single button was doing a dangerous amount of work, writing, "I hope the button stays on her top!" Bure also looked like she was trying hard to fit in with the event's younger attendees. If the blue carpet were an episode of "Full House," Deej would learn a valuable lesson about always being true to herself.

The knives were out over her red wedding look

Candace Cameron Bure's shady comments about her Hallmark Channel exit ignited a red-hot media firestorm. When speaking to The Wall Street Journal about her decision to move over to the Great American Family network, she praised its focus on "traditional marriage." In conservative-speak, this means that she wasn't a fan of Hallmark becoming more inclusive by featuring stories centered on LGBTQ+ couples. But one unspoken "traditional marriage" practice that Candace has chosen to ignore is the unwritten rule of steering clear of attire that might distract from the bride's dress as a wedding guest.

In 2021, Candace posted an Instagram photo of her and her daughter, Natasha Bure, pushing the boundaries of acceptable wedding fashion in vibrant scarlet gowns. "Wearing red to a wedding upstages the bride and puts all the attention on you. Granted you look fabulous but it's the brides day," read one fan's reaction. "Narcissism is found in Christians too," another Instagrammer apprised the actor. Evidently, the criticism didn't bother Candace; in 2024, she committed an arguably more egregious etiquette breach when she wore a gold dress to her son Lev Bure's wedding.

Some of Candace's followers couldn't believe that she had risked outshining her new daughter-in-law by wearing something so shiny. One person chided, "Absolutely a mom and a Christian mom at that, you would think on that day you would have stepped aside and allowed the bride to have her day ALL about her."

The Satanic panic over her pixie costume

In 2016, Candace Cameron Bure dressed up in a Tinkerbell costume for a special Halloween episode of "The View." She did a spot-on impression of Peter Pan's pixie pal, but some of her fans weren't feeling the Disney magic. This is because of Halloween's roots in paganism and its association with witchcraft. In a Christian Post op-ed, one writer shared their stance on the spooky holiday thusly: "A Christian celebrating Halloween would be like a Satan worshiper putting up a nativity scene at Christmas while singing, 'Happy Birthday, Jesus!'"

Of course, not all Christians are opposed to celebrating the holiday. After Bure made it clear that she was among that contingent, her Facebook followers, who believed that she was in the wrong, were more than happy to judge her. "Not trying to be judgemental and I bet you got this alot but a Christian should not partake in celebration of halloween," one person wrote. Another critic agreed, commenting, "It blows me away how many Christians celebrate a day that is clearly of Satan. I don't care how you justify it, Christians should have no part of it."

Others raised a stink about the design of Bure's sparkly Tink costume, which featured a sweetheart neckline and short, layered skirt. One person harkened back to Bure's remarks about dressing modestly on "Dancing with the Stars." Their comment read, "Confused! You refused to wear any skimpy costumes in DWTS. Yet your [sic] posing in this skimpy costume."

Her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie workout wear

In 2017, Candace Cameron Bure shared an Instagram video of herself and her personal trainer, Kira Stokes, doing pushups while stacked on top of each other, head-to-ankle. The two women were dressed in unorthodox workout wear for their lakeside display of strength: two-piece swimsuits.

During the same workout sesh, Bure and Stokes tested the integrity of their skimpy tops by doing headstands in them. "Your nakedness is not for your husband? According to the Bible," one of Bure's Instagram followers wrote in response to a photo of the two women demonstrating their perfect form. Bure has addressed this Biblical principle in the past. "I want to reserve certain things for my husband," she said when she explained why she didn't want to wear revealing outfits on "Dancing with the Stars," as noted by TooFab. She also told Roo Mag that she values the opinion of her partner when it comes to how much skin she shows in public. "My husband too has a strong opinion about my clothing and will tell me if something is too much on the eyes from a man's perspective," she said.

In 2016, Bure's Instagram followers applauded her for wearing a shirt over her bikini in a group shot with some friends who did not have their swimsuits covered up. Perhaps her views on showing off her swimwear on social media evolved because she landed a partnership deal with Albion Fit; since then, she's started promoting the brand's bikinis on Instagram.

Candace Cameron Bure's ill-fitting angelic outfit

If Candace Cameron Bure were still starring in Hallmark's "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" series, perhaps she could use her sleuthing skills to solve the mystery of what happened to the rest of her 2024 "Unsung Hero" premiere dress. She looked like an angel, Christmas tree topper missing a few layers of her skirt. The top half of her stiff, Mylanta-white dress was constructed from what appeared to be thick jacquard fabric. Boning gave the garment some structure, but the dress looked far too big for its petite wearer. Mid-thigh, the skirt had an identity crisis and decided that it wanted to be a nightgown. It became sheer before exploding into a thicket of floral lace.

Bure's style is so admired by her faithful fans that she penned a book titled "Staying Stylish: Cultivating a Confident Look, Style, and Attitude," so it's odd that she made such a huge fashion misstep. At least some of her fans tried to heed Uncle Jesse's advice and have mercy when they weighed in on the indecisive dress. "I love everything about you but not the bottom of your dress. I'm sorry!" one Instagram user wrote. "Not sure I understand the outfit choice, but if you're happy I'm happy for you!" gushed another admirer. So, while her look wasn't heaven-sent, it's nice that there are some angels among her sometimes overly judgmental fans.