Kevin Costner's Children Live Extremely Lavish Lives

The holiday season must be a busy time at the Costner household, as Kevin Costner has seven kids from three women: Annie, Lily, and Joe, from his first wife, Cindy Silva; another son, Liam, with his now-ex, Bridget Rooney; two more boys, Cayden Wyatt and Hayes Logan; and another girl, Grace Avery, from Kevin's marriage to his second wife, Christine Baumgartner. The kids may all share different mothers, but they all have one thing in common — aside from their famous dad — they all live in the lap of luxury.

Costner's work-life imbalance spelled the end of his first marriage. It also contributed to the failure of his second, which resulted in a bitter and drawn-out divorce that was finally completed in February 2024. Still, his strong work ethic led to Costner amassing an impressive bank balance. Radar obtained legal documents filed by Baumgartner in June 2023, in which her attorney claimed, "Kevin's estate is worth at least $400,000,000." They also claimed that Costner refused to meet Baumgartner's child support demands of $248,000 a month, offering $38,000 instead.

According to TMZ, the warring exes agreed on $129,000. However, Baumgartner was back in court in August 2023, demanding an increase to $175,057 so their children could enjoy the same level of comfort at both parents' homes. She claimed Costner had earned $19,248,467 in the last two years alone. The judge ultimately slashed the amount to $63,000. Still, given his astounding income, it's little surprise that Costner's children live extremely lavish lives.

Costner's kids live in some sweet, sweet pads

Kevin Costner's seven children vary dramatically in age: his oldest is 26 years older than his youngest. When Costner split from his second wife, Christine Baumgartner, their three kids were still minors. In their divorce settlement, the parents agreed on joint custody, meaning Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery spend half their time living in the lap of luxury in their dad's homes, which include an expansive beach pad in Santa Barbara, California, estimated to be worth around $145 million.

As noted by the Daily Mail, the compound is set on 10 acres and has 500 feet of private beach, a horse-riding trail, and a baseball field. The principal residence is high on a clifftop, offering stunning views of the Pacific and surrounding mountains. Costner also owns a smaller beachfront property down the road, listed for sale at $60 million in 2017. But it's his 165-acre Aspen, Colorado ranch that Costner holds dearest to his heart. This is hardly surprising as there's a main residence with 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a lake house, a river house, a baseball field, an ice rink, a sledding hill, and all the riding, fishing, and hunting you could dream of.

Meanwhile, the Costners' kids still live large when they're not with their dad. According to the Mail, after her divorce, Baumgartner moved into a sprawling four-bedroom, $40,000-a-month rental in Santa Barbara with a private pool and Jacuzzi.

Costner's kids jet off on exotic vacays on dad's private plane

Christine Baumgartner broke down during an August 2023 custody support hearing as her attorney, John Rydell, claimed that the three children she shares with Kevin Costner need to live a continuous life of luxury as it "is in their DNA at this point," according to People. A source told ET that the judge was forced to request a five-minute break after Baumgartner "started tearing up and reached for a tissue" when lawyers began discussing Costner's sprawling Aspen, Colorado ranch.

DNA or not, there is no disputing that Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery Costner live a life of privilege and extreme wealth. In addition to the slew of homes they get to kick back in, the three also regularly enjoy jetting off on exotic vacations with their dad on his private plane. Something their mother claimed they should also be able to enjoy while with her.

"Because the children fly on private aircraft to go on luxury vacations when they are with their father, the Family Code dictates that Kevin should pay sufficient child support to Christine so that the children can go on comparable vacations when they are with her," court documents filed on Baumgartner's behalf in August 2023 state, as noted by US Weekly.

Costner's daughters go on wild spending sprees

Thanks to "Yellowstone" and past hits like "Dances With Wolves," Kevin Costner has a very healthy bank balance. In April 2024, Celebrity Net Worth estimated he was worth $250 million. Not bad for somebody who reportedly shelled out $80 million to his first ex-wife, Cindy Silva, and pays his second ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, $63,000 a month in child support, in addition to their three kids' education and health costs.

Still, Costner has plenty left over to splash out on his kids, which is just as well as he loves to treat his kids to wild spending splurges, especially the girls. "I love shopping with my daughters. Recently, I was in New York with Annie, my eldest, and she was so worried about having nothing to wear because she's just starting out on her own and she's on a budget," Costner told Good Housekeeping in May 2007. "So we went on this huge shopping spree."

Despite living large now, the actor and director came from a humble background. Although he splashes the cash on his seven kids, he ensures they know how much they're valued in other ways. Costner says that he's instilled in them the importance of a hard work ethic and being able to pay their own way in life — even though they clearly don't have to. "I've always taught my kids that they have to work hard and stand on their own two feet," Costner insisted.

Costner's kids are co-stars and red carpet regulars

There are more than a few advantages to being an A-lister offspring, and nepotism is one of them. Kevin Costner's sons Joe and Hayes had parts in "Horizon: An American Saga," which their dad directed and starred in. Joe appears in the second chapter of the Western flick, while Hayes makes his acting debut in the first. "That he did it, that he was good in it, that he listened, that he was worried, that he cared ... I'm just so happy that he has that now the rest of his life," Costner told Fox News of Hayes. "I haven't pushed my children into this, and this might be his only dabble in it, but he's memorable. And for me to have him, I'll never forget it."

Hayes and Joe aren't the only Costner kids to act in front of the camera with their famous father. Annie popped up in "Dances With Wolves" and "The Postman," the latter of which Lily and Joe appeared in, too. Joe also had a part in "Tin Cup."

The Costners are also no strangers to the red carpet; over the years, they've regularly cropped up with their dad at premieres. Five of the seven were by Costner's side for the Cannes premiere of "Horizon: An American Saga" in June 2024. Sadly, for Costner, the four-part passion project has been met with mixed reactions from critics, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 48%.

Costner's kids have deluxe downtime and kickin' parties

If anybody is still in doubt that Kevin Costner's children live extremely lavish lives, they need to look at how they spend their downtime. Costner's offspring don't make do with a wobbly treehouse or temporary paddling pool to kick back in, far from it. The actor told People he's adjusted his homes to "trap his kids" into being with him. 

"They surf out here. Dive for lobster, we spearfish halibut," Costner explained. "That's an environment. It's a little different than my backyard [growing up], so this is the way they think of theirs." He said he loved that his kids' memories will be about "diving, having fun, going to school, but having this place to come back to." Costner also claimed he's his kids' chauffeur, regularly driving them back and forth "just trying to get them to where they think they need to be."

Then, there are the parties. These kids don't have jelly, ice cream, and a sad-faced creepy clown. Per the Daily Mail, during one of her custody support hearings, Baumgartner revealed that for birthday extravaganzas, there would be glamping in their extensive compound and taco trucks to feed hoards of kids. Then, the family would ship in 40 tons of snow so the kids could enjoy a proper white Christmas, rent animals to ride from a Costner version of the stable in Bethlehem, plant a forest of pine trees, and build toboggan runs.