Who Is Jenna Sinatra's Rumored New Boyfriend, Dalton Chandler?

Is Jenna Sinatra going to post a boyfriend reveal on TikTok soon? Followers of the content creator sure think so! Sinatra's love life has intrigued her Gen Z followers ever since she exploded on social media. Her relationship with Will Devane had people gripped from start to finish before the content creator confirmed what we all suspected at the end of 2023, revealing the two were taking a break. Many were hopeful the pair would get back together but Sinatra may have said thank you, next, because people seem to think she has since moved on with Dalton Chandler.

One thing about the internet, they are going to get to the bottom of things and people have taken notice that Chandler and Sinatra have been having frequent hangouts. Chandler, a fellow content creator, has been posting videos and photos with Sinatra on Snapchat. From attending baseball games to morning runs, people are convinced they are more than just friends. They might even have proof as they paused one video of Sinatra at the perfect time, showing her lock screen was a photo of her and a guy (who many think was Chandler) hugging.

But while people continue to investigate, many are still curious about the man that has been hanging with Sinatra. And besides the fact that he's a content creator, there is so much more about Chandler, a.k.a Sinatra's rumored beau, that the public may not know about.

Dalton Chandler was a college athlete

Jenna Sinatra has taken a sudden interest in baseball, and it might have been influenced by rumored boyfriend, Dalton Chandler. In June 2024, the influencer shared a TikTok vlog of her first time attending an MLB game, and what would you know, Chandler was by her side. It wouldn't be surprising if Chandler was the one to come up with the idea to go to a MLB game, as he had been a college athlete for years.

One look at Chandler's Instagram and you'll see it is littered with photos of him as a Huskies baseball player at the University of Washington. If the countless images didn't prove how much he loves the sport, well, the way he talks about the baseball will. In one post from January 2023, alongside a photoshoot of him in his uniform, Chandler wrote, "Grateful for this journey, this sport and my brothers."

Chandler wasn't all talk either and was a pretty good player, scoring eight runs in the 2023 season and taking part in 32 games, according to the school's website. With how much he loves baseball, followers may see him and Sinatra at more games as the two spark a connection.

Dalton Chandler has his own podcast

Dalton Chandler may have thought he would go on to play professional baseball, but that's not the cards he was dealt with in life. Instead, the content creator not only decided to become an influencer, but has even taken it a step further in the entertainment industry by launching his own podcast. Chandler announced the exciting news in December 2023 via a TikTok video with a bit of backstory on the path to landing on a podcast. He shared, "My dad played baseball at Texas A&M and went on to play for the Mariners. I always dreamed of having that same career path. Maybe I wasn't good enough, maybe I had a bad break. Everything happens for a reason ... I'm starting a podcast called 'Benched.'"

Chandler teamed up with fellow social media stars, Fisher Perry and Luke Bowman, for the podcast, which officially went live in February 2024. Their About page on Spotify describes the "Benched" podcast, saying, "Get a front-row seat to mistakes and victories as they navigate life in search of the best version of themselves. Each week, Dalton, Fisher, and Luke will share relatable experiences in their own lives." Although the podcast is still in its early days, it has featured many special guests. And, who knows, maybe the next guest star will be Chandler's rumored beau and TikToker, Jenna Sinatra.