David Bromstad Used To Look Wildly Different Without His Famous Mustache

David Bromstad's mustache is just as famous as the HGTV star himself. While viewers of "My Lottery Dream Home" never know what outfit Bromstad will feature in each episode, they can almost always expect to see him freshly groomed with his usual goatee-styled mustache. It has become part of his signature look, and fans can't get enough. One X user, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "David Bromstad from HGTV 'My lottery dream home' is f***ing hot with the mustache/beard combo and tattoos. Gawtdamn!"

Even HGTV knows that Bromstad's facial hair is something special. In a tweet from 2018, HGTV's X account played on the love people have for the television personality's appearance. They wrote, "We mustache you a question ... are you watching this all-new episode of #MyLotteryDreamHome and tweeting with @bromco?1 You should be!"

With the number of times viewers have seen Bromstad on their screens with his usual mustache, it feels as if he was born with a little goatee. But you may be surprised that there was once a time when the HGTV star did not have any facial hair. Bromstad has shared a handful of photos with a bare face — and he looks completely different.

David Bromstad has a baby face without his mustache

Years prior to his breakthrough on television and even in the early years of his HGTV career, David Bromstad's signature look did not feature his goatee. Instead, Bromstad rocked a hairless look that made him appear younger than his age.

When Bromstad was a teen, he didn't have any sort of facial hair. In a throwback post, the HGTV star shared a photo of himself without his goatee that made him look super young. He had captioned the image, "#tbt only 19, my first years in the gym and no wrinkles LOL! To be young again." There were no wrinkles and no facial hair in sight as he rocked a baby face in the photo that would ultimately last years.

In 2017, decades after his throwback photo, Bromstad shared another bare-faced look as he was all smiles on a trip to Mexico. Although the photo was taken years after his old post, you honestly wouldn't be able to tell because the "My Lottery Dream Home" star could have passed for a guy in his 20s even though he was actually in his 40s. Facial hair can drastically change one's appearance, and without it, Bromstad transforms into someone who looks half their age — and maybe even younger.

Did David Bromstad struggle with growing facial hair?

It might not have been a choice for David Bromstad to go facial hair-free for so many years. The tragic truth about Bromstad is that, in 2014, the HGTV star hinted at the possibility that he was unable to grow facial hair in a Facebook post. On the social media platform, Bromstad shared a photo of a painting of a woman with a cat where he had drawn a mustache on her face. He captioned the post, "I gave my girl a new look for the holidays. facial hair is trending and since I can't grow any there's no reason my creepy girl with a cat can't. love her!" Ironically, the look he gave the woman in the painting would be the exact goatee that he would rock in the future.

It's unclear what caused the switch-up for Bromstad to go from being unable to grow a mustache to having a full-blown goatee, but clearly, growing facial hair is not an issue for him anymore. A behind-the-scenes clip of his time on HGTV posted to Instagram in 2024 showed the television star with his mustache on full display, and with how much people love it, we would be shocked if Bromstad shaved it off any time soon.