Body Language Expert Tells Us Caitlin Clark Struggles To Hold Back On Her Haters

Caitlin Clark has proved that she can dominate any court she steps on, but this has put a target on her back. The Indiana Fever star has faced a lot of obstacles since entering the WNBA, as there have been a handful of people who can't stand Clark. And it might be getting to her as she struggles to hold back her opinion.

Many have taken jabs at the basketball player and her career within the past year. Sheryl Swoopes, an alum of the court, even went as far as to call Clark a bully during an appearance on the "Gil's Arena" podcast, saying, "If you want to talk about bullies, we can talk about every time Caitlin has the ball she pushes off. I'm just saying." And it hasn't been all talk that people have shown their dislike toward Clark — some have even pushed it to a physical point. When the Fever took on the Chicago Sky in the 2024 season, Chennedy Carter, a Sky player, forcefully bumped Clark when the ball wasn't even in play. The controversial moment raised discussions online as people were left in disbelief by Carter's actions.

Through all the trash talk and physical abuse she has faced on the court, Clark has handled these situations gracefully, but she may be getting tired of it. Body language expert Blanca Cobb spoke exclusively with Nicki Swift to break down specific situations that reveal the Fever star is nearing her breaking point when it comes to her haters.

Body language expert thinks Caitlin Clark wanted to speak on Chicago Sky incident

Chennedy Carter purposely shoving Caitlin Clark on the court during the Chicago Sky versus Indiana Fever game caused some controversy, and one reporter decided to ask Clark about the situation. In an interview with reporters, the basketball star shared her take on the play and how she tries to avoid all the outside noise. She said, "My focus is basketball. It's — sometimes it stinks how much the conversation is outside of basketball ... but yeah, I mean, I try to block it out." But while Clark's words may have brushed off the incident, her body language told a different story.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb dished exclusively to Nicki Swift the telltale signs that Clark was bothered by the question and Carter's shove. Cobb shared, "Notice that Caitlin licks her lips when the interviewer mentions the controversy. Lip licking is an indicator that Caitlin doesn't like the question." Already uncomfortable with what the reporter asked, Clark didn't know how to respond, and for a moment, it seemed like she was actually going to address the situation. Cobb explained, "Caitlin opens her mouth when the interviewer asks about her thoughts, but doesn't say anything until the interviewer finishes her statement. This open mouth gesture suggests that Caitlin wanted to start talking, but stopped herself." Carter's on-court shove seemed to nearly cause Clark to break her silence and finally speak on the hate she's endured in her time in the WNBA.

Did Caitlin Clark have more to say about rumored Angel Reese beef?

Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese have a rumored feud that reached a new level when Reese taunted Clark in the college championship game in 2023. After Reese's team beat Clark's for the title, cameras captured the LSU player throwing shade Clark's way by pointing at the invisible championship ring on her finger. Many found Reese's gesture to be unsportsmanlike, and Clark was asked about it in the press conference following the big game.

When asked about whether she thought Reese was taunting her, Clark responded, "I have no idea. I was just trying to get to the end handshake line and shake hands and, you know, be grateful that my team was in that position. You know, that's all you can do is just hold your head high and be proud of what you did." The University of Iowa star seemed unbothered by Reese's actions, and her composure backed her answer.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb told Nicki Swift, "Caitlin's body language supported what she said during the interview. She shook her head no when she said that she didn't have any idea about Angel Reese pointing to her ring finger." Particularly, when Clark was talking about holding her head up high, Cobb couldn't help but notice that her body agreed with what she was saying. So, maybe the basketball star didn't have anything more to say about Reese, at least this time around.