Diana Taurasi's Take On Caitlin Clark Face-Off Is Dripping With Sarcasm

It's the matchup everyone in the WNBA has been waiting for. No, we're not talking about Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, but rather the battle on the court between Clark and WNBA vet Diana Taurasi. The Phoenix Mercury star hasn't been the biggest fan of the rookie, taking jabs at Clark left and right, with her latest comments about the Indiana Fever star reeking of sarcasm.

Right before the WNBA draft, Taurasi hinted that Clark may get humbled in her basketball career. She told ESPN, "Reality is coming. There's levels to this thing ... You look superhuman playing against 18-year-olds, but you're going to come play with some grown women that have been playing professional basketball for a long time." Taurasi's comments sparked conversation online, as many found them to be controversial and uncalled for. While her team struggled at the start of the season, Clark is still doing pretty well for herself, averaging around 16 points a game. However, she hasn't faced off against Taurasi, but that game is near.

The Fever and Mercury teams are set to go head-to-head on June 30, and with the beef that Taurasi created, many are eager to see how the game will play out. Well, the WNBA vet just spilled the tea to Desert Wave Media on how she's feeling about the upcoming match, saying, "Yeah, it'll be fun." Taurasi's response seemed innocent on the outside, but the player looked completely disinterested and unhappy, as her answer was filled with nothing but sarcasm.

People called out Diana Taurasi's sarcastic comment

Diana Taurasi's remarks about the upcoming game against Caitlin Clark did not sit well with the internet. It seems evident to many that Taurasi is one of the handful of people out there that can't stand the Indiana Fever star, and they think her comment was uncalled for. After her sarcastic take on the matchup, many took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to call out Taurasi's behavior. One person wrote, "She has nothing but jealousy for and despises Caitlin Clark. She can't hide it on her face."

Others have pointed out the much better treatment other WNBA veterans have given to other rookies, with one person tweeting, "She can't hide the pettiness. Contrast this to the love that A'ja [Wilson] just showed to Angel [Reese] the other day..."

Plenty of backlash has been thrown Taurasi's way after her sarcastic comment, but this is nothing new to the Mercury star. Back when she told ESPN that reality was knocking on Clark's door, she faced a lot of criticism and simply brushed it off. She told reporters, "The new fans are really sensitive these days." Knowing Taurasi has dealt with her share of backlash, she knows how to ignore her haters, so she's probably not stressing about her latest comments about Clark as much as the Fever star's fans are.

Caitlin Clark has shrugged off the hate

Diana Taurasi hasn't been the only one to take jabs at Caitlin Clark. From Sheryl Swoopes to Chennedy Carter, many of those within the WNBA have taken their shot at the Indiana Fever star. And even if it may be tiring, Clark has done her best to take all the hate with a grain of salt. When asked about the criticism on "The Pat McAfee Show," in April 2024, Clark shared, "People are just competitive. Like, I don't think it's anything that's out of the ordinary. I feel like it's things rookies have faced their entire careers, the entire existence of the WNBA." However, since then, Clark has continued to take constant heat from other players and sometimes she wishes that the conversation was shifted from these jabs to what she actually finds important — the game.

In June 2024, on the heels of Carter shoving Clark on the court, despite the ball not being in play, the Indiana Fever star told reporters, "Sometimes, it stinks how much the conversation is outside of basketball, not the product on the floor and the amazing players that are on the floor." But as much as Clark may want the focus to be on the game, WNBA fans don't see that happening, as she has been the organization's punching bag since entering the league.