Will Smith's Dramatic Comeback Performance At 2024 BET Awards Cracks Internet In Half

Will Smith returned to the spotlight on June 30 with a spirited performance of his new track, "You Can Make It," at the 2024 BET Awards. Smith's award show career comeback, following his infamous 2022 Chris Rock Oscars slap, was met with a rousing reaction, as viewers took to social media to rant and rave. But to say the performance was divisive would be an understatement. In fact, it cracked the internet in half.

"Folks tried to destroy Will Smith. But when you are covered nothing can break you. Congratulations Will smith on a number one movie and a incredible [sic] new song," one fan raved. "Will Smith destroyed himself by being an assaulter/criminal. 'Folks' had nothing to do with it. #Accountability," a detractor replied. "If there is anyone who could overcome that horrendous situation and backlash is this guy. I always believed so. It wasn't gonna be easy at all but he's built different. Extremely proud of him," another fan gushed. "Did Satan direct this," a hater sniped.

"Will Smith's 'Just The Two of Us' is the GREATEST Rap song parent to child love letter," opined another supporter. "So, Will Smith wants to come back to the black community. Sorry, Will, we've seen this done before, and Ye's was much better!" a third critic shaded. And that's just the beginning of it, as the debate raged on through the night into the next day.

Smith's lovers and haters battled it out

Will Smith's dramatic comeback at the 2024 BET Awards divided the internet. "You Can Make It" is about overcoming adversity. "Don't give up on me; I need you to hold on. Know you're deep up in the storm. But I know you can face it," it begins before talking about faith guiding you through tough times and how victimization makes you stronger. "There's wisdom in the fire. And every moment is an opportunity. Embrace the journey," it ends. To add gravitas, Smith was surrounded by a ring of flames with light rising behind and the Sunday Service Choir harmonizing.

Fans focused on the uplifting and positive message of the track and cast his past to the side. "The comeback is always bigger than the setback. Keep going will!! Keep spreading positivity and being you!!! You're an icon and you raised us through your movies, music and overall personality!!! God bless you !!!" one raved. "I mean what he did was WRONG but he realized that, repented and was forgiven and his performance was amazing ," another praised.

However, others weren't so willing to forget Smith's Oscars slap. "Who tried to destroy him? Stop the foolishness! Will damaged his own image with that bad move. Yes, he can redeem himself. No, no one tried to destroy him. Accountability matters," one negative read. "He committed physical assault and on a guy on stage for making a joke. Will is not a victim," claimed another.