Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe HGTV's Christina Hall Wore

Christina Hall's eye for design earned her a home at HGTV, but sometimes her fashion flops could use a good flipping. Thankfully, it's much easier to make small tweaks to the contents of a closet than it is to remodel the closet itself.

The "Christina in the Country" star is a total sartorial sybarite who loves indulging in designer clothing from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. However, she often keeps her looks casual while filming renovations. She can even dial down the glam so much that she gets roasted for it on camera. Christina and her ex, Tarek El Moussa, tried to keep their relationship civil after their divorce so they could continue filming "Flip or Flop." However, the claws came out on occasion. They got into a fashion fight during a 2020 episode of the show, with Hall starting it when she commented on the faux fur trim on her ex's coat. "You look like you have a squirrel on your hoodie!" she said, according to People. But El Moussa argued that Christina's pink T-shirt and skinny jeans weren't exactly the height of style, either. "She's just hating on me because she's dressed like a 9-year-old boy and I look like I'm in GQ magazine," he fired back. 

That burn aside, Hall's outfits are usually fine when she sticks with skinny jeans, which are one of her wardrobe staples. She just needs to learn to apply her designer's eye to shopping for other articles of clothing.

Too much lace can feel like a claustrophobic space

As HGTV fans are aware, open floor plans are the best — they make living spaces feel less cramped. It's also a ton of fun to tear down those walls to create them. It's just a shame that Christina Hall couldn't do whatever the clothing equivalent of that is to the dress that she wore during a panel at the TCA 2019 Winter Press Tour.

Hall's mini dress was crafted from a conglomeration of laces crammed together. There was a black column on both sides of the bust and a panel of blush fabric between them. A gathered curtain of chiffon hung below it to form part of the skirt. The hem was trimmed with another thick band of black lace, and the three-quarter-length sleeves were sheer black material with lace accents. Together, this was a lot of clutter.

The blush color didn't complement Hall's bronzed skin, and it wasn't the best companion for the black, either. It's difficult to imagine the real estate expert combining the pale and dark hues in one of her remodels; they'd look tacky and muddled on layered curtains, for instance. Then again, she did tell Better Homes & Gardens, "I love mixing colors — I love mixing blacks and natural woods especially." Sadly, her outfit did not convey to the TCA audience that she's an authority on color palettes that work. (But attendees did get to see the red soles of her Christian Louboutin booties.)

Her cheesy coordinated couple's swimwear

In July 2023, Christina Hall celebrated her birthday in Cabo with her hubby, Josh Hall, and a large group of friends. While relaxing at the Chileno Bay Resort, the pair stepped out in coordinating swimsuits that advertised to everyone that they were a couple — it's doubtful any other guests had packed swimwear with such a distinctive pattern. The vibrant tropical design on Josh's swim trunks and Christina's bikini and sarong was a throwback from the '80s or early '90s. Perhaps Christina's hallucinogenic toad venom experience is what made her feel drawn to the busy pattern — the colors had that unnatural psychedelic feel.

It's also possible that Christina had Barbie on the brain when she and Josh picked their bathing suits out. Their looks were somewhat reminiscent of the neon rollerblading outfits that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling wear in the "Barbie" movie, and Christina and Josh had attended the film's premiere early that month. One of Christina's Instagram followers even admitted to initially thinking that the couple was in costume as the girl who is everything and Just Ken. Another commenter warned Christina that her age was showing, writing, "You know you're 40 when you and bae start matching clothes."

Her peculiar pocket placement

In a 2023 video on her Instagram page, Christina Hall tried to convince her followers to fill their kitchen with products from Cafe Appliances. In the paid promo, she walked around her kitchen to prove that she actually uses the products herself. But as she stopped to turn on her gas range, grab some ice from her mini fridge, and place some bottles of booze inside her wine fridge, her video at times seemed like an ad for her outfit.

Hall's kitchen was certainly long enough to serve as a runway, and she could have been talking about her textured, long-sleeved top when she said, "My style is matte black." But her flared jeans were what snatched attention away from what she was trying to sell. They featured patch pockets on the front, which are usually only placed on the back of jeans. (Hall's pair had them on both sides.) Thanks to her washboard stomach, this made it look like she was Hank Hill walking backward from the waist down. It's great that she's trying to bring bell bottoms back and all, but the front-butt look was bizarre and distracting.

She can't stop twinning with Heather El Moussa

In May 2024, Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa had a strange reunion in an Instagram video. Heather El Moussa also participated in what at first felt like a desperate bid for attention. She and Christina wore matching jeans and bustiers, prompting Tarek to joke that it can be difficult to tell the two women apart. It turned out that the intent of the video wasn't just to assure HGTV fans that Heather and Christina have a healthy relationship, but to promote a new series called "The Flip Off." On the show, Heather and Tarek face off against Christina and Josh Hall to see which couple's renovation proves the most lucrative.

The clone gimmick was a great way to tease the show, but once Christina and Heather started twinning, it was like they couldn't stop. In another video, they wore identical white pleated skirts and crop tops during a visit to a cafe. This time, Tarek pretended to mistake Christina for Heather from behind, which earned him a slap from his wife.

Heather and Christina wore similar black athletic looks in yet another promo that saw them having a "Bring It On" moment in a parking lot. By this time, fans were getting kind of tired of seeing the two women dressing alike. "Why are you guys doing these stupid comparison videos?? Not a good vibe," one Instagrammer wrote. Another opined, "It's so cringy and corny. I wish they'd stop this."

Christina Hall needs some new country clothing

Christina Hall and Josh Hall own a sprawling property in Tennessee, and the Cali-based pair have fallen so in love with their home-away-from-home that they plan on residing there after they retire. "The combination of having privacy and the family values of the people there feels very different," Christina told People.

However, the mother of three might want to make some adjustments to her wardrobe before making a permanent move to her rustic farm. To use a renovation term, she was pictured wearing a modern farmhouse ensemble in a series of Instagram photos: a denim jumpsuit with a wide belt, collar, front zipper, patch pockets, and billowy flared legs. You could say it was Christina's version of a pair of overalls, but it was not suitable attire for what she was pictured doing. In a pen with no blade of grass in sight, she fed carrots to a miniature pony and donkey as her chickens wandered about. The bottom hems of her jumpsuit's legs were dragging on the ground, so there's no telling what she brought back inside the house with her.

Yes, looking good for the 'gram is important when you're a reality show star, but Christina could easily look just as stylish in a pair of waterproof rubber boots with her jeans tucked into them. Surely, she's learned from her experience as a renovator that function is often just as important as appearance.