Body Language Expert Explains To Us Justin And Hailey Bieber's Relationship Is Worse Than It Appears

From the onset of their marriage, it was Justin and Hailey Bieber versus the world. Doubts about their relationship were everywhere — some fans couldn't let go of Justin's past with Selena Gomez, while others accused Hailey of plotting her way to Justin's heart, waiting for years for her moment to pounce. Despite the naysayers, they've shown themselves to be rock solid. Or have they? A body language expert claims their perfect couple act might just be a facade.

The lovebirds, who shocked everyone by getting hitched in 2018, have been dodging divorce rumors ever since. In March 2024, Hailey decided enough was enough and issued a PSA to everyone who believed the rumors going around. "Just FYI the stories and constant 'blind items' I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong Made out of thin air... Come from the land of delusion," she penned on Instagram. "So I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they're always false xx sorry to spoil it." Meanwhile, a source told People that things between the two are fine and dandy. "There's no divorce and no truth to that whatsoever," they assured. "They are very, very happy."

But as we all know, talk is cheap. In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Nicole Moore, celebrity love coach and body language expert, suggested that the Biebers' lovey-dovey public persona is nothing but an act, hinting that their marriage is on much shakier ground than they let on.

Justin seems to shut Hailey out whenever they have disagreements

A couple that works out issues together stays together, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Justin and Hailey Bieber. According to Nicole Moore, when they disagree, Justin's instinct is to shut Hailey out and express his aggression passively. This is evident in a clip where Justin seems to slam the car door right in Hailey's face.

"In this clip, Justin really appears to be in his own world and operates almost as if Hailey doesn't exist. When Justin gets out of the car, he slams the door in Hailey's face and walks aggressively forward with his head tilted downward and his lips pursed shut," Moore observed. "His body language communicates anger and unhappiness and it appears as if he's so consumed by his emotions that he doesn't even realize Hailey is behind him when he slams the door on her."

Hailey, on the other hand, tried to play it cool, seemingly aware that all eyes were on them. It's as if she wasn't fazed at all, but according to Moore, this might just mean she's used to brushing off this kind of behavior. "Interestingly, Hailey exits the car in a relaxed manner with a calm face, her body language indicating that she's not surprised by his behavior and perhaps used to it," she explained. "Based on the couple's body language in this clip, it's possible that when Justin is feeling emotional, he unintentionally ignores Hailey or keeps her at a distance."

There may be a 'big emotional disconnect' between the couple

Hailey Bieber seems to have her emotions in check, but Justin Bieber? Well, Nicole Moore suggests he's a bit of a hot mess compared to his generally chill wife. His feelings are all over the place, and he can't manage them even during trivial activities like playing a game. Case in point: a bonding session at an arcade where Justin threw a fit because Hailey beat him. Seriously, Justin? It's just a game — why the tantrum?

"In this clip, we can't see Hailey but from her tone of voice it appears she's jovial and teasing Justin while he's angry and yelling aggressively at her. It's clear from this clip that there's a big emotional disconnect between Justin and Hailey," Moore pointed out in her chat with Nicki Swift. "Justin appears to be overwhelmed by his anger in this clip as he buries his hands into his face, indicating anger or shame. The fact that Justin is this upset over an arcade game is concerning as it indicates that he may lack emotional control." While Justin might have been joking, it's still pretty alarming how foolishly he acted over a simple game. 

Hailey turns appears to turn a blind eye to Justin's aggressive behavior

Justin Bieber seems utterly unconcerned about how his behavior as a husband comes across. For the umpteenth time, he was caught acting hostile toward Hailey Bieber, even with cameras and fans around. During an outing in Las Vegas in 2021, Justin looked like he was yelling at Hailey while she stayed cool and collected.

"In this clip, Justin's body language once again demonstrates anger and aggressiveness. He's moving his head close to Hailey's as he screams and emphatically moving his hands up and down to prove his point to Hailey," Nicole Moore noted. "Hailey once again demonstrates calmer body language as she walks alongside Justin. She mostly keeps her body and face turned forward and turns her head toward Justin's for just one second as he's screaming at her before turning her face forward again."

According to Moore, this can only mean two things — either Hailey is immune to her husband's antics, or she's grown indifferent. Neither option is exactly a win. Moore pointed out, "Her body language here demonstrates that she either doesn't care that much about what Justin has to say in this moment or she's so used to his outbursts that his aggression in this moment doesn't faze her."

Will Justin's erratic behavior be the downfall of their marriage?

If Justin Bieber continues to let his emotions run wild, it could lead to their marriage failing to last — unless Hailey Bieber keeps enabling him, of course. According to Nicole Moore, the couple's consistent push-and-pull behavior signals underlying tension, with Justin's erratic emotions being the main culprit.

"It's concerning that Justin appears to forget about Hailey sometimes when he's feeling emotional and at other times, he dumps his feelings onto her," Moore explained, adding that it's equally worrying that Hailey appears to be just letting it all slide. "It's also just as concerning that Hailey seems to not react strongly to his behavior as typically one does have a strong emotional response when being ignored or when experiencing aggression from another person."

Being the coolheaded, emotionally strong one in a relationship is usually commendable, but in Hailey's case, it's actually a disadvantage. She simply cannot keep him from making her his emotional punching bag if she wants a healthy, long-lasting marriage. "It might actually be a bad thing as it could indicate that she has become desensitized to Justin's behavior and now she brushes it off or laughs it off as a defense mechanism," Moore said.

Is the couple just really showing a happy facade?

Nicole Moore purports that Justin Bieber's public aggression toward Hailey might also stem from his frustration with constant paparazzi attention. "Many celebrities do experience irritation at being constantly hounded by people and paparazzi and Justin appears to be one of them so it's possible that the reason Hailey doesn't react to his public outbursts is that she knows Justin's aggression is really toward the public and not toward her," Moore said, while also noting that even if this is the case, Justin should be careful not to make his wife the target of his tantrums, especially when she's done nothing wrong. "Either way, it's concerning that Justin doesn't exercise emotional restraint when speaking to Hailey and he appears to unload his emotions on her."

But at the end of the day, what's really alarming is that Justin doesn't seem to have a care in the world that he's being aggressive toward Hailey in a public setting, making it one of the strangest things about their relationship. This alone shatters their picture-perfect social media image. Moore added, "In general, most couples try to behave better in public than they do in private so the fact that Justin has shown aggression towards Hailey so many times in public is concerning and it may mean that things are actually worse than they appear."