Joe Biden's Bizarre Orange Tan Fail Has Everyone Calling Him A Trump Copycat

Donald Trump is known for rocking bizarre orange skin, but his political opponent, President Joe Biden seems to be giving him a run for his money. On July 1, a few days after Trump and Biden participated in their first (and distracting) presidential debate, the latter resurfaced to denounce the Supreme Court's judgment concerning Trump's upcoming insurrection trial, which would give him an added level of presidential immunity. "This nation was founded on the principle that there are no kings in America. Each, each of us is equal before the law," said Biden, per NBC News. "No one, no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States. [With] today's Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity, that fundamentally changed for all practical purposes," he continued.

Although President Biden improved the perception of his public speaking skills with a confident, impassioned speech about the legal precedent the Supreme Court's judgment has set, folks on social media can not get past his interesting appearance. During the video of Biden's speech, which he filmed on the grounds of the White House, he looks considerably tanner than usual and definitely more than he did at the debate at the end of June. Unless Biden spent the past few days recovering from the debate on a tropical island, it's likely that his artificial glow is the result of an artificial tan, or maybe even tinted moisturizer. In any case, social media has dubbed Biden as a Trump copycat.

Social media thinks Joe Biden is taking beauty tips from Donald Trump

Given their starkly different approach to politics, the last thing Joe Biden needs is to be equated with Donald Trump. Yet, social media is having a field day as they credit Biden's orange haze to Trump and his influence. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, tweeted a screenshot of Biden and captioned the post, "Orange man bad," garnering thousands of likes and a pile of commenters waiting to launch their own jokes. "So now they're resorting to spray paint?" tweeted one user. Another suggested Biden could have his own legal problems to contend with in the future. "Trump should sue him over that shade, it's his signature shade," they wrote.

Another user suggested that Biden's orange tan is an attempt to jack some of Trump's mojo. "If you can't beat them join them? Joe Biden goes for the Trump Tan look !!!" they tweeted. Meanwhile, another user tweeted: "[Joe Biden] is so obsessed with [Donald Trump] that he stole his spray tan formula. #Orangebiden." Finally, one observer compared Biden not to Trump, but to an overused Tupperware container. "He looks like a plastic container after you've had spaghetti in it," they tweeted. Unsurprisingly, this clever quip has racked up nearly 2,000 reposts and over 17,000 likes and counting as of this writing.