Cosmetic Dermatologist Tells Us Justin Timberlake's Mugshot Backs The Plastic Surgery Rumors

Justin Timberlake's DWI arrest on June 18, 2024, had everyone talking for several reasons. The arrest was plenty newsworthy in itself, but Timberlake's mugshot also had people wondering whether he had plastic surgery. Among them is board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso, based out of Miami and Beverly Hills. He agrees with many social media users who are convinced his nose looks different. "Justin Timberlake definitely got a nose job," one user wrote on X, previously known as Twitter. 

But rumors that Timberlake had plastic surgery aren't new. Netizens have speculated that the singer had gone under the knife long before his arrest. "Anyone know if Justin Timberlake aged out of the game at 42 or had bad plastic surgery," another X user asked in April 2023, attaching a screenshot from that year's iHeart Awards. One responded that his cheeks looked filled in with Botox. Another agreed. "Fillers? I think something is different around his eyes and his skin is very smooth..." the user wrote.

Others conjectured his facial swelling might have more concerning reasons. "If my friend showed up looking like this I'd fr think they'd been drinking a lot recently and have that talk," the X user wrote. Timberlake isn't the only person in his household to have been subjected to such rumors. People similarly think Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel, has gotten a nose job, fillers, and Botox. In 2018, she denied the latter. Unlike her, Timberlake has remained mum. But Busso exclusively told Nicki Swift what Timberlake may have done. 

Expert believes Justin Timberlake had a nose job and Botox

Social media users aren't the only ones who think Justin Timberlake had cosmetic procedures done to his face. Dr. Mariano Busso believes he had a nose job — and a really good one at that. "Although I am not his doctor, it is evident that he had a surgical rhinoplasty. It is very natural, it doesn't stand out. His nose blends nicely with the rest of his face," he told Nicki Swift. When comparing an old photo to Timberlake's mugshot, Busso also saw evidence of work to improve the appearance of his skin.

"At age 43 you will expect some facial volume loss as well as [wrinkling]. The fact that we can't see any of these signs is suggestive that he has some minor work done (Botox and fillers)," he said. But Busso also pointed out Timberlake likely has a lot of credit for the health of his skin. The pop star has few to no spots and also lacks noticeable wrinkles, suggesting he has done a good job of avoiding unnecessary sun exposure. "He's aged very well since his days in NSYNC," he said.

While Timberlake hasn't addressed his skincare routine publicly, he is known for frequenting the Ole Henriksen Spa in West Hollywood. The famed Danish skin cosmetician revealed Timberlake is loyal to his Walnut Complexion Scrub, which is rubbed on the skin on top of sesame oil. "Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake are fans," Henriksen told British GQ

Justin Timberlake takes his health seriously

The care Dr. Mariano Busso predicted Justin Timberlake puts in his skin also translates to his health in general. JT puts a lot of effort into staying in good shape, and he does that with the help of celebrity trainer Ben Bruno. In March 2024, Bruno shared a clip of Timberlake doing L-sit ring chin-ups while wearing a weight vest and holding a ball between his legs as he prepared for his tour that started the following month.

Bruno was just as impressed as the rest of us. "This is a very, very impressive display of core and upper body strength," he captioned the Instagram post. In October 2023, he shared a clip of Timberlake pressing 440 pounds, a workout that requires both upper- and lower-body strength. Bruno highlighted Timberlake's incredible transformation in just four months. "He's taken his bodyweight from 194 pounds down to 170 while getting significantly stronger, which isn't easy to do," he shared.

But Timberlake's approach to health doesn't stop at the gym. He also pays close attention to what goes into his body. In 2012, he told Bon Appétit that he eats two protein-heavy breakfasts before and after his morning workout and avoids processed foods. However, Timberlake has reportedly struggled with excessive drinking. "It's not a secret. Everyone knows," a source told Page Six. But he had been sober in the months leading up to the arrest as he focused on his health, suggesting he had a relapse.