Body Language Expert Tells Us The Real Priority In Caitlin Clark And Her Boyfriend's Relationship

With Caitlin Clark dominating headlines as one of the WNBA's biggest names, it's easy to overlook the fact that the Indiana Fever star has a life outside of basketball. The University of Iowa alum started seeing her boyfriend Connor McCaffery in April 2023 and the two share a sweet relationship. "One year w the best. doing life w u has been easy, and you never cease to amaze me. can't wait to watch u live out ur dreams in person. love you," McCaffery shared on Instagram on April 24. Clark penned her own tribute to her boyfriend and wrote, "one year of the best mems w my fav person. you make everyday better and I can't wait for many more adventures together ... love you."

Their relationship isn't all puppies and rainbows though. Both Clark and McCaffery have to deal with the basketball star's rising fame, along with each of their busy schedules. While there's no obvious friction between the two, Nicole Moore, celebrity love coach and body language expert carefully studied their interactions and exclusively shared with Nicki Swift what she thinks of their relationship. She believes that Clark is clearly in love with McCaffery, but nothing is going to come between No. 22 and her game.

Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery are focused on their careers

Caitlin Clark just began her professional basketball career with a disappointing WNBA salary, but her boyfriend Connor McCaffery has been in the business since 2023 as a team assistant for the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately, that means he can't always be there for Clark's events. When asked by a reporter if McCaffery will be cheering her on during a game, Clark responded, "Uh, no. He's working. I'm flying solo." She shrugged and added, "I better get used to it, man. I'm going to be pro. It's my job." According to Nicole Moore, Clark's slight grimace while she leaned back when answering the question showed disappointment at McCaffery not being there. However, Moore stated, "She accepts it and pushes any feelings of discomfort down, preferring to be understanding and supportive of her boyfriend instead."

Despite looking bummed for a split second, Clark put a positive spin on "flying solo" and pumped herself up. The relationship expert noted her confident spirit and shared, "It appears as if the couple is close and connected when they do spend time with each other, but they're also independent people who really respect each other's professional ambitions."

Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery's body language show that they are very close

Fans of Caitlin Clark are used to seeing her tearing it up on the basketball court but in a heartwarming moment caught on camera (below), she was seen sitting on the sidelines with her beau Connor McCaffery. The two cuddled up as a smiling Clark whispered something to McCaffery while he leaned in to listen. Body language expert Nicole Moore told Nicki Swift, "In this clip, it's clear that Caitlin and Connor absolutely adore each other. The couple is seated with their arms leaning over each other, indicating a desire to be close and they look into each other's eyes after joking with each other to check on the other person's reaction which is a sign that these two really enjoy sharing intimacy and connection."


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Throughout the video, both Clark and McCaffery laugh at each other's comments while always maintaining body contact. Moore noted that the two mirror each other's hand movements, which shows their deep bond and connection. She also pointed out, "While [Clark's] chatting with Connor, she looks at him with a beaming smile and eyes of adoration, it's clear that she's absolutely smitten with him."

Caitlin Clark will always have her eyes on the prize

With Caitlin Clark, there's a time for work and a time for play — even when she's with her boyfriend Connor McCaffery. A clip shared on TikTok showed the Indiana Pacers' assistant helping the Indiana Fever player practice her game, and it was all business between them. Nicole Moore shared with Nicki Swift, "It's clear that although Caitlin loves her boyfriend, she doesn't put him above her career. As Connor helps Caitlin practice basketball, he does so in a businesslike manner with no signs of flirting or intimacy." While watching the clip, you wouldn't know that Clark and McCaffery are in a relationship, which indicates the two know when it's time to put their personal feelings aside and respect Clark's practice time, Moore stated.

The celebrity love coach also noted, "Caitlin points instructions to her boyfriend in a very no-nonsense way, indicating that when she's playing basketball, she's really focused on the game and not on her relationship with her boyfriend."

When looking at Clark's body language with McCaffery as a whole, Moore believes they're both clearly in love, but the WNBA star isn't letting her relationship define her. She shared, "From their body language, it appears that this couple is ok with Caitlin putting her career first and the relationship second perhaps because they are so secure in the strong connection that they have." If fans are looking for couple goals, Clark and McCaffery are definitely it.