Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Has A Shady Take On Her Marriage To Joe

Many Americans believe the Democratic Party should replace Joe Biden after his performance against Donald Trump at the June 27 debate. That includes Jill Biden's ex-husband, Bill Stevenson. He didn't stop there. Stevenson went so far as to blame his ex-wife for her reported role in encouraging Joe to stay in the race. But those who know the Delaware businessman shouldn't be surprised. Stevenson, a Trump supporter, is a longtime critic of the president and his family.

In August 2020, days before Joe became the Democratic candidate in that year's presidential election, Jill's ex-husband made the scathing claim that her and Joe's relationship started out as an affair. According to Stevenson, the official story that Joe and Jill met on a blind date in 1975 is untrue. Instead, they met when Jill and Stevenson worked on his Senate campaign in 1972. "I don't want to hurt anyone," he told the Daily Mail. "But facts are facts and what happened, happened." The Bidens didn't comment on Stevenson's claims.

Later, Stevenson contended Joe's family tried to use its influence to intimidate him during his and Jill's divorce. "Frankie Biden of the Biden crime family comes up to me and he goes, 'Give her the house or you're going to have serious problems,'" he told Newsmax in 2023, referring to Joe's brother and a beach property he owned under his company's name. While Stevenson has often criticized Joe, he generally has positive things to say about Jill. This time, he didn't spare her.

Bill Stevenson doesn't 'recognize' Jill Biden anymore

Even though he didn't care for Joe Biden, Bill Stevenson supported Jill Biden's hope to fill the first lady position. In the Daily Mail interview, he expressed complete faith in her abilities to help lead the country. But Jill's ex didn't like the transformation he watched her undergo during her time in the White House. "The Dr. Jill Biden who I've seen on TV in the last five years is not the same person I married or that I recognize in any way," he told the New York Post in June 2024. "She's matriculated into a completely different woman."

Like 60% of U.S. voters, Stevenson believes Joe demonstrated he isn't fit to run for office. After watching the debate, he became convinced the president has lost considerable mental fitness throughout his term. "Look, I'm not a doctor or a psychiatrist but yeah, I felt he lost a step three or four years ago. Now I think it's more like a couple of steps," he said. But he can't sympathize, as he still resents the president for what went down during his divorce. "He did some horrible things to me and my family," he said.

Following the debate backlash and calls for Joe to end his re-election bid, Jill became one of his strongest defenders. "[We] will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he's been president," she told Vogue for her July 2024 cover story. "We will continue to fight."

Bill Stevenson accused Joe Biden of stealing his anecdote

Bill Stevenson doesn't only harbor hard feelings against Joe Biden over the supposed intimidation he suffered during the divorce trial. He had gotten bad vibes from Joe even when he was supporting his Senate campaign. His feelings became exacerbated when the then-candidate used an anecdote just hours after hearing it from Stevenson, he told the New York Post in 2023. While running in 1972, Joe stopped by the bar and music hall Stevenson owned.

While they talked, Stevenson shared a story from his days playing football in prep school. Joe supposedly found the anecdote so funny that he passed it off as his own when he met the bar's bouncers, who were all football players, two hours later. "I just stared at him in shock," Stevenson said. "He just acted like it was his own story." Stevenson tried to let it go. "I just told myself, 'This must be what politicians are like,'" he said.

But as time went on and he got to know Joe better, the more Stevenson believed the stolen anecdote was part of a bigger trend. His vision of him changed. "It makes me cringe every time he calls Trump a liar, because I'm telling you right now, there is no better liar than President Biden," Stevenson said in the 2024 New York Post interview. "He's just a bad person. I'm probably one of the few people outside his family who has known him for 50 years."