Who Is Jamie Foxx's Mystery Woman, Sela Vave?

Jamie Foxx made headlines when he was spotted leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood holding the hand of a woman named Sela Vave in late August 2019. Wait, what happened to his longtime on-and-off girlfriendKatie Holmes? Apparently, the Dawson's Creek alum was too busy smiling while walking around New York City to really care. Holmes and Foxx — who reportedly began quietly dating in 2013 — supposedly started having relationship problems around Memorial Day weekend of 2019, according to sources cited by Page Six

While it's remained unclear who actually pulled the plug on their low-key romance, the former couple's apparent split has left us all wondering: who is Foxx's new mystery woman? Singer-actress-model Vave is a recent high school graduate who made the trek from Utah to Los Angeles in July 2019 to start a career in showbiz (but more on this below). If Instagram is correct, Foxx has since taken this star-in-training under his wing ... and to Disneyland. Is their connection just a working mentorship or is something else going on behind the scenes?

Here's everything we know about Sela Vave.

Sela Vave's a small town girl

Sela Vave might reside in Los Angeles, but she's a small town girl at heart. People reports that the aspiring singer reportedly attended Providence Hall High School in Herriman, Utah, where she graduated in 2018. In other words, rumors have suggested that the 51-year-old Foxx might be romantically entangled with someone who probably still has their prom photos as a Facebook profile picture. But as the late Hugh Hefner proved more than once, there's no age limit on love. There may be an age limit on potential prom dates, however, and it's worth mentioning that Vave is a couple years younger than Foxx's own daughter.

Vave, who's slightly taller than Foxx at 5'11", reportedly played forward on her high school's varsity basketball team. In the 2015-2016 season, they were ranked 114th in Utah overall and 15,440th nationally. But hey, at least she was probably having fun? On her Facebook profile, this multi-talent does note that she loves sports.

Jamie Foxx's mystery woman wants to become a singer

The life of Sela Vave could very well become the plot of a feel-good, coming-of-age blockbuster. As previously mentioned, the future star shipped out of her hometown to pursue her Hollywood dreams in the City of Angels. In a joint interview with Jamie Foxx on Power 106 Los Angeles in July 2019, the aspiring singer revealed that she'd been doing music "forever" and that "a lot has been happening" really quickly ever since her big move. Her mom even took the 10-hour drive to drop off her car and some of her clothes. 

Vave told the radio show that she's always wanted to be a singer, and it seems like Foxx has taken her under his wing. We can trace her music career all the way back to what appears to be some sort of school talent show. The future star sang a cover of Jason Mraz's famed "I'm Yours" during her school days, but now she's brushing elbows with the big leagues (just look at her Instagram photo with the Black Eyed Peas and the legendary Run-DMC). Vave also released a single called "Another Broken Heart" in 2016 and the '90s R&B-tinged track "All the Time" two years later. As of this writing, she is currently working on her debut album with Foxx (no big deal).

Vave is a working model and actress

Sela Vave has a lot more talent than just singing. The star-in-the-making cultivated her modelling chops in her home state and actually landed some pretty good campaigns. According to her Facebook account, the singer-model signed to the Salt Lake City-based agency, Talent Management Group, Inc., in 2014, walked in Utah Fashion Week two years later, and has since become a face (or hand) for Enso Rings, which makes silicone alternatives to metal rings and wedding bands. 

According to an Instagram post from February 2019, Vave might also be a #NovaBabe, but the kind who actually get paid for it. She appeared in a sultry shoot for the Fashion Nova brand, but it's not her first. It looks like the model has also done shoots for Forever 21, where she posed in an arcade while donning vintage-inspired duds, and Kylie Jenner's own Kylie Cosmetics, where she promoted a lipstick.

However, Foxx's protégé doesn't only work in the world of fashion. Vave appeared in advertisements for Yoplait Yogurt and the incredibly underrated Hi-Chew (seriously, why does no one talk about this candy?). More recently, this multi-talent jumped into the world of acting. According to IMDb, she had two small cameos in the flick An Hour Behind and on the series Relationship Status in 2017. Geez, what can't she do?

Sela Vave calls Snoop Dogg her uncle

Snoop Dogg has a knack for forming unlikely friendships. The rapper famously became BFFs with Martha Stewart, which we suppose makes some sense considering they're both wildly affluent and have had unfortunate run-ins with the law. What doesn't someone accused (and acquitted) of murder have to talk about with a convicted conspirator? But we digress, because it looks like Snoop Dogg has a new friend to take to Martha Stewart's annual white sale: Sela Vave. 

In a video posted to Facebook in April 2019, Vave calls Snoop her "favorite uncle." Meanwhile, Uncle Dogg seems excited for his niece's triumphant arrival to LA. "And you're coming to LA soon, so you can blow up and show up," he said. According to the post, the pair hung out during that Easter weekend — an old-fashioned family holiday. It's not clear how exactly Vave knows the rap icon, but it seems like they might have met backstage somewhere or at a recording studio. We're crossing our fingers for a collab.

This mystery woman's Beyoncé cover won over Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx didn't say exactly where he met Sela Vave, but he did admit that he just had a "feeling" about her career potential from the get-go. "You can't question that feeling," he told Power 106 Los Angeles in July 2019, before adding that the star-in-training is "really going to make some noise." We believe it!

Foxx was immediately taken by Vave from the moment she walked through the door (she is, after all, really, really beautiful). He felt like he had to meet her, but told the radio show that the people he was with didn't want him to introduce himself for "whatever reason." Of course, they did eventually link up, but it was her quiet, controlled playing (a rare talent, according to Foxx) that really blew him away.

"When I meet her, next thing you know, I come out, she's sitting on my stairs with an acoustic guitar singing a broken down version of Beyoncé," he continued, adding, "And you know what was crazy? She wasn't trying to be Fantasia [Barrino] or Whitney Houston. She was quiet. You know how hard it is to play the guitar and be quiet?"

Sela Vave's been linked to Foxx since June 2019

Sela Vave was introduced to the mass public when TMZ spotted her holding hands with Jamie Foxx in West Hollywood in August 2019. Of course, this was before the actor-singer's breakup from longtime girlfriend (and former Tom Cruise concubine) Katie Holmes came to light. In the world of tabloids, that appears to be pretty scandalous — but in the actual world of real-life humans, the former couple had apparently been broken up for months.

Somehow, Vave managed to slide under our radar despite publicly hanging around Foxx since at least June of that year. She appeared to attend Foxx's BET Awards after-party and seemed quite strategic about not posting anything that could distinctly allude to an alleged romance. The only post that hinted at something was their joint Instagram debut. "I am so grateful to this man!" Vave captioned the pics. "Thank you so much [Jamie Foxx] for everything you do and for believing in me."

Since then, Vave has posted photos from the pair's July trip to Disneyland and uploaded a group photo with the Django Unchained actor in the Hamptons in August. That same month, she shared an Instagram Story alongside the movie star from Lil Pump's birthday party, according to Page Six. Apparently, Foxx is not the type of guy who's going to jump up on a couch and profess his love, because whatever this whole thing might be, it has been kept wildly under wraps.

Are those Foxx-Vave romance rumors totally false?

Publicly holding hands is a big step; but perhaps Jamie Foxx was merely guiding Sela Vave like a daughter. After all, you don't really have to navigate through walls of paparazzi in Utah. In fact, Vave isn't the only mystery woman Foxx has been linked to in 2019. According to In Touch, he was previously spotted leaving celeb hot spot Mr. Chow with a mystery brunette that May. The pair hugged before parting ways, so this might have just been a friendly meeting ... but leave it to the tabloids to jump at hinting at a romance. 

While it seemed unlikely that we'd get any clarification about his situation with Vave — who's reportedly moved in with Foxx — he later took to his Instagram Live to deny the hearsay. Explaining that he was simply "escorting her to my car" during the hand-holding incident seen around the world, Foxx told fans that there's no "ulterior motive" and that "she's been brought into the family, she works hard and she's a beautiful singer" (via Us Weekly). While reposting the clip, Vave wrote, "For the people who care... here is the TRUE story." She added, "For everyone else you can keep talking and calling me a whore, slut, home wrecker, thot, gold digger, that I should die, and what ever else you want. Because it doesn't matter to me, I'm out here to work and do what I love most."