The Real Reason Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Broke Up

Say it isn't so! Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have supposedly been together (in some way) since 2013, but after finally going public for the first time at the 2019 Met Gala in May, rumor has it they've split. Say what? The news has shocked fans, who were super stoked about finally seeing this elusive Hollywood power couple holding hands — in coordinating purple outfits, to boot! Is there really a rift between the Oscar-winning actor and the Dawson's Creek starlet, or could this be their way of shifting their relationship back to the shadows? What's up with all that chatter about another woman vying for Foxx's affection?

Like most details about Foxx and Holmes' dynamic, the gossip is off the charts, but we'll help you sort through it all as we dig into the real reasons Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes allegedly broke up.

Who pulled the plug?

Katie Holmes was all smiles at the Met Gala in May 2019 with her long-rumored beau, Jamie Foxx, by her side. In fact, these two were even styled in matching purple ensembles by designer Zac Posen, who gleefully posted photos and videos of the duo having fun together at the gala. According to People, that big night marked the first time the Hollywood heavy-hitters had posed together at a public event — and so, of course, the public lost its collective mind. What did this mean? A pending engagement? Wedding bells? Dozens of children? Woah, woah, woah ... not so fast.

According to E! News, Holmes and Foxx split that very same month! Page Six reported in August 2019, that Holmes was overheard at a dinner with friends saying she and the Beat Shazam host "haven't been together for months." A source told Us Weekly the Dawson's Creek actress was the one to pull the plug on the clandestine romance. Reps for neither Holmes nor Foxx have confirmed nor denied reports of a breakup at the time of this writing. That's par for the course for this mysterious couple, but it hasn't stopped fans and gadflies from clamoring for details and spilling tea all over the internet. Care for a sip? Here we go...

Did Katie Holmes get sick of Jamie Foxx's alleged wandering eye?

News of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' supposed breakup blew up when Foxx was spotted holding hands with another woman, singer Sela Vave, in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Holmes was photographed on a stroll in the Big Apple "looking like she didn't have a care in the world," according to TMZ. While this was the first time Foxx and Vave were snapped looking so cozy, the comedian-turned-A-list-actor has popped up in her social media feeds before. However, a source told People that Foxx is simply helping Vave kickstart a music career, and that they're just platonic pals.

Vave isn't the only other woman whose name has been tossed into the mix with Foxx and Holmes. A source told Radar Online in September 2017 that Foxx was seeing another woman who "was Russian and much younger than him" while also dating Holmes, claiming that Holmes "narrowly missed" encountering that woman at least once. In June 2016, Radar Online also published photos that appear to show Foxx in Miami holding hands with a blonde woman whom he reportedly took back to his hotel room. That alleged hookup supposedly went down while Holmes was in Canada filming The Kennedys: After Camelot.

Jamie Foxx may have been averse to commitment

Insiders say that while Katie Holmes was smitten with Jamie Foxx, but he couldn't commit to her completely. The actor reportedly didn't want to get married or even necessarily be exclusive. An insider told Radar Online that Foxx wanted an open relationship with Holmes. "He's ducked this issue for years, but finally figured it was the right thing to put Katie out of her misery and tell her where she stands. The fact is, Jamie's never going to be a one-woman guy and as much as he digs her, Katie's not marriage material in his eyes."

The source claimed Foxx wanted to keep seeing Holmes and other women and encouraged her to date around as well. An insider told Us Weekly that the Django Unchained star was also having a tough time reconciling his affection for Holmes with the pressing needs of his ambitious career. "He's been so busy with movies and all of his other businesses that he knows he can't be a good boyfriend to her, [but] he brings a lot of joy into her life and he's happy with Katie," the source said. "He would never want to hurt her..."

When did Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's romance plateau?

Entertainment Tonight reported that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes first sparked romance chatter in August 2013, when they were spotted dancing together at a charity event — but Foxx denied the rumors. Holmes and Foxx weren't spotted together again until March 2015, when Us Weekly published photos of Foxx and Holmes holding hands. A source gushed at the time, "Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with. She's getting everything from Jamie that she didn't get with Tom [Cruise, Holmes' ex-husband]." The insider also claimed that Foxx was referring to Holmes as "[his] girl."

By September 2017, an insider dished to Us Weekly that the couple had started as a fling but was "very, very serious." In fact, the whatever-it-was was significant enough for their respective kids to meet. A spy told Radar Online that Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise, and Foxx's daughter, Corinne Foxx, enjoyed a girls' day out together. Sources also told Us Weekly that Holmes didn't care that Foxx wouldn't settle down, claiming she was "infatuated" with him and content to continue their relationship even if an engagement was never going to be in the cards. Based on that speculation, this private partnership may have plateaued years ago.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were doing the long-distance thingie Holmes in the same room?

Sources told InTouch that while Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were together for years as a couple, they weren't physically together that much because they lived on opposite coasts. "Katie and Jamie's relationship has been long distance. He's been living in L.A. full time and she's been in New York," an insider dished. "It's been this way on and off for years, and Katie's always had a hard time with it." But it wasn't just the miles between them that potentially caused problems. 

The source also claimed that Holmes didn't trust Foxx when they were apart, so she allegedly gave him an ultimatum: Move to the Big Apple or beat it. He reportedly chose the latter, but it may have been for the best, as insiders told the tab that the couple allegedly argued about his penchant for partying for years. "He refuses to leave his hometown so she called it a day," a source said. "They've been on and off for a while, but Jamie always manages to talk Katie into giving him another chance. Friends are hoping that she doesn't take him back this time around."

Their connection was top-secret

Even this couple's inner circle isn't privy to details about their dynamic. "Jamie is still not open about his relationship to many of his friends," a source told Us Weekly in September 2017. "Everyone knows they're together ... but it's still unspoken." Despite Foxx clearly not wanting to jump on sofas and proclaim his love for Holmes, an insider said, "[It's] been obvious [that] he had someone special in his life for a very long time."

The only celeb who openly discussed Foxx and Holmes' status was The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan, who got loose-lipped on a podcast in 2016. According to E! News, the reality star said Foxx was "very happy with" Holmes. However, the very next day, Jordan backtracked to Entertainment Tonight, stammering in a statement: "I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I've never seen them together. He's never told me he's dating her. ... I don't have the knowledge of this being fact. I don't. I misspoke."

In February 2019, Foxx reportedly told an Oscars party crowd that he was "single." However, after the couple appeared relaxed and very much together at the 2019 Met Gala, a source told E! News that hiding their relationship had become a "burden" and that they felt "a lot more free to just go out and do normal things."

Did Tom Cruise force Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx into hiding?

Conspiracy alert: Some reports claim the reason Katie Holmes went from a hyper-public marriage with Tom Cruise to a super-private romance with Jamie Foxx is because her divorce agreement with Cruise, finalized in 2012, prohibited her from flaunting a new man. A source told Radar Online that Holmes had clauses in her divorce settlement that "[prevented' her from embarrassing [Cruise]," barred her from discussing him or the Church of Scientology, and blocked her from "publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce."

"Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms — and got $4.8 million in child support, plus another $5 million for herself," a source told the tab, adding that if she broke the terms of the agreement, she'd forfeit her payout. Other reports claimed Holmes wanted to go public with Foxx as early as 2016, but it wasn't until September 2017 — right at that five-year mark — that the couple just so happened to be photographed holding hands on a beach in Malibu.

It may not be totally over for Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Entertainment Tonight reported that due to the on-again-off-again nature of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes' relationship, a reconciliation isn't out of the cards for these two. "They never had a typical relationship," an insider dished. "They have always been incredibly independent and their lives didn't revolve around each other. They lived separately and in different cities and saw each other occasionally."

While Foxx and Holmes clearly have a powerful connection, the source claimed that neither celeb wanted to completely disrupt their respective family lives or their "careers and obligations" to make a major relationship commitment. People sang a similar tune in April 2019, when the pair was plagued by rumors about a split. As one source put it: "When they can spend time together, they do. When they're busy and they can't, they don't. They are two adults who enjoy each other's company and have for a long time."