Jamie Foxx Admits It's Not Easy Dating At 49


The Baby Driver actor doesn't find dating to be as easy as it used to be.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Jamie Foxx opened up about the trouble with dating at 49 years old, relating a really awkward moment as an example. "It's tough out there. ... I am getting older but people think I am younger," he told host Graham Norton. Describing a group of girls pulling up to a club and yelling his name, Foxx said he reacted by saying, "”Hey, what's up?'"

But the response he received was not what he expected. "'We go to school with your daughter!'" he recalled the girls shouting.

"You have to be so careful," he warned.

According Foxx, some women even find his older age to be, well, scary. "When I told them how old I was, you would have thought I told them I had a terminal disease," he joked.

And while Foxx implies that he's single throughout the interview, he has been romantically linked to one Hollywood starlet over the years: Katie Holmes. The two have kept quiet about their rumored relationship, and, despite suspected rough patches, they've reportedly gotten serious in recent months.

Foxx and Holmes may not have confirmed a relationship, but we're still rooting for their romance!