The Reason Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath Is Ending

In an August 14, 2019, interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress and activist Leah Remini explains why she is ending her A&E Emmy-winning docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath after just 36 episodes

During the show's three-season run, Remini and fellow Scientology defector Mike Rinder, alleged many dark secrets about the the Church of Scientology and gave viewers first-hand accounts of the controversial organization's alleged systematic harassment and abuse of their perceived enemies.

Remini admitted that they didn't plan to do more than two seasons, because she hoped the show's first "six or eight episodes" would've been enough for the federal authorities to crack down on the church. That didn't happen. What happened instead was that people came forward with their stories and Remini and the network felt they "had to tell them."

And although the series pulled back the curtain to expose Scientology's alleged practices to the world, Remini said the forum of television could only take her message so far. "We're going down another avenue that we feel will bring real justice to victims of Scientology, but also prevent it from happening in the future — particularly with children."

However, don't expect the former King Of Queens star, who became a member at just nine years old, to tip her hand or present the media with a PowerPoint presentation on her new plan of attack. "I'm not dumb enough to give Scientology a heads up on what we're planning exactly." 

If Remini's comments on her future are any indication, the Church of Scientology should be preparing for a fight. "I want to focus on protecting future victims. We've done our job," she concluded. "The public is seeing what a truly evil organization it is. It's not about religious beliefs. They can believe whatever the f*** they want. But they can't just do whatever the f*** they want — because that's what they've been doing."