The Real Reason Jamie Dornan Has No Nude Scenes In The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trilogy

Jamie Dornan told Elle in a February 2018 interview that rumors that he'd been offered an extra $1 million to film nude scenes for Fifty Shades Freed were false, joking that it was "actually $30 million — to show one testicle." As it turns out, he may have never refused to be naked onscreen at all.

"I don't know if I said I wouldn't," he explained, noting that viewers saw a lot of co-star Dakota Johnson's breasts as well as his own bare behind. "I just thought, 'We don't need to be flashing the rest if it's not essential to the story.' We're not making porn, as much as people think we are."

In the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy of films, Dornan says he wore a "modesty pouch," and to hear him tell it, he likely would have rather actually been naked.

"You're sort of presented with a few options and sizes. They're all skin-colored — but, like, if you'd gotten jaundice. That color. Like an ill person," he told Elle. "I picked one out. Everyone had left the room. As I was putting it on, I saw a little label stitched inside. It said, 'Inmate No. 3.'" 

Dornan said he thought it'd been used, adding, "I very nearly puked. As my genitals came to a rest at the bottom of this thing, I thought, 'Someone has worn this.' I actually called the wardrobe assistant. I was like, 'Dude, what the f***? This is secondhand?' He said, 'No, trust me.' But he lost my trust."

In fact, Fifty Shades Freed director James Foley told Entertainment Tonight that Dornan actually did film some full-frontal nude scenes, but they just didn't make sense within the story and were left out of the movie's final cut.

"[Dornan and I] never talked about [using full-frontal nudity]. But in the final cut, I'm being totally honest, it just didn't come off ... Full frontal would have been a kind of deliberate cut, to see that for no reason," Foley said. "There's plenty of dailies where he's on, but it just didn't make the final cut for dramatic reasons."

Jamie Dornan himself echoed the sentiment to Entertainment Tonight, explaining, "I feel like if it serves a story to see more, then I am all for it. If I don't think it adds anything or I don't deem it to be necessary to move the story along, then I don't think you need to see that part of me, or that part of Dakota. It just becomes sort of gratuitous if we don't need it."

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