Where Does Kendall Jenner Live And How Big Is Her House?

Of all the KarJenners, Kendall Jenner is probably the most difficult one to keep up with. That's because the highly sought-after model is notoriously super private. And maybe her desire to not want every detail of her life broadcast is what makes her the most normal member of her family. However, her attempts to keep her life under wraps haven't prevented some seriously scary situations. 

Back in 2016, Jenner was targeted by an alleged stalker at her then-home in Los Angeles. According to USA Today, Shavaughn McKenzie followed the supermodel's car into her driveway and banged on her vehicle window. Jenner immediately called the police on McKenzie. As Nicki Swift previously reported, when she testified against him, the supermodel described being "traumatized" and "terrified." According to the Los Angeles Times, McKenzie was acquitted on the stalking charge, but found guilty of trespassing. In March 2017, the same home was burglarized with Jenner being robbed of about $200,000 in jewelry. After the string of scary events, Jenner sold her West Hollywood home in August 2017. So where is she living now? 

Kendall Jenner gets a 90210 zip code

Beverly Hills, that's where Kendall Jenner wants to be. In October 2017, the 23-year-old dropped nearly $9 million for a house in Beverly Hills (guess it helps to be one of the highest paid models in the world). The house previously belonged to Charlie Sheen. Definitely a house that has absolutely no bad luck associated with it, right? Anyway, the super casual purchase bought her a five-bed, six-bath home, according to Trulia. Former residents of the neighborhood include DJ Khaled and Christina Aguilera — also super casual. 

The Spanish-style home was built in 1991, but Jenner is making sure to put her own special twist on the interior with decor like Marilyn Monroe prints and "minimalistic vases" (per Architectural Digest). And it seems like big sis Kourtney Kardashian definitely approves of Kendall's interior design skills. In keeping with her desire for privacy, Jenner hasn't shared too many pictures from inside her home (save from the occasional mirror selfie). Peeks inside might be few and far between, but the views from the outside, and pictures of what the property looked like under former ownership are absolutely stunning.

Kendall Jenner is living large

Kendall Jenner's home checks in at a whopping 6,625 square feet. If she wants to avoid the paparazzi, she really never has to leave her home ever again. According to Architectural Digest, the property is home to a movie theater, office, family room, and fully-equipped kitchen with a large center island. If she gets tired of all of the amenities inside, outside she can enjoy her personal swimming pool, spa, fire pit, tennis court, and if any of her millions of nieces and nephews decide to swing by, there is also a giant playground. If Kourtney Kardashian's playhouse for her kids is any indication of the grandeur of KarJenner play areas, we can only imagine what Kendall's looks like. 

At this point, it seems the only chance we have of getting a better look at the way the other half lives is if Kendall lets Scott Disick come "flip" her house. Kris Jenner can you make this a thing? Please and thanks. 

Wonder how Kendall and the other KarJenners can afford all this luxury? Wonder no more