The Truth About Chanel West Coast And Rob Dyrdek's Relationship

Chanel West Coast (a.k.a. Chelsea Chanel Dudley) first met former pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek just before he cast her on his MTV reality show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. The show, which ran from 2009 through 2015 and followed Dyrdek and West Coast through several inventive business schemes, helped launched West Coast to fame. Fans fell in love with her flamboyant sense of style, her chipper personality, and her one-of-a-kind laugh. (She once listed one of her jobs as "Professional Laugher" on Instagram). 

For West Coast, who is also a rapper, Fantasy Factory could have helped catapult her into musical stardom and an even higher net worth. The show instead helped cement West Coast's reputation as an Instagram celeb (she has 3.4 million followers) and as a reality show persona. 

And while Fantasy Factory was just the start of Chanel West Coast's career, it was also just the start of her relationship with Rob Dyrdek. The pair, who shared a winning on-screen chemistry, went on to collaborate on other projects. 

Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek co-hosted Ridiculousness

Rob Dyrdek began production for his show Ridiculousness long before Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory was coming to a close. The series clearly sparked both a friendship and business relationship between Chanel West Coast and Dyrdek, because they continued to work together on Ridiculousnesswhich has featured funny, silly, and over-the-top videos from the Internet. The show premiered in 2011, when West Coast was at the height of her fame from Fantasy Factory. 

On Ridiculousness, West Coast and Dyrdek often razz one another. In fact, Dyrdek often teases West Coast with jokes that have a sexual innuendo, though the two are not dating in real life (Dyrdek has been happily married to Briyana Noelle Flores since 2015). One segment of Ridiculousness featured Dyrdek sharing words and phrases that pertained to online videos and making West Coast guess their meaning. With phrases like "Happy Box" and "Fun Punishment," it's no surprise that hilarity ensued.

Chanel West Coast still gets inspired by Rob Dyrdek

It's no secret that Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek have a fun friendship that we see onscreen in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, but the pair also make time to hang out behind the scenes, too. After the success of Ridiculousness, West Coast launched her own clothing line, called LOL Cartel. When it came to finding inspiration for her chill, California- and stoner-themed duds, West Coast turned to her longtime collaborator. 

The clothing line, which features all unisex threads, is geared toward hippies, skateboarders, and other people who enjoy a chill, laid back lifestyle. On Instagram, West Coast shares images and videos from LOL Cartel that depict skateboarders cruising through Venice Beach and Los Angeles. After collaborating with Dyrdek for so long, it's no surprise that West Coast found inspiration from the former skateboarder when it came to this marketing venture. Chances are good these two friends will keep collaborating for years to come.

Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek met thanks to MySpace

These days, aspiring artists might use Twitter and Instagram — or even Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok — to catch the attention of influential people. But years ago, there was another pioneering social media platform that paved the way for online networking: MySpace. Do you remember MySpace?! Chanel West Coast certainly does thanks to the fact that it once played an important role in her life and led to her longtime gig alongside Rob Dyrdek.

While chatting with No Jumper in September 2019, West Coast revealed how she first connected with Dyrdek, who had already become famous due to his duo status as a professional skateboarder and MTV star. "I randomly met Rob Dyrdek through MySpace," she said, before explaining how she actually found him on what we now consider to be old school social media.

"So basically, I would go and I would add all the top artists on MySpace, and then I would add all their top friends. I figured it was like they might have a manager, somebody important in their top friends," West Coast explained. Saying that she followed someone else in the entertainment sphere, Dyrdek was among their top friends, so she added him along with other "skater homies," who eventually introduced her directly to her future professional peer.

It's apparently Rob Dyrdek's goal to 'humiliate' Chanel West Coast

Do you love to laugh while watching Rob Dyrdek's shows, Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness? Be honest: Are you often laughing at the antics that create hilarious results at the expense of Chanel West Coast? If so, you're certainly not alone, which is why it's become a tried and true formula of the host's onscreen actions.

Frankly, according to the network behind the shows, Dyrdek has "made it his personal mission to make [West Coast] squirm, giggle, and get so red in the face she could conceivably be confused for a fire hydrant" (via MTV News). If you've watched these shows, then you've definitely seen it happen. "And though Chanel can usually take it on the chin and laugh off her many shame-pangs, Rob hasn't been any less heartened in his quest to get her flustered."

For instance, Dyrdek has "used Chanel as a cannonball," "entered Chanel in a beauty pageant that featured children," and "hired a hypnotist to make Chanel funnier." Yeah, it's been a rough, "humiliating" ride for West Coast, who is apparently willing to put up with a lot. It's a good thing that she's one tough (and totally tolerant, not to mention incredibly forgiving?) lady.

Rob Dyrdek is willing to support Chanel West Coast's music career

Along with being a star on MTV, Chanel West Coast is a rapper who's released songs like "Anchors," "New Bae," and "Sharon Stoned" (which sparked a lawsuit from the star that the song was inspired by — ouch!). While Rob Dyrdek is obviously a fan of West Coast's onscreen talents, she told NUVOtv in 2014 that when they first met, he told her he was a fan of her music.

That's perhaps why Dyrdek has since used his show to help promote her tunes. In November 2019, West Coast took to Instagram to write, "Thank you @mtv @robdyrdek and @ridiculousness for playing my #Anchors music video during tonights episode!" West Coast's followers seemed to be into what they heard, leaving plenty of positive comments, like one person who wrote, "THANK YOU for being so beautiful, AMAZING, And TALENTED," while another fan added, "I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS JAM!!!!" We wonder if Dyrdek feels the same way.

These MTV stars supported a charitable initiative together

While Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek usually spend their time on TV acting like silly, scrappy siblings, they're also willing to team up for a serious initiative when the opportunity arises to use their influence in a positive nature.

For instance, Dyrdek hopped onto Instagram in May 2020, and wrote, "Hey guys, I've accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE. With your donation, you are entering to win the opportunity to be on an episode of Ridiculousness featuring YOU as our guest, sitting alongside @steelobrim and @chanelwestcoast!" He added that "100% of the proceeds will be donated to those in need."

If you're curious about the kind charitable cause that West Coast and Dyrdek would get behind, the All In Challenge "aims to be the world's largest digital fundraiser in history by raising tens of millions of dollars to feed those in need." That definitely sounds like an endeavor that's worthy of the efforts of two popular television personalities.

Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek were almost neighbors

Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek see each other pretty darn often thanks to the fact that they work on TV together, which is why they might feel the need for a little bit of distance when it comes to where they live. However, they were almost neighbors.

Back in 2019, West Coast bought herself a $1.65 million, 2,600-square-foot, three bed, and 3.5 bath house in the "close-knit" Los Angeles, Calif. neighborhood of Hollywood Dell in the eastern side of the Hollywood Hills, according to Variety. The "contemporary home" dates back to 1954, but was "radically renovated in 2018." These days, West Coast can enjoy "an open-concept living area with grey hardwood floors," a kitchen with "white-oak cabinetry and high-end appliances," as well as the master suite, which boasts her very own private balcony. Outside, the star can lounge in the "terraced, fully landscaped backyard."

As for Dyrdek, he sold his own Hollywood Hills home in 2016 for $3.575 million. The Los Angeles Times notes that for that price, the buyer nabbed themselves a "3,733-square-foot home, built in 1977." Another residence that received a modern update, the remodel "was designed for indoor-outdoor living and features doors that open from nearly every room to a backyard swimming pool and patio area." Dyrdek and his family of four later moved into a Beverly Hills house in 2019. It cost him $6 million, per Dirt, and puts them "in an exclusive enclave overflowing with other famous residents" (just not Chanel West Coast).