What Happened To Matt And Caitlin From Love After Lockup?

We first met Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frazier on Love After Lockup just as Matt was ready to get out of jail on charges of possession of a firearm and eluding police in a stolen vehicle. According to a Love After Lockup clip from WeTV, Matt and Caitlin, who met via a pen pal ad on Craigslist, only spent "maybe 30 hours" together during his incarceration. Nevertheless, they made plans to get married and buy a home together. 

"There's so many things that I'm excited to be able to finally do with him," Caitlin said in a clip from an episode of Love After LockupBut Caitlin's fairytale didn't pan out. The seeds of Matt and Caitlin's discord were evident during Love After Lockup, especially with Matt's meth problem and his reluctance to hold down a job. The couple actually split up before the second season of the show ended. They join fellow Love After Lockup castmembers Lizzie and Scott, whose relationship likewise fizzled. Meanwhile, Andrea and Lamar are still together as of this writing. So what are Matt and Caitlin up to now? 

Caitlin has moved on, but she might date a prisoner again

Since Caitlin and Matt broke up, Caitlin has appeared in WeTV's Love After Lockup...Life Goes On to share how she's moved on from the tumultuous relationship. 

It seems Caitlin, who had been head over heels for Matt, has wised up since Love After Lockup. In a July 2019 episode of Love After Lockup...Life Goes On, a special short show available online and on the WeTV app, Caitlin expresses that she's had a lot of regrets since Love After Lockup ended. Specifically, Caitlin said she wished she would have hit Matt when he told her to be quiet at her mother's funeral. She said it a little more indelicately, though. 

Caitlin said, "I wish I would have added to Matt's tooth hole. I wish I would have clocked him in his mouth when he told me to pipe down. I mean, I'm cremating my mom, and I feel like that's asinine. I probably would have knocked all of them out."

Did Caitlin's relationship with Matt put her off on dating prisoners, though? Not entirely. Later in the same episode of Love After Lockup...Life Goes OnCaitlin said it's something she would have to decide on a case-by-case basis. She said, "I think it's pretty circumstantial. I just don't know that I would be so quick to get involved with someone who is still incarcerated." 

In the meantime, has Caitlin, who's a blonde now, been dating anyone, prisoner or not? 

"I feel like dating...ever since I cut my hair and cut it...I'm ready for it. We dropped Matt, cut the hair, and I'm like bring it on, all the men...if they're decent," Caitlin said in that same episode

Good call, Caitlin. Good call.

Matt's drug use and drinking took a toll on Caitlin

Matt's meth addiction, which led to his former charges, caused numerous problems for Caitlin while they were together, led to their ultimate breakup, and continue to haunt Matt long after his departure from Love After Lockup

Since the couple split up, Starcasm dished in May 2019 that Matt was arrested for using drugs again – and is possibly dating someone new. According to the arresting officer's report, after being pulled over for driving a vehicle with expired tags, the cops in Tenino, Washington, found "a small green and clear baggie containing a white crystal substance" in Matt's pocket — a substance which later was positively identified as meth. 

As for dating rumors, when Matt was pulled over, there was an unidentified woman riding shotgun. And once Matt was booked, the woman more or less walked away from the scene. Sounds like a true love connection.