Alyson Hannigan's Kids Are Growing Up Fast

Take your pick: Lily from How I Met Your Mother, Michelle in American Pie, or Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No matter which character was your favorite, there's no denying Alyson Hannigan starred in a range of memorable roles over the years. Off-screen, Hannigan is the mom of two young girls, Keeva Jane, 7, and Satyana "Saty" Marie, 10, who fans have watched grow up, thanks to the invention of Instagram. The 45-year-old actress is married to Alexis Denisof, and she shares family photos regularly on the 'gram.

But what are the girls like outside of social media snaps they'll probably be embarrassed about before too long? Do they get along? Are they as funny as their famous mom? We'll get to all that and more, but hurry up and read, because this A-Lister's kids are already growing up so fast!

Alyson Hannigan's daughters are 'such good friends,' but they do fight

As is the case with any siblings, Alyson Hannigan's kids don't always get along. Back in 2015, she told People, "Obviously they have their moments where they need space or a nap. But they really are just such good friends and they're so funny." The star added, "There was an argument going on that was so cute I had to record it." Apparently the filmed fight, which Hannigan joked she'd show them the video of in 10 years, began when Satyana wanted to play, but Keeva wanted alone time. (Sounds reminiscent of Anna and Elsa's "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" sisterly struggle in Frozen, right?)

Despite the occasional "cute" fight, the family tends to have a blast together, at least judging by the photos on IG. For instance, in May, Hannigan shared a photo of them Saran wrapped together (likely from a game of some sort?) with the caption, "If anyone was wondering a good way to force your children to hangout with you.... saran wrap works wonders! Jk.... kinda." That same month, she shared a photo from Disney California Adventure Park, where she and her kids are wearing matching rose gold Mickey ears.

Clearly, Disney is a blast for any kid, but surely these Tinseltown tots get to indulge in stuff that regular kids only dream about, right? Glad you asked. 

They're no strangers to the spotlight

In February 2019, Hannigan brought her kids and husband to the Kim Possible red carpet — err, green carpet. Satyana and Keeva were all smiles posing ahead of the Disney Channel Original Movie premiere, where their mom voiced Dr. Ann Possible. The girls have also accompanied Hannigan and Denisof to events like the Toy Story 4 premiere this summer and a Disney on Ice event in winter 2014.

While they attend red carpets with their parents, Hannigan's kids are shielded from a few things — or at least, if the actress can help it. Hannigan told TODAY in July 2017, "If I'm with my daughters, I get nervous when someone starts talking about American Pie. If I go to the mall, I hear 'band camp' a lot. It depends on where I am. I'm usually like, 'Remember, I'm with my children here!'"

She also explained fame to her kids in a pretty amusing way, saying in that same TODAY interview, "I made the analogy, 'Imagine Strawberry Shortcake was walking down the street. You might want to take a picture with her. It's sort of like that!'" And speaking of fame, we get the impression that may not be too long before these celebrity scions get acquainted with their own notoriety. 

Keeva and Saty may follow in their parents' footsteps

Not everyone grows up with famous parents and it sounds like these two youngsters are still learning what exactly that means. Last year when Alexis Denisof

earned an Emmy nom for his role on I Love Bekka & Lucy, his kids were less than impressed. Hannigan recalled to Us Weekly, "They were like, 'Can we just have our pancakes?' I kept going, 'This is a really big deal, this is really exciting.'" Still, she clarified that their daughters were probably just "puzzled" and didn't know what an Emmy was.

While the children may be unfazed by their parents' fame, that doesn't mean they're not destined for stardom themselves. Hannigan told TODAY in 2017, "Right now both of my kids are pretty shy, but I have a feeling my youngest may be destined to entertain," mentioning Keeva is a "total ham." 

As seen in snapshots across Instagram, Hannigan's kids really do have star power just like their mom. She joked that they're her "mini me's" in an August photo caption, and with their matching red hair and personality-filled poses, that's really not a far-off description.