Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet's Kids Are Growing Up Fast

Compared to his super intense Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa is a big ol' softie in real life — especially when it comes to his relationship with wife Lisa Bonet. While Momoa and Bonet keep certain relationship details under wraps (they're so private that fans thought they got married before they actually tied the knot in 2017), one thing is no secret: how much they care about each other. In 2017, Momoa talked about finally getting together with Bonet while appearing The Late Late Show With James Corden, saying, "I've just always wanted to meet her. She was a queen always."

Not only is Momoa gushy about his relationship, but the same can be said for his approach to fatherhood. Momoa and Bonet share two kids, Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, who the Aquaman star frequently posts about on Instagram. Lola was born in 2007 and Nakoa-Wolf came along the following year, and now that they're a little older (12 and 11, respectively), it really is like they're growing up before fans' eyes.

Jason Momoa almost slept through their first kid's birth

As it turns out, Jason Momoa's first foray into fatherhood didn't exactly go as planned. According to Esquire, Lisa Bonet's water broke earlier than expected and Momoa, who was in Canada for a role, was asleep at the time. He recalled to the magazine, "I missed seventy calls. So I woke up and freaked the f*** out." After that, he headed to the airport, urged the flight attendant to let him off first, and asked his driver to run some red lights, which wound up being totally worth it: "I made it in the nick of time. I had about two hours with her in the tub, and my baby girl was born." 

It may have been stressful at the time, but on Lola's birthday last year, Momoa wrote on Instagram, "11 years ago it was the greatest day of my life. My baby girl was born. Lola oh Lola. You are my angel Mahalo."

When their second child Nakoa-Wolf arrived in 2008, it sounds like things went much more smoothly, since since there's no over-the-top anecdote about his birth — or at least not one that Momoa's shared yet. Prior to her children with Momoa, fans know Bonet gave birth to Zoe Kravitz in 1988 with then-husband Lenny Kravitz. Zoe and Momoa also have a strong, supportive relationship, as made clear in interviews and on social media.

Momoa and Bonet are teaching their kids to care about the planet

There are plenty of lessons parents bestow onto their kids, and caring for the planet seems to be a big one Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa are passing on. In a March 2018 interview with Net-a-Porter, Bonet explained, "One of my proudest moments as a mom was when someone asked Nakoa-Wolf, 'Well, what is life for?' and he said, without missing a beat, 'To protect Mother Earth, of course. But God also wants to play with Mother Earth.' I just thought: my work is done!"

Momoa's own commitment to protecting the environment recently made headlines when he teased Chris Pratt about using a single-waste water bottle. The playful comment blew up bigger than expected, so Momoa posted a separate Instagram letting Pratt know that "my children and I are madly in love with you and I love everything you do" and he was sorry things got out of hand. He still made sure to note, "I'm just very passionate about this single use plastic epidemic." Considering he shared the message with a pic of his kids and Pratt posing together, Momoa likely has relayed similar messages about plastic use to them as well.

Jason Momoa is the "strict" parent, but he also "stands for love"

If you ask Jason Momoa, he's the tougher parent. As he admitted on The Kelly Clarkson Show in November or 2019, "I'm definitely strict. I was raised by a strong, single mother, who's German." And when he was asked about 12-year-old Lola dating, he let out a loud, "No!" before joking, "Lola is a saint. She is gonna be a nun."

Shifting away from his kids' future love lives, he talked to host Kelly Clarkson about how "perfect" it was seeing Aquaman as a family. "I wanted to see it with my babies," he said, while noting they "grew up with Justice League" and his son, who he lovingly calls "Wolfie," is obsessed with Batman.

When speaking to Net-a-Porter, Lisa Bonet also opened up about her husband's parenting style and said, "What's cool about Jason is that he's an alpha male who stands for love and family. And to circle back to my own wounds, having an absent father, then to be fully met by a man of that stature, is really incredible." She continued gushing about how Momoa "embodies a rare form of masculinity in this day and age — he's a leader; he's generous." 

At the end of the day, family is everything for these two. And that couldn't be more clear from what Momoa and Bonet have shared with fans thus far.