The Truth About Jacob Elordi And Zendaya's Relationship

If you're a fan of Euphoria, chances are you're rooting for Rue and Jules to wind up together in Season 2. But off-screen, two different people from the show recently sparked romance rumors: Zendaya and Jacob Elordi. The co-stars were spotted out and about together on more than one occasion and fans went wild, speculating that they could be the next best Hollywood couple.

But before you get too excited and start printing out "I Heart ZenCob" t-shirts (or whatever their potential couple name may be), you should probably slow down. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but half of this rumored twosome addressed their relationship status recently and let's just say it was not the least bit romantic. Apparently, they've got more of a family vibe going on.

Rumors about Zendaya and Jacob Elordi began soon after 'Euphoria' aired

Let's take a moment to rewind and find out what kickstarted the rumors in the first place. Back in August 2019, eagle-eyed fans spotted Zendaya and Jacob Elordi on a trip to Greece and shared photos on social media, per Paper. They weren't the only ones on the vacation, though. Zendaya later told E! News, "I went on vacation with my family, which was very sweet. It was kind of just my first time just chilling, you know, I haven't chilled in a really long time."

In October 2019, the pair was spotted at the movies on a maybe date, according to Us Weekly. "It was just the two of them out together," a source told the magazine. "Jacob looked like he was trying to be incognito, wearing a hat that covered his face." They hung out yet again for Thanksgiving. Per Cosmopolitan, Zendaya and Elordi were in Australia for the holiday and spent time with his parents. Spending time with each other's family certainly sounds like a serious step, right? Eh, not so fast...

Jacob Elordi finally addressed the Zendaya dating rumors

After letting fans speculate for a few months, Jacob Elordi addressed the Zendaya rumors in a December 2019 interview with GQ Australia. "She's like my sister," he said. "Zendaya is an amazing creative, you know? She's super dope to work with. She's an incredible artist and a very caring person to all of us." However, he also clarified Zendaya isn't the only Euphoria star he spends a ton of time with. "We're all really close. There is not one weak link in that show," Elordi explained.

While Zendaya hasn't addressed the dating speculation, she did express similar appreciation for her HBO co-stars. In June 2019, she shared a red carpet cast pic on Instagram and wrote, "To everyone in this photo, I'm honored and proud to be standing next to you. Love you kids." There's clearly love between Zendaya and Elordi — and all the rest of their castmates. Just, you know, the friendship kind.

Zendaya & Jacob Elordi have been romantically linked to other co-stars before

This isn't the first time these two have been romantically linked to a co-worker. Ever since she starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, Zendaya has dealt with rumors that she's dating Tom Holland. The co-stars have a strong friendship which led fans to wonder if there's anything more there. However, Holland shut down that idea by telling Elle in June 2019 that while he's "definitely a relationship person," he wasn't romantically involved with anyone.

Meanwhile, Jacob Elordi dated Joey King, who he starred alongside in Netflix's The Kissing Booth. The pair reportedly split in 2018, but then had to film the sequel together. Awkward, huh? Well, when speaking about working with Elordi post-breakup, King told the Mood with Lauren Elizabeth podcast (per People), "It was crazy. It was a wild experience. But honestly, it was a really beautiful time. Because I learned a lot about myself and I grew as an actor."

The takeaway here? Sometimes co-stars date, sometimes they don't. But at least Euphoria fans can take solace knowing there's a strong friendship between Zendaya and Elordi.