Inside Post Malone's Love Life

Following Hollywood's Bleeding's No. 1 debut in the fall of 2019, everyone wanted to know one thing: who is Post Malone dating and why isn't it us? The star may be the most unlikely sex symbol of the last decade, but according to E! News, Reddit users have waxed poetic about how the rapper (born Austin Richard Post) is "hot in a pug way," as well as "cute, chill, adorable, and talented." It seems like writers for New York Magazine even surprised themselves when they finally realized — and therefore publicly decreed — that Post was "totally kind of hot." What other SoundCloud rapper can pull off baby bangs and booty shorts and make singing about Fallout — one of his favorite video games — actually seem cool? They're clearly late to the party.

If you're wondering whether or not Post Malone will let you buy him a Bud Light at his next show, your guess is as good as ours. The rapper guards his love life with the ferocity of the Master (that's a Fallout reference for all you gamers out there), and he's harder to crack than his $3 million apocalypse shelter. Though he's largely shielded his relationships from the press, occasionally, a tidbit of gossip does filter in. Here's everything we know about Post Malone's love life.

Post Malone met his long-term love through work

In 2015, Post Malone was a fresh face in the world of rap — literally. He didn't even have any face tattoos. At the time, the music star had just released his debut single, "White Iverson," and was gearing up for massive fame. Though the Post we know now is more likely to dish about his affinity for Bud Light rather than his actual girlfriend, he wasn't all that shy about sharing the details of their meet cute during a rare joint appearance on The Breakfast Club.

Like Jim and Pam, Ben and Leslie, and the leagues of great couples that came before them, Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz revealed they met each other at work. Diaz was a show promoter in Dallas, who previously gave Malone no piece of mind. Posty, on the other hand, followed Diaz on Instagram. Right before he released "White Iverson," she finally followed him back, but they didn't end up actually meeting in real life until Diaz booked a show with the rapper during a particularly chilly day in Dallas. What's more romantic than some snow in Texas? It was basically love at first sight. 

"It was snowing, and I just came, and I met her, and I fell in love with this woman," Malone told The Breakfast Club. They officially started dating in February of that year.

He struggled to balance his relationship and career

Living like a rock star couldn't really be further from Post Malone's truth (except for the millions of fans, the near-death plane crash, and the ability to rent out an entire Hooters on a weekday morning). Despite some of the more unsavory lyrics of "Rockstar," the rapper wasn't "f**kin' hoes" on the road while he was with Ashlen Diaz. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he admitted, "It's a wild life, but you know, the best way to be a good boy is just play XBox and keep [the girls] outside the tour bus."

Diaz would hardly be the first woman to fight an XBox for attention, which was probably a welcome annoyance considering the alternatives. Nonetheless, it seemed like potential jealousy wasn't the main issue in the pair's relationship. It might have actually been Malone's schedule that did them in. In that same interview, the rapper admitted that balancing work and his romantic life was "always going to be tough, but I think you just ... if you put in the extra effort, everything works out." Unfortunately, it didn't. 

According to Us Weekly, Malone was "busy recording a new album in Utah" around the time that he and Diaz broke up in 2018. Of course, we can't confirm if the album caused the split or the split caused the album, but we are thankful for the breakup jams.

Ashlen Diaz inspired Post Malone's 'Deja Vu'

Post Malone's 2016 debut album, Stoney, has a massive range for a mainstream pop album. Instead of focusing on relationships, the rapper tackles topics like success ("Congratulations," "White Iverson"), death ("Too Young"), and drug abuse ("Broken Whiskey Glass"). Let's be clear, though: it wouldn't be a Post Malone record without some love songs. The singer didn't name names, but based on the pair's relationship timeline, it's safe to assume that Ashlen Diaz was the muse for "Deja Vu," the record's fourth single.

Post revealed the meaning behind the Justin Bieber collaboration in a Genius annotation, and all fingers pointed to the show promoter. "This song is really just me during the beginning stages of starting to hang out with my girlfriend. It's like very early stages, but now I've been with her for two years, and it's cool. She's annoying, but I love her," Malone wrote, adding, "There's a lot dukie hoes out there, but I got an A-1 very fine lady, and I love her. I'm a good boy." Maybe he's not a Wendy's Buttermilk Ranch kind of guy. Can someone pass the ketchup?

Who's the girl from Saint-Tropez?

Fresh off the heels of the terrifying plane crash that wasn't in August 2018, Post Malone took some time to relax in Saint-Tropez — though a yacht wouldn't have been our first choice. At the time, the star probably had no idea he was in a Final Destination-like showdown. He was mere weeks away from a car accident, and had already defied death once in the air. The sea is kind of all that's left to test him at this point. Nonetheless, the "Psycho" singer braved treacherous (see: pristine, turquoise) waters and enjoyed some downtime with Ashlen Diaz. Except, was it actually Diaz?

Oddly enough, the Daily Mail simultaneously reported that Malone was spotted on a yacht in Saint-Tropez with Diaz and without Diaz. Even The Blast was confused, because the woman in question looked vaguely similar to his longtime love. TMZ, which reposted the photos of the musician canoodling with the mystery woman on the boat, confirmed that she was not actually his girlfriend. However, according to Us Weekly, the headline-making PDA was only for a music video shoot. 

This one is kind of a head-scratcher, because the yacht does not appear in the 2019 music video for "Saint-Tropez." Also, where were the cameras?

Did Post Malone actually cheat on Ashlen Diaz?

Ashlen Diaz apparently wasn't always Post Malone's sunflower. The pair have self-admittedly run in circles with their relationship. According to the Daily Mail, Diaz opened up during a Q&A with her fans in June 2018 and admitted that they'd taken "breaks" from each other before, but why?

During their joint interview on The Breakfast Club in 2015, a soft-spoken Diaz was asked if she was nervous that Malone would get huge and break up with her. "I mean, yeah," she admitted. "But I think we have something that's keeping us together." At that time, Diaz also revealed that she'd probably forgive the rapper if he cheated on her, but she wasn't sure — which could potentially explain some of the couple's alleged on-off behavior later down the line, at least if you're looking at all of the rumors. 

Though Post Malone repeatedly shut down Charlamange's intense insistence that he'd eventually cheat on Diaz, numerous outlets have since reported on this hearsay, per the Daily Mail. Reddit has also been buzzing with speculation, including an alleged Instagram screenshot that may or may not show Diaz dissing the rapper's supposed wandering eye. Since it's so easy to fake a screenshot, and since Diaz deleted a huge chunk of her social media, it's impossible to know. 

At the end of the day, Posty said he's a good boy, and we don't see Diaz saying anything otherwise.

Post Malone's breakup looked like the real deal

Given the reported on-and-off nature of Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz's relationship, it's hard to believe that their last breakup was actually their last. The pair didn't even publicly confirm that they had split after three years of dating, unless you count some alleged references in now-deleted social media posts. The most anyone's got to run off of is a source who spoke to Us Weekly, claiming the pair broke up in either August or September of 2018. And that one month is a huge line: it's the difference between Posty possibly cheating in Saint-Tropez or not. So once again, it's impossible to confirm the rumors.

To make things more muddled, the alleged sources couldn't even agree on what exactly went down during the breakup either. One source told Us Weekly that Diaz pulled the plug, while another said that the split was mutual. "Ashlen booked Post a show in Dallas before he was big and knew what she was getting herself into," claimed one of the sources. According to the insider, Diaz was allegedly "pretty upset up their breakup," as just about any person would be who split up with their boyfriend of three years. 

Meanwhile, one Redditor pointed out that Post Malone got his "Ashlen" tattoo covered up, so if that photo is legit, this breakup was probably the real deal.

Were Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz too different?

Sometimes when things don't work out, it's just because they don't work out. There's no insidious behavior; just two different people. From the sounds of it, Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz were pretty different. One is a shy concert promoter from Dallas, and the other is an outgoing rapper who had few — if any — hesitations about dancing around in booty shorts in front of the entire Internet.

In one of the few Instagram posts Diaz hasn't deleted, the promoter admitted that her shyness is sometimes painful. "If you people knew how camera shy I truly am," she wrote. "Being shy has stopped and limited me from so many opportunities and I'm so tired of it, but I don't know how I'll actually get over it — I get asked why I never post and here it is. I get anxiety and I'm shy."

On the other hand, Us Weekly reported that Post has been busy living like a rock star, which typically involves parties, events, and everything a shy person would completely hate. "Post loves Ashlen and cares about her but lives his life as though he's a rock star. He's still so young," an insider alleged. Let's just say that it's unlikely Malone racked up a $40,000 Postmates bill because he was staying in with Diaz. Although, according to Rolling Stoneshe did apparently live with him. Maybe the pair were just too different to make it work.

Who got Kylie Jenner in the breakup?

The real tea with Post Malone's breakup is who got Kylie Jenner in the split. Money can't buy you happiness, but maybe a billionaire BFF can. Malone and Ashlen Diaz both appear to be friends with the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters — unless Jenner invites anyone and everyone to her birthday parties (in which case, where is our invite?).

In annotations on Genius, Post revealed that Jenner was passively responsible for "Fade," his 2015 collaboration with Kanye West. "Kanye liked some of my music. I met him at Kylie Jenner's party," he wrote. "She invited me to perform — she's a big fan. And Kanye was like, 'Let's make something.' So I went over to Ye's and we just started working. And then we just started talking. And we just kept on going."

However, it also looks like Diaz is pals with Jenner, and she was spotted hanging out around the star in the months surrounding her reported breakup. The promoter posted a snap on Instagram from Kylie Jenner's Barbie-themed 21st birthday party in August 2019, but Post Malone was nowhere to be found. Just four days prior, he was on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which tapes in New York (i.e. the opposite coast from where the Kardashians live). Earlier that week, he also performed a couple concerts for Bud Light in the Big Apple. Is it safe to say Jenner is sticking with her girl in this one?

Saint-Tropez girl returns?

The mysterious Saint-Tropez woman made her triumphant public return the same month that Post Malone's split with Ashlen Diaz hit headlines — but this time around, it didn't seem like they were filming any sort of music video at all (not that it really did the first time either, but a tabloid would never have the audacity to lie). According to TMZ, the pair was spotted holding hands while walking through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Malone was just about to head to Dubai. It's unclear if she joined him or not, and no, we still have no idea who she is. 

In the time since their apparent Saint-Tropez rendezvous, it looked like Malone's gal pal got bangs. Everyone knows the rapper has a thing for bangs, but sadly, bangs don't make a relationship. Every broken-hearted girl who's ever chopped off her hair amidst a breakup knows that it quite often means the opposite. Per TMZ, things with the mystery girl weren't actually serious or anything at all. They duo are apparently just friends, but that handhold certainly didn't look friendly. Their fingers were totally interlocked. Let's keep it platonically palm-to-palm, y'all.

Post Malone wont let the trolls tear love apart

After hitting the airport with the girl from Saint-Tropez, it seemed like Post Malone managed to lock up his love life even tighter than ever before. We barely heard about the star seeing anyone until months later, when the typically chill rapper called out some people who were trying to drive a wedge between him and his girlfriend. Wait, Post had a girlfriend

"To my REAL fans I love you to death," he tweeted in February 2019. "To the people trying to dig so f**king hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y'all ain't real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything. have some respect. who gives a f**k? let us live our lives."

According to XXL, this likely had something to do with an online troll who found a personal Instagram account belonging to the rapper's girlfriend, who wasn't shy about posing in revealing clothes (which, by the way, is absolutely her right). She reportedly deactivated the Insta after it was discovered, but the troll took screenshots and published them on a different account. That person allegedly claimed they were trying to bring "awareness to the type of person [Post's girlfriend] really is." Talk about goin' psycho! The moral of the story is get you a man who defends you like Post Malone. Post: 1 – Trolls: 0.

Truthfully, is Post Malone even dating anyone?

Post Malone has achieved the almost superhuman feat of being a dude who's constantly in the tabloids but has nary a photo of himself with his girlfriends. He managed to take Ashlen Diaz all over on tour — even dubbing her his "road dog" — and the only real evidence left is the occasional picture on a friend's Instagram account and her appearance in a couple of interviews. When they were dating, they barely posted photos of each other to begin with, probably because of Diaz's self-admitted camera shyness. Now that they're not, they've totally left all the evidence to rot in their archives so they can listen to their breakup playlists in peace.

At the time of this writing, there's absolutely no concrete evidence that Posty is dating anybody. The last he mentioned having a girlfriend was almost a year ago, which means he could very well be back on the market (in which case, hi!). Alternatively, he could be hiding his relationship inside his Utah compound away from the swarms of paparazzi that are bleeding through Hollywood. Is he with the girl from Saint-Tropez? Is there someone new? Is Austin just focusing on Austin? 

Honestly, Post Malone gives his fans enough. Let him have this one thing just for himself.