The Truth About Jennifer Lopez's Kids

Jennifer Lopez set the Super Bowl on fire alongside Shakira during the halftime show in Miami on Feb. 2, 2020, but the Bronx native was nearly upstaged by one of her incredible kids. Not only is Lopez a multi-hyphenate sensation in music, television, film, and business, but she's also a mom to twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel Muñiz who she welcomed into the world in February 2008 alongside her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Lopez loves motherhood. "Your heart is connected to them," she told People in February 2019. "It feels like there's a string from my chest to theirs." Although the "Booty" performer has been rather private about discussing her children, she has released some compelling information about their lives and who they're growing up to be. In fact, the whole world got a taste of Emme's ambitions on Super Bowl Sunday — more on that in a minute.

Here's what we know about Jennifer Lopez's sweet kids, Max and Emme.

Jennifer Lopez's kids are super talented

Talent apparently runs in the family, as evidenced by Jennifer Lopez's skilled twins. Max and Emme showed off their musical prowess in a September 2019 Instagram video, impressing viewers with a cover of Vance Joy's "Riptide." Max took on the vocals while Emme played the guitar. It was a cute twin moment Lopez captioned: "My heart can't take it..." Same, girl.

So could Lopez be looking to add more talented kids to her brood now that she's engaged to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez? A-Rod already has two kids, Natasha and Ella, but J.Lo believes the more the merrier. "I want to," she told People in December 2019 (via Good Morning America). "I don't know that it's in God's plan, but I would like to try. I'm so open to it." 

However, the retired New York Yankee may have shot down that idea during a subsequent interview with Today's Hoda Kotb. He said he found his fiancée's comments about having more kids "interesting." That being said, he might want to get on board because Emme and Max are apparently down with the idea, too. Lopez told Extra, "I think they would love to have a brother or sister. They love having Natasha and Ella in their lives and having two extra bonus sisters. We really form a beautiful blended family and I think they would all be thrilled."

In the meantime, Lopez can focus on cultivating her children's impressive talents.

Emme's Super Bowl performance was epic

Just when you thought Jennifer Lopez's daughter, Emme, couldn't get any more talented, she blew fans away during the Super Bowl halftime show. The skilled 11-year-old sang a solo portion from her famous mama's 1999 hit, "Let's Get Loud," and the chorus of Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA" alongside a chorus of young children. The pre-teen then ran over to her proud mom for an energetic duet, a moment that got many people on social media talking. "JLO's daughter Emme has a gorgeous voice," one person tweeted. "Her dad is Marc Anthony, her mom is Jennifer Lopez — she was destined to be talented!!!" Another person gushed, "Baby Emme absolutely killing it." Emme's performance also didn't go unnoticed by Marc Anthony, who wrote on Instagram: "Emme Daddy is so proud of you. You are my heart and I am forever yours." Aww.

In case you were wondering, the Super Bowl wasn't Emme's first performance with her mom. The aspiring singer took the stage during Lopez's "It's My Party" tour in 2019, an experience she chatted about during a behind-the-scenes video uploaded to the music icon's YouTube channel. "When I was little, I used to be really shy singing in front of people, but not anymore," she explained. "I like being up on the stage, and the dancers are all behind me." She added, "Every show, I look in a different direction to see who's behind me. My favorite person to see is my mom."

Jennifer Lopez maintains normalcy for her kids

Considering Emme is apparently bound for greatness (and her brother, Max, is also a rising star,) it's fair to wonder if Jennifer Lopez is worried about her kids' involvement in the public eye. Hollywood can be a tough place, after all. J.Lo addressed those concerns during a 2019 appearance on Lorraine. "They have seen me manage it in a normal way," she said. "We're a normal family and while we are an entertainment family, we still have routine, boundaries and rules like every kid has — but most importantly, love." 

It also helps that Lopez is clear about prioritizing what's important: "Kids helped me get more of a balance in my life," she said, "and when it comes to managing my time. I make sure they always feel like they are my priority because they are."

Lopez's ex, singer Marc Anthony, approaches fame in a similar fashion. "Music was a big part of my life growing up and I hope it does the same for [Emme] as it has done for me," he said in a March 2019 interview. "And if that is what she wants to do ... well, she should do it because she likes it, not because she has to. Not for fame, or popularity, or for likes."

Yep, it sounds like Emme and Max have two amazing supporters in their corner.