Do The Cast Members Of Love After Lockup Get Paid?

Popular We TV series Love After Lockup is notorious for its unique storyline: couples who've met through prison dating sites try to go the distance after the incarcerated lover is released. The reality show launched in January 2018 and became "the fastest-growing new reality show on cable" that year, according to Variety.

As you can imagine, the series is full of twists and turns — from infidelity and fragile marriages to drug problems and clashing personalities. Variety called the show a "viral hit" that took off with next-to-no marketing and even spawned a successful spin-off series called Life After Lockup. That's great for the network, but what could possibly entice the show's stars into airing their dirty laundry for the whole world to see? 

Money may play a role. Find out if these reality stars get to cash in on their incarcerations. 

Can ex-cons cash in on incarceration?

It's no secret that finding a good job after serving time can be challenging, so perhaps appearing on Love after Lockup can help its stars get back on their feet? Well, not necessarily.

Starcasm reportedly obtained a contract that belonged to a non-convict member of the cast. That person supposedly received "$2,000 per episode, with an additional $250 per day for any filming for special episodes like reunions, catch ups, etc." According to Variety, the person who was actually incarcerated doesn't get paid for appearing in Love after Lockup but can receive a "small amount" if he or she appears on the spin-off show, Life After Lockup. Keep in mind that not every person appears in every episode of these shows, so that could also hamper earning potential.

But at least one ex-con has suggested there is money to be made from the hit TV series. According to Starcasm, troubled star Tracie Wagaman (pictured) has talked about the show on social media, supposedly referring to her role as "the bad girl" and noting that she "didn't get paid 20k to be good!" Unfortunately, Wagaman was reportedly arrested again in February 2020 for allegedly driving under the influence, so future paydays for her could be in jeopardy.