Paul McCartney's Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend

Along with Ringo Starr (or should we say Sir Ringo?) Paul McCartney is one of two remaining members of The Beatles and is still, to this day, a legendary figure in the world of music. However, he's also a family man who's faced some tough times when it comes to his personal life (e.g. His daughter supposedly hated his second wife, who may have been a downright terrible person.) But that doesn't mean that everything is rocky when it comes to McCartney's relatives. In fact, the star seems to have a perfectly lovely relationship with his grandson, Arthur Donald, who happens to look a heck of a lot like his grandpa.

Arthur is son of Mary McCartney (daughter of Paul and the late Linda McCartney) and her ex-husband, television producer Alistair Donald. He was born April 3, 1999, making him the oldest of the music icon's eight grandchildren. While it's likely that each member of the younger generation picked up a few characteristics from their granddad (or "granddude" as one of them calls him,) it's Arthur who takes after Paul in the looks department.

Arthur Donald inherited his grandpa's casually cool vibe

With a slightly round face and a sweet smile, Donald appears to look a lot like Paul McCartney did during his early days with The Beatles. The rockstar's grandson even exudes the same casually cool vibe that his grandpa is famous for.

In July 2018, McCartney and Donald were photographed grabbing lunch together (pictured right) in London. Donald stepped out with slicked-back hair, a crisp white t-shirt, pristine running shoes, and slacks with zipper pockets. He coordinated with McCartney, who wore a similar outfit paired with a jacket and sunglasses. Donald's good looks and famous roots would certainly give him a leg up if he wanted to pursue a career in show business, but this well-connected young man has decided to take a different path.

You might spot Arthur Donald at this Ivy League school

While Paul McCartney sent his children to a simple local school "in the hope they would have a 'normal' life," his daughter, Mary McCartney (pictured above,) supposedly preferred a more private route for her son, per the Daily Mail. Arthur Donald initially attended University College School in Hampstead, North London, and then moved to the United States to pursue an Ivy League education. "When he arrive[d] at Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut, Arthur was joined by Paul — with students excitedly tweeting about spotting the legendary musician in their midst as he strolled the grounds with the teen."

As a student at Yale University in Connecticut, Donald reportedly paid a pretty penny — or should we say pound? — for his degree. According to the Daily Mail, his previous school cost about £19,545 per year (which is around $25,500), but Yale's average tuition is much higher. The undergraduate price tag is about "£54,500 per annum, of which £39,700 is for academic fees, the remainder being the cost of board, lodging, books, and personal expenses." Put that into U.S. dollars and we're talking about more than $71,000 annually.

A Yale degree certainly has value, but there may be something (or someone) else that's keeping him busy in the States.

Yes, that was Arthur Donald with Reese Witherspoon's daughter

Arthur Donald is obviously going to make some new American friends as a Brit studying in the States, and as the grandson of a music industry icon, the press tends to keep a close eye on his circles. In fact, Paul McCartney's look-alike has made headlines for hanging out with the offspring of another pair of Hollywood heavy-hitters. In 2018, Donald was spotted out on the town with Ava Phillippe, the daughter of actor Ryan Phillipe and Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon.

The duo was spotted in London in March 2018, when Ava was in town to support her mom during the release of Witherspoon's film A Wrinkle In Time. Arthur and Ava, "both 18 [at the time], appeared in high spirits as they strolled through the capital's streets before heading to celeb hotspot Sketch together," the Daily Mail reported. According to TMZ, the pair "stopped off for a drink at a bar," where it's legal to drink at that age.

Although this could have merely been two friends hanging out and not a romantic rendezvous, their show business genes certainly got all the tabloids talking about the possibilities.

Arthur Donald also likes to spend time with his mom, Mary McCartney

While Arthur Donald apparently likes to spend time with both his famous grandfather, Paul McCartney, and his friend (or perhaps girlfriend?) Ava Phillipe, he's also been spotted out and about with his mother, Mary McCartney. For instance, Donald "enjoyed a spot of tennis at Wimbledon" with his mom by his side back in the summer of 2018, according to the Daily Mail. "Sporting a quiff and a stylish yellow jacket, Arthur, 19, accompanied his mother to watch play unfold on Centre Court on Manic Monday at SW19." Considering the smile on Mary's face, it certainly seems like the pair enjoy their time together.

However, the Daily Mail was more focused on the resemblance between Donald and his grandfather, pointing out the fact that the musician's grandson showed up to the sporting event "looking uncannily like a younger version of his pop star relative." "With his curling top lip and striking eyebrows, it's pretty clear that the apple didn't fall far from the Beatle tree," the outlet noted. It certainly seems like the roots run deep in this family.