Chrissy Teigen Defends Vanessa Hudgens Amid Coronavirus Video Backlash

Chrissy Teigen jumped into the ring to support Vanessa Hudgens after she took some serious heat for an Instagram Live video. Teigen — who has her own history with online hate and the anxiety surrounding it — decided to speak up in defense of the High School Musical alum.

To give a little backstory, Hudgens took to Instagram Live on March 16, 2020, to voice her thoughts about the coronavirus. During the Instagram Live video, a fan mentioned that the pandemic might last into July to which Hudgens responded, "Yeah, 'til July sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t," she said (via Entertainment Tonight). "I'm sorry, but like, it's a virus, and I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody gets it, like... yeah, people are gonna die. Which is terrible, but like, inevitable? I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this right now."

Needless to say, people had quite a bit to say about the actress' coronavirus comments. Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden tweeted that Hudgens' message was "completely dangerous and selfish" and called it "pretty f***ing stupid." Another person called her "an immature brat," while one user called her an "idiot" and lamented the fact that Hudgens has seven million followers. 

Of course, those comments are just a select few of the massive negative outcry against Hudgens. 

Vanessa Hudgens apologized to fans for her coronavirus comments

In response to the outcry, Vanessa Hudgens quickly apologized. According to Entertainment Tonight, Hudgens hopped on her Instagram Story on March 17, 2020, to respond to the backlash."Hey, guys, so yesterday I did an Instagram Live, and I realize today some of my comments are being taken out of context. It's a crazy time... and I am at home and in lockdown, and that's what I hope you guys are doing too, in full quarantine, and staying safe and sane. Don't take this situation lightly, by any means. I am home. So stay inside, y'all."

And she didn't stop there. Hudgens also jumped on Twitter to express her regret: "Hey guys. I'm so sorry for the way i have offended anyone and everyone who has seen the clip from my Instagram live yesterday, she wrote. "I realize my words were insensitive and not at all appropriate for the situation our country and the world are in right now. This has been a huge wake up call about the significance my words have, now more than ever. I'm sending safe wishes to everyone to stay safe and healthy during this crazy time.

Despite the apology, Twitter's wrath continued. Actress Mindy Robinson commented on Hudgens' apology, writing, "I'm sure your management forced you to apologize. You are everything wrong with Hollywood....spoiled, selfish, out of touch, and undeserving of your own fame and success." Ouch!  With these kinds of comments, it's no wonder Chrissy Teigen — who is no stranger to hateful trolls — decided to speak up against this vitriol. 

Chrissy Teigen encouraged her followers to be more forgiving

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to Twitter hate and spiteful comments, which is probably the reason she jumped in to point out the hypocrisy of haters who were so ardently taking down Vanessa Hudgens. Teigen wrote: "sometimes people, especially famous people, are gonna say really stupid s**t. & so are you. and they, and u, will learn from it & hopefully their history says they're good. it's ok. and at the same time, wow they really had a dumb f***in moment. but u don't have ruin their lives."

She continued her thoughts in another tweet, writing, "This isn't about me this time. But it will be one day, or it'll be you. But yeah, today it's Vanessa lol. And no, life is rarely ruined for anyone. But you are d**n well trying your best. Just stop."

In addition to voicing her own thoughts, Teigen also jumped into the comments and talked to people. Despite her tweets, someone still replied to Teigen saying that Hudgens was "insensitive" to which Teigen replied, "Definitely agree it was. But we have all said insensitive s**t. Or maybe I'm just the only other one? But I promise, promise, promise I learned and she is learning now and that's all you can ask for." 

Teigen's Twitter presence is quickly becoming a master class in compassion and forgiveness. 

Chrissy Teigen's history with online haters

As Chrissy Teigen continued to respond to haters trying to take down Vanessa Hudgens, she put out a tweet that summarized her own journey through pain, writing, "What can I say. Kids and online torture have made me a much more empathetic person. May you never be on the end of everyone hating you."

The tweet comes just one day after Teigen received backlash for a tweet she wrote regarding the coronavirus pandemic. According to US Weekly, the model posted a since-deleted tweet which read: "This is not an ad but if you're holed up at home, ordering America's best food from Goldbelly is the way to go right now! Currently shipping clam chowder from Boston to myself." Twitter accused Teigen of sounding "tone deaf" and she went back and forth with different users, as she defended what she saw as a harmless tweet. However, she later apologized.

In the past, Teigen has opened up about her own struggles with mental health, including postpartum depression as well as anxiety that can come from social media hate. She told Glamour UK that she filters her online words more carefully. "I desperately still want to be liked, so sometimes it's better for me not to say it, just for my own mental health as I am not as strong as people think," she said.

While Hudgens' comments were insensitive, it's nice to see someone as honest and vulnerable as Teigen jump in to help.