North West's Best Moments

It's hard to imagine a world without the Kardashian-Jenner empire. A family that takes center stage on television, social media, and print, it's nearly impossible to turn off the constant influx of information about this famous clan. As a result, the New York Post declared in 2018 that the krew had "officially" become "more powerful than the Windsors." You know, the actual royal family of the UK. The tab elaborated, "To many, the Kardashians are the pinnacle of the American dream. Queen Kim, the first on the scene, rose from the Los Angeles version of nothing (Paris Hilton's closet organizer) to a multi-millionaire with direct access to the president of the United States."

While the KarJenner kingdom only grows, it looks like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlets are now making room for a new generation: their children. While the list of tots that this clan has keeps growing with no signs of stopping, it's Kim Kardashian's firstborn, North West, that regularly makes the tabs for her adorable albeit sassy behavior. From the time she screamed at the paps, "No pictures!" like the little diva she is, to the time she turned her mom (of all people) into a self-professed "soccer mom," little North has more power than she even knows.

North's famous dad, Kanye West, once rapped, "I'm just doing my thing, hope you're doing your thing too." So... is she? Let's take a look at some of North West's best moments. Trust us, they're absolutely delightful.

North West is the inspiration for everything

There's no denying that Kardashian fans are absolutely captivated by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's living situation — particularly their gorgeous Hidden Hills, Calif. estate, which the KKW beauty owner has compared to a "minimal monastery" (via Vogue).

While the public has been filled with countless questions about the mansion, such as the couple's bizarre bathroom sinks, or how everything remains pristinely white with four children running around, one thing is for certain: North West reigns supreme. Case in point? Her bedroom totally goes against Kimye's entire minimalist approach to home decor — a little girl's dream of an all-pink oasis.

Want more proof of North's influence? In February of 2020, Kim and Kanye quizzed each other for Architectural Digest, where North took it upon herself to fully interrupt them in the middle of their interview. As Kim asks Kanye what the inspiration was behind the design of their house, North accosts her father and declares that Kanye is "a good couch." The rapper then proudly announces that "North was the inspiration behind the design" of their home, further explaining what that exactly means. "In the backyard, there are all these stairs ... we needed the kids to be able to ride their scooters or skateboards around and not have to stop at the stairs. As many places as I could take the stairs out, I try ... Kids are the inspiration for all our designs now moving forward." We'll wait as the collective "aww"'s start rolling in.

All the times North West sang at Kanye's church service

Kanye West's Sunday Church Services have become a quintessential part of life both for himself and wife Kim Kardashian West. Ever since the couple's announcement for the Sunday service in 2019, the event has been held in various locations and hosted a countless number of celebrities, from Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, to even a performance by Justin Bieber.

As communities gather and sing gospel classics and choir-inspired renditions of West's own songs, his service is truly an event about togetherness. Another aspect that stands out? North West, who can regularly be seen grooving to the music. In fact, as Kim once revealed in a tweet, "[North's] favorite part of the week is dancing during Sunday Service." One look at her dance moves, and you can tell the toddler has an ear for music.

As the services continue, so does North's involvement. During an April 2019 event, the tot even took the stage with the "Jesus Walks" rapper to sing one of the songs while Kanye was right there as moral support. Is there perhaps a singer in the making? While it's too soon to tell, we're hoping for more North West performances, ASAP.

The time Kim Kardashian had to explain why she's so famous

Although the Kardashian-Jenners are now all known to be business moguls running countless projects, companies, and side-hustles, the infamous clan was once simply an upper-class family from Los Angeles, Calif. That is until Kim Kardashian catapulted them to fame with a certain little leaked tape.

On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kardashian hilariously told North West why she and Kanye West are famous. "To get very technical ... Daddy is a singer, performer, artiste," the reality TV star told her firstborn, before adding, "Mommy has so many talents I can't even begin to name them." The KUWTK starlet explained the situation even further on an episode of Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show. "She was like, 'Mom, why are you famous?' And I was like, 'Oh. OK. I'm going to have to explain this.' And I'm like, 'We have a TV show.' ... and she was like, 'Oh...OK.'" 

It's not the only time Kardashian has explained the talks she has with her daughter in regards to her family's fame. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, the beauty mogul revealed, "Kourtney and I have sat our kids down and had little conversations with them, and as they get older we'll continue to have that conversation and just explain it to them."

The next generation of contour queens

There's no denying Kim Kardashian is the queen of contouring, so are any of us even the least bit surprised that North West has taken a keen interest in makeup? While most girls love experimenting with smothering lipstick all over their faces as toddlers, little North is known to go straight for the motherload: her mom's contour collection.

Taking to her Instagram stories (via Teen Vogue) in 2018, Kardashian shared videos of her daughter hilariously attempting to contour her face — with adorably disastrous results. It's not the first time she's taken to her mom's love of beauty, either, as in 2017, the KKW Beauty founder revealed to WWD that her daughter was interested in becoming a beauty vlogger. "My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and videos and she was unboxing the My Little Pony Colourpop collection and I thought to myself, 'I wish I was recording this' because her reaction was so funny." She then continued to dish, "Then she did makeup on the My Little Pony that they gave and she said, 'Mom, I want to do a YouTube video.'" Aww!

As WWD also noted, Kanye West's answer was "a resounding 'no,'" — something he's been very vocal about in the past, too. According to E! News, The Life of Pablo rapper has even banned his daughter from wearing makeup altogether! The solution? North's now turning her sights onto skincare — the closest she can get to her beloved contouring.

When North accidentally flushed The Life of Pablo

When Kanye West's The Life of Pablo was released to the masses, it immediately became one of the most buzzed-about albums of 2016. Pitchfork praised "his devotion to the craft of album-making," while The Verge went more in detail, describing it as "a spectacular mess," that "takes ingredients from every part of West's impressive discography and uses them to make an unholy stew" — but, you know, in a good way? Simply put, it's an essential piece in the rapper's over-decade-long career.

Well, it looks like initially, The Life of Pablo was a bit short-lived. On an episode of Khloe Kardashian's talk show, Kocktails with Khloe, Kim Kardashian revealed a hilarious albeit terrifying moment when North West took Kanye's phone and flushed it down the toilet. "Kanye had every single rap in his iPhone before he started really working on Pablo," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star dished, adding that after the incident, no information could be retrieved. As fellow show guests Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gasped in shock, Kanye quipped, "No Apple Genius was genius enough."

The icing on the cake? As Kim further revealed, the "Famous" rapper didn't even get mad. "I would have at least, like, screamed." We're sure many people would have done the same, Kim.

'The real life of Pablo'

Everyone knows about Kim Kardashian's love of shopping. Joining the ranks of the A-list in the noughties as Paris Hilton's closet organizer, Kimmy K has always been fond of helping her pals out with fashion-related advice. "I'm the one that's always giving my friends their closet makeovers," she once revealed on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when Kanye West famously re-organized her closet.

Well, it looks like Mr. West was nowhere to be found to give his own pieces of sartorial advice during a shopping trip with a then-very pregnant Chrissy Teigen. According to Hello!, Kardashian actually accompanied the model to offer up tips that would help during such a drastic time for her body. As for the Jesus Is King artist? Well, as the Skims owner shared on her Instagram, he was busy napping with shopping partner North West. "So today we went baby shopping with @johnlegend & @chrissyteigen Kanye & North were a little too quiet," Kardashian wrote, adding, "We found them passed out in the middle of the store #TheRealLifeOfPablo."

The bond that West shares with his daughter is absolutely adorable, as it's one of the rare moments the public genuinely sees him happy. As the rapper himself jokingly revealed in an interview with Architectural Digest, "That's my specialty — not liking stuff." At least someone can bring out his sensitive side!

When North West made the best of a bad situation

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? It looks like that's the mentality little North West is already adopting, to utterly precious results.

In a 2017 tweet, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her daughter in their bathroom, laying down on a plush-like pillow with a towel covering her like a blanket, and a piece of toilet paper over her face. As Kardashian revealed, "That time North gets a time out &is a little too quiet...I go in her room 2check on her &she made her own spa &tells me she's chilling out." Yup, it's just that epic.

Although North found a way to make the best out of a bad situation, it looks like time outs are momma Kim's go-to when it comes to disciplining her children. In fact, it turns out that it may be something that she learned from older sis, Kourtney Kardashian! As a source told Perez Hilton while North was still a baby, "As North gets older, and when she acts up, there will be time outs, taking away a favorite toy, but absolutely no physical discipline." The insider continued, "Kim's older sister Kourtney doesn't spank her kids, and they are very well behaved. North will be given clear boundaries that a child needs, and there will be consequences that won't involve any hitting or spanking. It's all about rewarding the positive behavior, and dealing with the naughty tantrums with patience and love."

North West, the rapper?

If singing at Kanye West's church services on occasion wasn't enough, it looks like North West is taking even bigger steps to ensure she fills her dad's tremendously large shoes. According to Harper's Bazaar, North is slowly en route to becoming a musical prodigy, making her rap debut in March 2020 during her dad's Yeezy Season 8 fashion show in Paris. As the mag revealed, "North confidently took control of the stage while models took their last walks around the runway, effortlessly performing riveting lyrics such as, 'Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Cute.'" Hey, maybe it wasn't as controversial as some of Kanye's verses, but it sure is cuter.

Of course, being a Kardashian child, the moment was met with critics, too, such as from the parents of four-year-old Instagram-famous musician, ZaZa, who claim North stole their child's song. Per E! News, the toddler's parents lashed out in a since-deleted post, "We take PRIDE in creativity ... creativity deserves RESPECT/homage! ... we don't wanna feel like our daughter's journey in the world of entertainment is being STIFLED." Uh, whoops?

So, did Kim Kardashian get involved in the controversy? She sure did. Squashing the beef, she responded to the post, claiming that her daughter is a "huge fan" and is "inspired" by the pint-sized rapper. "I didn't mean to not give credit where credit was due. Would love for the girls to meet soon." Perhaps a ZaZa and Northie collab is in the works?

North West's first-ever solo magazine cover

Step aside, Kimmy K, a new Kardashian is about to take center stage. Besides becoming a budding rap prodigy, it looks like North West may also be turning into a little public figure, having made her first solo magazine cover debut in February of 2019. Gracing the cover of WWD, the piece insightfully covers the world's next wave of influencers: toddlers.

The mag even took to its Instagram page to perfectly summarize the article: "Move over millennials, a new generation is coming of age. At five years old, North West, the famous daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has captivated the digital realm with her cross-generational appeal. Without a public Instagram or YouTube channel of her own, she's too young to fully understand what a digital footprint is. And yet, hers is already wildly popular."

But the cover wasn't the first time Northie has made waves in the fashion industry. In 2018, the pint-sized starlet walked her first runway show. According to Teen Vogue, the toy company L.O.L. Surprise put on the show, which saw North "dressed as one of the toy company's dolls, Thrilla." As momma Kim revealed in a statement  to Harper's Bazaar, "North is completely obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise already, so when we found out there was going to be an L.O.L. Surprise BIGGER Surprise Fashion show, she absolutely had to be involved."

It's not Coachella, but it's close

It didn't take long for North West to become a total pop culture icon, as even her first birthday party was a trending soiree. As revealed by Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spared no expense for their little girl's birthday bash, gathering all their family and friends for a lavish, Coachella-themed party they dubbed Kidchella.

As it turns out, the party was so epic, in fact, that North even had her own ferris wheel, along with other kid-friendly activities such as a big bounce house, along with "various food stands for lemonade, sno-cones, funnel cake, churros, and cotton candy." Um, where's our invite?

It looks like Northie does have someone else to contend with, however, as Kardashian's sister, Kylie Jenner, is also famous for the over-the-top celebrations she throws for her little girl, Stormi. According to W, for Stormi's first birthday in 2019, Jenner decided to build an entire amusement park (you know, because renting one is too dull). Taking cues from Stormi's dad, Travis Scott, and his 2018 album name, Astroworld, Jenner dubbed the park Stormiworld, and as the outlet notes, "There was a rainbow fairy room, a cloud room, and a bubble room. There were princesses, branded drinks and snacks, rainbow benches, and balloons. There were two rides, including a carousel, and a carousel on the cake." We're waiting patiently to see how North and her mom plan on topping that.