Just Who Is Tiffany Trump's Husband, Michael Boulos?

Wealthy beau, law school at Georgetown, and socialite-worthy Instagram feed? Tiffany really is a Trump!

In November 2022, Donald Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, married longtime boyfriend Michael Boulos in a beautiful Mar-a-Lago ceremony. And despite the timing of the event — The Donald was, at the time, planning to announce his next presidential bid — the Trumps showed up to support Tiffany. "We are focused on this sacred union and welcoming beloved friends and family, not on politics," Marla Maples told People. Unsurprisingly, Maples couldn't have been more excited about her daughter's big day. "Marla and Tiffany have talked about this day for a very long time," a source revealed. "She is so proud of her daughter and feels she chose the right man."

The two first confirmed their love in January 2019, after Tiffany broke things off with her boyfriend of four years, Ross Mechanic. Just a few days after News Year's that year, Tiffany shared a photo of herself and Boulos looking elegant in front of a lit Christmas tree. Boulos had his arm wrapped around Tiffany's waist, and both looked smitten. No caption was necessary. But while he is widely regarded as Tiffany's husband and Donald's son-in-law, there is a lot more to Michael Boulos than who he married. Here are a few things you don't know about him!

Tiffany Trump's husband's background

Michael Boulos is of Lebanese origin. As the heir to his father's West African, multibillion-dollar conglomerate, which trades in vehicles, equipment, retail, and construction, he grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Boulos went to an international school in Nigeria and was later based in London, before settling in Miami with Tiffany Trump — in other words, he and his family are well traveled, just like the Trumps. 

Boulos met Tiffany while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece in the summer of 2018. Things reportedly got serious fast, and Tiffany even invited her new hunk to join the Trumps for Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago. "Tiffany is happy she has so far been able to keep things with Boulos under the radar," an insider told Page Six that November. "But she introduced him to her family at Thanksgiving, and he comes across as a very intelligent young man from a great family. There was no mention of the president's unfortunate comment about African nations," the source added, referencing the time Donald Trump used the phrase "s***hole countries."

From there, Tiffany continued to take her future husband along to some very official family events. In February 2020, they attended the State of the Union address together, and in December 2019, they arrived hand-in-hand at the Kuwait-America Foundation's gala dinner at the Kuwait Embassy in D.C. Boulos even shared photos from the event on his Instagram.

He's fitting in well with the Trump family

As things continued to go smoothly between him and Tiffany Trump, Michael Boulos essentially made his Instagram a pro-Trump feed. In the second half of former President Donald Trump's single term, the billionaire heir regularly posted photos of himself at the powerful family's official events and of himself with his famous future wife. In June 2019, for example, Boulos even shared a later-deleted Instagram tribute to the then-POTUS for his 73rd birthday. "Happy birthday sir! Hope you have a blessed day," he wrote alongside an OK hand emoji, the hashtag #keepmakingamericagreat, and a photo of himself with then-girlfriend Tiffany and her father. 

Though Boulos was evidently trying to win brownie points with this post, the Trumps clearly approve of Tiffany's beau. By early 2020,  and in the relatively short time these lovebirds had been together, Boulos was already making appearances on the Instagram pages of Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and even Donald himself. While it took a minute for Boulos to appear on Marla Maples' feed, he definitely has Tiffany's mom's sacred seal of approval. The trio have been spotted on group outings over the years, including attending New York Fashion Week in 2019 and taking a ski trip to the French Alps in early 2022, with Boulos' family also in tow.

That December, Maples shared a slideshow from her daughter's wedding on Instagram, writing in part, "Happy one month anniversary our sweet newlyweds. I love you both with all my heart! May the Light always shine upon you & through you."

Tiffany Trump's husband is a real romantic

In January 2021, Tiffany Trump revealed that Michael Boulos had popped the big question. His choice of location? None other than the White House's Rose Garden. "It has been an honor to celebrate many milestones, and historic occasions and create memories with my family here at the White House, none more special than my engagement to my amazing fiancé Michael!" she wrote in an Instagram post shared ahead of her father's presidential exit that same month. 

Equally as excited about the engagement, Boulos also took to Instagram, sharing the good news with his thousands of followers. "Got engaged to the love of my life! Looking forward to our next chapter together," he captioned a picture of himself and Tiffany posing at the White House. According to People, Boulos proposed to Tiffany with a ring priced at over a million dollars.

In their many years together, Boulos has also never held back on publicly showering Tiffany with love and affection. "The simple lack of her is more to me than others presence, miss you," he captioned a 2019 Instagram post, featuring a loved-up picture of the couple and a red heart emoji. "@tiffanytrump I will love you forever!" Boulos wrote in alongside a carousel of pics from his wedding to Tiffany in November 2022.

This businessman is successful in his own right

Despite coming from a family worth billions of dollars, Michael Boulos has recorded a number of personal successes. After graduating from the American International School of Lagos, Boulos studied global business management at Regent's University London. Following this, he attended City University London, where he bagged a master's degree in project management, finance, and risk.

Given his academic background, Boulos has been able to work his way toward the top of his family's businesses, which includes Boulos Enterprises. In 2016, a 19-year-old Boulos was appointed an associate director of SCOA PLC, a Nigerian-based company majorly involved in assembling, distributing, and leasing automobiles. According to a WSJ Markets profile, SCOA also has its operations spread across the trading and construction industry. In addition to this position, Boulos also serves as a director at Fadoul Group and a global business development manager at Royalton Investment, a luxury company operating in Nigeria's Middle Belt and Europe.

We have a feeling Tiffany Trump is proud of her man's accomplishments, especially so soon in his professional life. In the early days of their relationship, a source told Town & Country, "They are both dedicated to their studies and are really supportive of each other's career aspirations."

Michael Boulos is well traveled

Born in Lebanon and raised in Nigeria, it is barely a surprise that Michael Boulos enjoys traveling across the globe. And as seen on his Instagram feed, Boulos has seen a fair share of the world. In June 2016, Boulos shared a picture of himself and a friend enjoying a day at the beach while vacationing in Greece. "Summer 16," he captioned the snap. In another series of posts that same year, Boulos documented some fun moments from a trip to Spain: In one video, the Regent's University London alum was seen jet skiing at Destino Pacho, a private resort in Ibiza; a different clip captured him jumping off a boat into the ocean. 

It appears though that Boulos' wife, Tiffany Trump, also caught the traveling bug. In January 2019, her husband shared a picture of the couple taken during a trip to Thailand. The lovebirds have also gone across Europe, traveling to countries like France, Montenegro, and Serbia, as well as returning to the place they first met: Mykonos. 

But no matter where these two go, Tiffany Trump's husband seems to make her just as happy as she makes him. In a 2019 birthday tribute to Michael Boulos on Instagram, featuring a snapshot of the two on the beach, she wrote alongside heart and balloon emojis, "You fill my life with so much joy, kindness and laughter! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face!"