Teresa Giudice's Kids Don't Look Like This Anymore

Real Housewives of New Jersey is all about family. As the sole OG cast member remaining, Teresa Giudice's family has been at the center of the show for all 10 seasons. Viewers have seen Teresa's four daughters — Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana Giudice — go through a lot. Their parents, Teresa and Joe Giudice, spent time behind bars for fraud charges. Currently, their father Joe is living in Italy, facing permanent deportation, and hoping to reunite with his girls. 

Fans have witnessed the four Giudice daughters transform from little girls into mature young women, wise beyond their years. Initially, Gia had her heart set on show business, filming some of her modeling and acting auditions for RHONJ. Now, she's a college student moving in a completely different direction. Scene stealer Milania has continued to bless the fandom with the best meme material, adding an original song to her list of pop-culture contributions. Gabriella has always been the most private daughter, shying away from the cameras.

The Giudice girls have seriously grown up since RHONJ premiered back in 2009 — Audriana wasn't even born until Season 2. So, let's take a look at how much they've changed right before fans' eyes.

Gia Giudice is studying to be a lawyer

Gia Giudice was only 8 years old during RHONJ's first season. Now, she's 19. Time really does fly, doesn't it? Back in the day, Gia was an adorable child with brown curly hair, chasing her dreams of becoming a child star. Fans saw her dance performances, modeling sessions, and acting auditions. Gia even performed an original song that she wrote for her sister Milania as a birthday tribute during a Season 3 episode.

As time passed, her interests shifted away from the entertainment industry. In a 2016 interview with People, Teresa revealed, "Gia wants to be a lawyer." The RHONJ OG added, "She wants nothing to do with the TV world anymore. I think maybe because of, to be honest with you, what happened with me. I think she doesn't want to be around any of that."

Currently, she's pursuing that goal. Gia is in the middle of her freshman year at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She's living away from home for the first time. She even ditched those signature Giudice brunette waves in favor of some blonde locks. She's truly coming into her own, setting a great example for her three younger sisters, as she always has.

Gabriella Giudice doesn't want to be in the spotlight

Teresa's second oldest daughter, Gabriella Giudice, has always looked the most like her dad. Along with a November 2019 Instagram photo featuring Gabriella, Joe wrote, "this ones all me." As sweet as that social media shoutout is, Gabriella has stayed away from the limelight, especially in comparison to her mom and sisters, who have made the most out of the reality TV exposure. She doesn't do on-camera confessional interviews and she primarily appears in scenes that involve the whole family.

Part of that is because she's very focused on her schoolwork. During Season 10, fans saw Gia and Milania go with Teresa to visit Joe while he was in ICE custody. Teresa explained Gabriella's absence during a February 2020 interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish. The Real Housewife said Gabriella "does not want to miss school and she's very, [she] does everything by the books, which is, I love that."

In that same interview, Teresa confirmed that Gabriella consistently wins a perfect attendance award at school. In addition to sticking to the background on TV, Gabriella keeps a low profile online. Unlike her three sisters, Gabriella does not have a public Instagram account.

Milania Giudice wants to be a star

Milania Giudice is one of the most beloved people on Real Housewives of New Jersey and she isn't even a full-time cast member. The third Giudice daughter has given reality TV fans so many iconic moments throughout the years — poking fun at her parents, providing some comic relief, and often saying what everyone at home is thinking. From the very first episode, Milania thrived in front of the cameras. 

Even as a little girl, she knew how to hit her mark and pose when her mom said the word "fabulous." In 2016, Teresa told People, "She's telling me she wants to be in movies, she wants me to find her an agent." Whether Milania got that agent or not, she has been killing it in the entertainment industry. During Season 9, fans saw Milania record and perform her first rap song, "Grow Up." 

Aside from working toward her career goals, Milania has prioritized her physical and mental health. During a panel at BravoCon in November 2019, Teresa revealed, "She saw a therapist last year and she was having trouble in school. Now, this year, she's doing really good in school, and, as you guys saw, she lost over 40 pounds. She just put it in her head and she did it." While little Milania will always have a special place in fans' hearts, everyone is eagerly anticipating her next move and ready to support her, like usual.

Audriana Giudice is a dedicated dance student

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have seen Audriana's life from the very beginning — literally. Teresa gave birth to Audriana Giudice during the Season 2 premiere. In the most recent season, fans saw Audriana burst into tears during the family's Easter celebration in response to a phone conversation with her father Joe while he was locked up. During that same episode, Audriana took some time away from the cameras with her sister Gia, comforting her as she grappled with her dad's looming deportation.

Audriana was only 6 when her father went to jail. During a December 2019 episode, the Giudice girls looked through some family photos. In a confessional interview, Gia commented, "It's very hard watching Audriana not remember any of these moments because I have so many memories that I could think of with my father, and she has very few." Now, Audriana is 10 years old. She is an avid dancer, traveling all over the country for dance competitions with her mom by her side as her biggest supporter.

It's easy to watch the Giudice girls on TV and root for their happiness. While Milania "can't wait to grow up," fans will always cherish the memories they've shared on the Bravo show.