Here's How Much Richard Simmons Is Really Worth

Back in the day, Richard Simmons was a popular fitness guru who had people sweatin' to the oldies, which was the name of his best-selling workout video series. However, that's not where his success ended. He also "opened his own gym in Beverly Hills called Slimmons, hosted a nationally syndicated (and Emmy-winning) variety show, and published nine books, including the 1982 New York Times bestseller Never-Say-Diet," according to Men's Health. Those are just some of the reasons why Simmons isn't just famous, he's also rich. However, his achievements haven't always been an easy thing for this star to manage.

"Being successful ... is something that's sometimes hard to deal with," Simmons told Men's Health in 2012. He also explained that "the majority of people in the world ... walk among the ruins of their life. Things that didn't work out, relationships that went sour, jobs that disappeared. All they can think about is their ruins, and when you focus on that you can't build a new you."

Simmons' own determined personality — as well as the fact that he's been in the business for decades and is still working at a time in his life when most people have long-since retired — is why he has quite a bit of money.

How does Richard Simmons' fortune compare to his famous fitness peers?

Richard Simmons hasn't just been earning countless devoted fans over the years — he's also been earning an impressive amount of money along the way. Thanks to his success in the world of fitness, Simmons has a fortune that's estimated to be around $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

That happens to be slightly more than the $14 million that former host of The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, has and quite a bit more than her onscreen peer, Bob Harper, who is thought to have somewhere in the range of $4 million. That being said, Simmons' fortune is only half of what Tae Bo buff Billy Banks has thanks to his $30 million. Perhaps Simmons and Banks should team up for a Tae Bo to the Oldies fitness video to capitalize on their shared ability to make a lot of money by making people sweat.