This Is What Grimes Typically Eats During Her Pregnancy

Elon Musk is the force behind SpaceX, which boasts an "ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets." Grimes — whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher — creates otherworldly music and embraces a style that often seems inspired by life on another planet. That's why fans of the separate celebrities surely felt it made sense when the two got together in May 2018, following Musk's split from Amber Heard

In January 2020, the singer announced she's pregnant with what many assume is Musk's child. (FYI, this would be Musk's seventh child. He has five kids; he also had a baby named Nevada, who sadly died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 2002.) According to People, Grimes revealed on Instagram that "being knocked up is a very feral & war-like state of being."

A few weeks later, the star hopped onto social media again to ask her followers, "how do y'all cope with working and having a baby??" She then explained that not only had she "had some complications early on," but confessed she was feeling "woefully ill-prepared" and "didn't [really] understand what [she] was getting into." Frankly, she admitted, "I didn't even google it, I was just like sure [wh]y not hahaha smh."

While the songstress may not have known what to expect when it comes to pregnancy, she seems to be handling it in a way that's just as unexpected as expected — and we're specifically referring to the food she's been eating.

Grimes' pregnancy menu includes caffeinated cubes and 'sludge'

Many people embrace comfort food while pregnant, and that seems to be what Grimes is doing — in her own unique way, of course. The singer talked to Harper's Bazaar in March 2020 about what she's been eating while carrying her first child. When she starts her day, "it's a struggle" to get going, so she opts for something to perk her up.

"I actually have these things that I keep by the bed called GO Cubes, they're like caffeinated cubes," she said. "And I usually just eat one of those and go back to sleep, and then slowly the caffeine enters my system, and then I wake up."

From there, Grimes' breakfast consists of what she calls "butter toast," which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. "I melt a stick of butter on a plate, and then [get] the toast... completely saturated in butter. Then, I put a little bit of jam on it and eat that. It's actually incredible."

While she hates fruit and dislikes "vile" vegetables, she loves to indulge in "sludge," which has to be the most unappetizing name for a dish. "You take couscous," she explained, "[and] you take, like, a ton of Vegenaise and you take a ton of Sriracha." Add in some chopped vegetables and "throw it all in and you just make this sludge, this couscous sludge that's, like, spicy... It's weirdly good," but also "kinda gross." Um, yum?