Joe Manganiello Is Unrecognizable In Isolation

Joe Manganiello is known for his swoon-worthy dance moves, his screen-worthy acting skills, and his grin-worthy nerdy side. However, he's also adored because of his drool-worthy good looks. Frankly, according to BuzzFeed, he's "so friggin' good-looking it's not even fair." It may not be fair, but it certainly is appreciated by those who crush on the striking star.

While you might think that Manganiello's gorgeousness would cause him to become conceited, his wife, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara — who he's known to gush about — told Health that although he's "fit and he's good-looking and everything," he's apparently "very not into it — like, he doesn't really know how handsome and big he is." She explained, "He works out for health and for strength, not for a six-pack. You never hear him talking about stuff like that. It's all about health and strength."

Whatever Manganiello's view of himself and motivation for staying in tip-top shape, fans are definitely into his appearance. "[A]re we sure this guy wasn't sent to us by the gods cos [sic] he is quite something. sofia vergara is one lucky ducky," one admirer shared on Twitter. That may be accurate, however, while isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, Manganiello has changed up his appearance and, frankly, looks unrecognizable.

Joe Manganiello looks like a different man without his beard

Whether you've spotted Joe Manganiello on the red carpet or watched him in Justice League, Pee Wee's Big Holiday, or the Magic Mike franchise, he usually has a distinctive beard — one that's not too short or too long and boasts an eye-catching salt-and-pepper shade. However, that's not the case while he's in isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, which fans discovered when he posted a photo of himself to Instagram looking like a totally different person.

While chilling out beside a pool with his dog, Bubbles — the same tiny chihuahua that tends to pop up watching football, napping with the actor, and celebrating the holidays — Manganiello's ruffled hair and beardless face was a shock to some fans since the lack of facial hair made him nearly unrecognizable. In fact, according to ET Canada, his new look "sparked an online frenzy."

"That totally doesn't look like him," one social media commented on his post. Another added, "You look like Gary Busey's good looking brother here."

Sofia Vergara shared a similar shot of her hubby from a slightly different angle, this time with the star wearing sunglasses. And while he's flashing a smile that his fans will surely appreciate, he looks even less like himself than in the photo that he posted. Honestly, if you saw this version of Manganiello in the grocery store, would you recognize him?